Rejjie Snow - Dia Dhuit Lyrics

[Lecs Luther:]
Uh, charming little rapper with flows whiter than Casper
Vividly slaying villains while diddily-picking Flanders
Picking the answers 20 a 10 chancer
Green moss the mosh pit greater than sea cactus
I break races breaking races to face lifts
Dirty as the track, 69 on my playlist
The black racist, heil Hitler to Satan
Oops, I mean the snotty-nosed fellow is half-Asian
Caucasian, swapped Ray Charles for Ray-Bans

Gimme a mic and a crowd full of babies
I redance back to swapping a grades for goat cheese
Who let the handsome villain boogie on his bare knees
His rhymes end with X created sex and adultery
Give me the loot for the beef stew or the baked bread
His rhymes so articulate smacking nuns and severed heads
He often tells tales of the old negro spiritual
Half-African brother his IQ's lethal
I wrote this rap with a broken figure and severed limb
Arm and a dagger the duffle bag is a loosey ten
Give me the shottie I'm slaying rappers with bad pilates
Coughing up that crack I call it a John Gotti
Inciting a riot and masacre fuck a slave ship
Got these creme crackers nodding and saying the greatest
Oh, stop it before I pop it and lock it
Redevelop philosophies greater to flop poppins
A little casual, showboater, a ladies man
Always kept his charm in last place for the pizza man
He who dares staring the pasta out the pasta bake
Even though the rotten apple dirtier than Luther's place
Get me a rapper this sick in the bright raw flesh
I'll wax off his tattoos and leave an "L" on his chest
Give him a chicken noodle, wet willy, or beat him brutal
Leave him like Gandhi with a bald head screaming "Luther"
Catfish, Tomcat and Popovich
Always kept a piece of paper hidden in his manuscript
Fried fish and fried cod for cold days
Feed him to some children bet you'd never guess the brother's name
Charming little bastard with flows odd as catfish
Never touch the mic unless your name starts with "L," bitch
Jiminy Cricket, he wrote this rap with a hand wipe
Kept the critics guessing because he baked a couple cream pies
Now he's laughing off some helium or pork pipes
Always wore dirty socks, a bummy little shady guy
I am Chaka Khan, shocking a diabetic, mom
Laughing at the niggas and the kikes that recite my songs
Hi mom, my cat's wearing an apron
Silly cheese sandwich amazing as saying praying grace is
Yeah, it's Lexy Lu, uniquely odd like Spanish jews
Slurping a bag of guts and intestines from the men-u
Doper than crack in Milli's pipe
Praying fanny fantastic
A rhyming scheme cannibal chewing bandy elastics
Dropping the shiniest, grimy, weirdest and sonologist
Greatest uffin Luther
I'll duke you into a corpse swift
Dropping a severed head and raw raps for the audience
Stupid little charmer with rhyming skills and immaculate
Snapping at elderly and clergymen for smoking crack
Coldest villain enlighten the crowd off some blackjack, wax tack
Unhuman disease Luther raps crack
Yeah he knows but I'm reminding you this raw rap
He stole the show, he bust a move, I mean he bust a nut
Class act, Luther is the shit, a real assy muff
Seven-Eleven and rhyming sequence from heaven
With his blue jeans, Dapper Dan, snaky little fella

Awesome with his words, call him Baldwin
The Finest in his state, a finer diner with Clarkson
Give him a mic and a crowd full of Asians
A childish little bastard with bigger lips than an... uh
Jay-Z but with his flow quite lazy
He Spends his day reading and picking a couple daisies
Crack the pipe quicker than a junkie
The flow is quite icky
I'm dumpty to the fucking humpty
He broke his neck severing lyrics from his favorite show
Cartoon Network spitter a dummy from Galactico
Pass him the ketchup or the bloody rag, broken nose
Everywhere the moths slay and pray is where you'll you find him so
So Tie your shoes and take the bow, make it snappy
Luther's the name, never needed a fucking nappy

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