Rejjie Snow - I Will Still Keep U (Interlude) Lyrics

I'll still keep you
Still keep you, holding on to my gun
I'll still keep you, dreaming of a new me
I'll still keep you, touching on my brown skin
I'll still keep you, laughing so, so, so loud
I'll still keep you, drinking from the bottle
I'll still keep you, praying for my sorrow
I'll still keep you, head in muddy waters
I'll still keep you, shades on my guitar string
I'll still keep you, holding on to my hand
I'll still keep you, looking for my shoe strings
I'll still keep you, asking me for new things
I'll still keep you, making me a cheesecake
I'll still keep you, lacking up before 10
I'll still keep you, playing the piano
I'll still keep you, giving me a... [*coughs*]
I'll still keep you, underneath my table
I'll still keep you, cooking by the cradle
I'll still keep you, free from harm and struggle
I'll still keep you, dancing by the moonlight
I'll still keep you, and we'll go for away, away

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Rejjie Snow I Will Still Keep U (Interlude) Comments
  1. o xandi zZz

    Poh a música é nostálgica mermo gabi 🖖😠

  2. WK N BK

    wun two - seasons


    Holding onto my gun

  4. Joseph Casillas

    We need this on Spotify!

  5. Alex

    How do you interpret this song? I can’t seem to find the message for myself

    Animated Duck

    It's a love song

    Jorge Ibarra

    Feel like it's about loving someone he knows he's not supposed too 😥

  6. albertcamus washere


  7. Nicolò Bigardi

    Givin' me a

  8. Ivan Collaco


  9. vajcoable

    vibe vibe vibration, wow that's bouncing

  10. Di BBa

    right click --->loop

  11. Josh

    who keeps listenin' in 2017 / 12 / 12

  12. Sol Gomes

    This song makes me think about how simple life is when you have that real kind of love. ❤️

  13. joho

    shit video tbf

  14. Justice Magagane

    dude the animation is beautiful

  15. Kieran Rose

    visuals on point

  16. Wu Zi Mu

    sample: Erroll Garner Trio - Flamingo


    THANK YOU!! I've been looking for this sample since I heard this track a few years ago. Glad I came back to the video and checked the comments. The original song is beautiful.

  17. averoog

    so beautiful

  18. Aaron Barraza

    I been a fan for a year now and I barely found this song. how did I miss this?

  19. zedek skate

    doideraaaa o songs

  20. zedek skate


  21. Josh Hpa

    Reminds me of Joji

  22. Alexis Guzman

    This will always be one of my favorites from rejjie


    Great Vid....

  24. Cartoon Cartoons

    no comments?

  25. MPC Hipster

    I want to sing background on this...

  26. MPC Hipster

    I want to sing background on this...

  27. 伝説vqz

    this is godlike



  29. Clara Pokorny

    great great animation for a great great song

  30. Cee

    Keep it up

  31. SNOW

    dope man

  32. Kron Barrington

    you should make vids for my group. check us out on Instagram @64pak

    Victor Axel Alonso

    Kron Barrington gay

  33. Lemmekissur3rdeye

    Why did rejjie take this video off his channel? ;(


    hold onnnn he may not have payed but his voice so soft and nice lol

    Teeam Bird

    more people came to this video because Rejjie Snow is in the title than because of the person who made the animation...

    Lawrence Dodgson

    Teeam Bird cheers man

    MjJb Studios

    hahahha because you know rejjie personally, more than anyone else who listens to his music does.. pathetic, you are.


    ConstantlyComparing this song has more substance then the art video

  34. FAR