Rejjie Snow - Flight 411 MX2 Lyrics

Bada boom Bada bing
I'm just tryna sing
So let me spit it mad spiritual
And indigenous then naughtiest spitter with aboriginals
The flow is so original
The shits a fucking miracle
With a mad kid but the flow is to immaculate
I'm still running but the pigs ain't catching shit
Slug tipping and dippin ya caesar salad dip
And talking with a slang of a villain until I'm coughing piss
Coughing piss and munching on a rappers dish
Two gold chains and some playground raps dude
Six gold teeth and some sticker pack tattoos
What the birds see the villains do
These dudes play happy
Until I smack em with the pedestal
Penultimate decision was the boogy at Seven rebels
And dissect the intellect for what he made clever
The switch you believe will make you sing
Bada boom Bada bing
Smacking off his bling
Preaching to my mistletoe
Long John silvers and some crook teeth
Grimey like the blacks mandingos
When shes licking of the liquor on his lips
Seven shades blacker uncle Genie with the wish
Smuggle in the sediments the ball from the rich
Speak about the eagle end up in the ditch snitch
Brownie fudge smug, mug
Run a little fucker on stage spit crack
That's word to my mother
And my sister and my brothers, brothers
I don't know what to say
I'm going insane
Up in the membrane
I'm going insane



Bada boom Bada bing
Smacking off his bling
I'm just tryna sing

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Rejjie Snow Flight 411 MX2 Comments
  1. Blocked

    The flow at 1:10 is so out of this world, what a god Rejjie.



  2. Mia. BlackVelvet

    Love Love...

  3. Gus Black

    sounds like it should be in the game bully scholarship. like when youe cutting about the towns. shits so original. big up the real rappers.

  4. Alex Campbell

    the sample at the end is used at the start of samiyams "this L", good tune


    That is the song Samiyam - This L. This video is cut from a radio show rejjie hosted the next song is "This L"

  5. Hot Dog


  6. Lixye

    there's something between this track and me i swear

  7. Seamus De buitleir

    Oh yet man an ORIGINAL ....

  8. Jorge Rojas

    The flow is so original


    shit's a fucking miracle

    Fred Pearce

    +Jorge Rojas wouldn't call it a miracle as u can tell he's heavily influenced by MF DOOM but i see what u mean


    +Fred Pearce his early work was very very jacked off doom shit but he truly built himself as an artist and evolved from his doomlike rapper status

    Fred Pearce

    @Pada wan yh i mean im not really feeling his newest stuff, but nights over Georgia is relatively new and there is certainly a heavy DOOM influence still there, but its a positive, not a negative, he not copying, it's influence

    (also all caps when u spell the mans name!!  

  9. Grémillet Antoine

    Crazy track