R.E.M. - Airportman Lyrics

He moves efficiently
Beyond security.
Great opportunity awaits.
Airport fluorescent
Creature of habit
Labored breathing and sallow skin
Recycled air
Moving sidewalks
Great opportunity blinks.
Great opportunity blinks.

The people mover
The people mover

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R.E.M. Airportman Comments
  1. Rich Latta

    great album

  2. J H

    LCD Soundsystem liked this !!!!

  3. H Kay

    It may have been a difficult time for them but this is a fantastic album.I love the immersive experience.Michael Stipe said that he wished some songs were faster.Peter Buck wished the album was two songs shorter..but can't think of which two songs to kick out.An extraordinary classic album.

  4. Tconcept 2001

    Amazing song, hints of Bowie and Eno but 100% REM

  5. Dewayne Hairston

    Love this song ❤️ A fitting way to start this album. It took me several listens to realize Michael was saying "Great opportunity" I won't tell you what I thought he was saying 😂

  6. Matthew Presley

    the most under rated record in the R.E.M. catalog, bar none.

  7. Andreas Leon Landgren

    This album was ahead of its time


    Yes - without Up, possibly Radiohead's Kid A might not have existed quite as it does in my opinion.

    Andreas Leon Landgren


    Jason Barbush

    you can almost say this to be the equivalent for a Kid B

  8. Roiy Benkel

    he moves efficiently
    beyond security.
    great opportunity awaits.
    airport fluorescent
    creature of habit
    labored breathing and sallow skin
    recycled air
    moving sidewalks
    great opportunity blinks.
    great opportunity blinks.

    the people mover
    the people mover

  9. ron oakes

    Give a listen and take in mind they lost Billbo. This album is pretty incredible. I can say so many great things but I won't.

    Jason Barbush

    sometimes it's good to say only yea or nay and nothing more.

  10. James Beardmore

    4 people passed a great opportunity

  11. Colin O Gorman

    I absolutely love this song and this album. Such an under-rated album. Still sounds great today


    This is not REM. Without Bill Berry. They should have been like Joy Division and renamed themselves.

    Jason Barbush

    there is a reason for all things in God's plan. Troll me if you like.

  13. Roy Posner

    love this extraordinary album. Almost like a concept album from late 60s or 70s.

  14. Marco Calvaruso

    As a grunge fun, I grew up with them and still struggling about the fact they splitted


    Marco Calvaruso
    You do know that R.E.M. are not a grunge band, right?

    Andreas Leon Landgren

    Grunge is such a weird label no band actually thinks they are grunge!!

  15. matthew Paterson

    this is one of my favorite REM albums. Anonymous Listener, thanks for making this available on youtube.

    Jared Caron

    love this album so much!


    my favorite too. i think its a masterpiece. and it boggles my mind that it isn't seen as that!

  16. Dixxy

    Something hypnotic in this...

  17. Darko Ciglenecki

    !!! Up + Green!

  18. Chris Kotra

    I quite like it, but it would be one of the last REM albums I'd recommend to someone :p

  19. WillemRM

    Still rather down then up this album. This track, Lotus and Diminished remain the only three in my REM playlist, not even high ranking.


    Willem RM i've got all albums from their greatest period (1988-2001, IMHO), and this one definitely brings up the rear... :(

    Shannon Farmer

    i love this album

  20. Soler Power

    Super album

    Matt Hunt

    R.E.M. Up whole album