R.E.M. - Beat A Drum Lyrics

The sun reflected in
The back of my eye.
I knocked my head against the sky.

The dragonflies are busy buzzing me.
A seahorse as if we were in the sea.

Half way from coal
Half way from diamond.
My fall knocked a mean chip out of me.
Gathering as far as I can reach.
Perched up on a precipice
And this is what I've seen.

This is all I want,
It's all I need.
This is all I am.
This is all I want,
It's all I need.

A bluejay hectors from the felled Catalpa tree.
Doctorate in science and a theologians dream

The dragonflies are trying to lecture me.
The seahorses as if we were in the sea.

But this is all I want,
It's all I need.
This is all I am,
It's everything.
This is all I want,
It's all I need.

Beat a drum for me
Like a butterfly wing.
Tropical storm across the ocean.

But don't explain I'm sure I'll want to know
Don't forget we're just half way from coal.

This is all I want,
It's all I need.
This is all I am,
It's everything.
This is all I want,
It's all I need.

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R.E.M. Beat A Drum Comments
  1. CosmicOli

    Absolutely astonishes me that this wasn’t a hit. It’s beautiful

  2. LawrenceJ Hutchinson

    I'm a Brit and have been listening to rock music since 1973. There is no doubt in my mind that r.e.m. were the greatest ever American rock band.

    sidney pasquarelli

    But there's a few bands like CSN and CCR that were probably better than them!

  3. David Taylor

    Beautiful song about Bill?

  4. D.B. Baker


  5. nzgersfan

    Absolute gem of a song

  6. ABCDE ijklm

    Dónde está Michael Stipe. En 2019 con su hermosa voz?


    great !

  8. Anthônio Sidney Sidynho


  9. Simondo81

    Excellent song and gives the album a much needed bit of life after the frankly dull ‘Saturn Return.’

  10. ABCDE ijklm

    Beat A Drum. ♥️♥️🎶 2019

  11. Geraldo Martins


  12. Daniel Efstathiou

    The whole background in the outro refrain... No comment

  13. k i n g B A B Y

    Haven’t heard this is in so many years. flooded with memories so much happiness. and so much sadness from 9/11

  14. Lino Bardin

    W,la vita......anka se par poko......

  15. Mercedes Black

    Half way from coal half way to diamond....

    Matty Hewins

    one of my most favourite lyrics...…….of any song ((0_0))

  16. Joe Francomano

    the intricately woven imagery of this song is so fantastic. all in tribute to a drummer who retired from playing in a band to become a farmer. simply beautiful and fitting

  17. Lino Bardin

    James Byron Dean,mhi voria tanto eser come thi!!!!!!Oh,mejo onh tho AMICO!? Lino B,

  18. Lino Bardin

    WoW,the r.e.m¡!!!!!! l.b.76'.

  19. Lino Bardin

    Evviva...... A,sonh vevo!!!!!!l b.

  20. Sam Dettle

    One of the most underrated R.E.M songs

    D.B. Baker

    Sam Dettle , Sam, gotta album.

  21. Alex Ma

    great song ..melodious..REM at its best..underrated song..

    Raakesh Madoo

    REM at their greatest !!!

    Raakesh Madoo

    REM reveals everything !!!

  22. Dale Smedley

    Amazing song, should've been a single

  23. עירן שושני

    Fantastic song, that only that band could write

  24. sidininja

    é uma banda que me encanta com seu estilo eu me cinto como eles e isso me faz bem

  25. MARCIA

    muito boa

  26. yiannis clerides

    another masterpiece from REM - the second of their albums with lyrics inside - just perfect

  27. daniel hevia

    Me encanta!!!

  28. Nicola Moran

    gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous

  29. LimeC

    This is all I want, it's all I need.

  30. Beaverwrinkle

    Great song, on an album that has a lot of great songs on it.

  31. Lewis Cook

    one of there finest
    Stipe voice in this is utterly beautiful

  32. J Daniel Charles

    This is all i want and all i need .. R.E.M



  34. ramiro fauno martinez

    si me vuelvo a enamorar otra vez
    espero que se sienta como esta canción

  35. Marek Růžička


  36. Tomislav Domaćinović

    likewise my friend

  37. TemakiTom

    Only R.E.M. can make me feel the way songs like this make me feel.