Reid, Alyssa - Dangerous Lyrics

First you found out
She said it's not what it looks like
Then she freaked out
So you said baby it's alright

That should've been it
But you let her back in

You sat at home
While she called you a liar
Said you weren't alone
Lit your prius on fire
She was feelin' hurt
So now you walk to work

Did she tell you it was love?
Tell you it's the first time
Tell you it's the last time
Have you had enough?
Have you fallen for her blue eyes?
Fallen for her white lies

That should've been it
But you let her back in

She's a little bit dangerous
I said oh
She's a little bit dangerous and you can't resist
Pull you in leave you wanting more
Leave your heart lying on the floor
She's a little bit dangerous

Stole your AMEX
Dropping cash like she earned it
Put you in debt
So you made her return it
You told her it was wrong
But she kept the Louboutins

Did she tell you it was love?
Tell you it's the first time
Tell you it's the last time
Have you had enough?
Have you fallen for her blue eyes?
Fallen for her white lies

That should've been it
But you let her back in

[Chorus x2]

She said I'm never gonna tell another lie
He said If you love me better look me in the eye
She said if you leave me then I'm gonna make you cry
He said, she said


Never let her go


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Reid, Alyssa Dangerous Comments
  1. Sehaj Mann

    if she was in a bigger label she would've been so famous regardless her music is fantastic

  2. Neg

    Was the original vid removed?

  3. Däng Itz Jøcelyn

    I used to always hear this on the radio and loved it when I 1st heard it but I would search it on YouTube but I could never find it and now I found it!

  4. henlo

    I have been looking for this song and I have been jamming to it since I was FIVE (2014)

  5. Mehrnoosh Atbaei

    My fav song love this!

  6. Boi Chuah Sang

    I heard this song on a Christian radio and thought it's a Christian song lol. I thought it's about controlling ourselves from falling for girls too easily lol

  7. MakaylaEmpire

    this song isn’t on spotify☹️ and if it is, tell me the title please!😜

  8. yb chinito

    Who else hears blank space?

    Raging Gauge

    William Orat shit u right

    johnny luvr 69

    wait lemme think

    johnny luvr 69

    what where

    Isaac Chang

    I hear "we will never get back together"

  9. Justin W.

    Underrated. Every time I play this song, everyone enjoys it.

  10. Kylie Williams

    I love this song

  11. Sarah Zinger

    ugh i love this song

  12. vitaminwaterlover

    I can't figure out why this isn't a huge hit.. I guess the power of the label isn't as powerful as some. Sad thing is if it was Warner, it would had been no1. Maybe the lyrics needs tweaking..esp the burning the Prius. lol

  13. Alexis Cruisey

    Canadians make such good music!!!💙💙 NEED MORE PUBLICITY THO!☝

  14. katzuma 123456

    Can you upload All I Want by The Heist?


    I uploaded a lyric video for that song :)

  15. Minesa Dautovic

    I really like this song very confedent

  16. Renay Sauder

    love this song cranked up

  17. Diamond Sword 77

    i really love this song

  18. Diamond Sword 77

    This song needs to be more popular

  19. Claire L.

    love this song so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  20. Wolf_Angel

    This song is awesome why is it not that popular? I love it!

  21. Marie-Claude Fortin

    wow super!!

  22. The Card Trick

    I feel in Love with this song BTW I'm girl

  23. Kenzee Fagann

    There should be a karaoke version of this

    H Boy

    That's why audacity exists

  24. Amberlin Cohoon

    They totally got this video idea from Awolnation.....

  25. audrey St-pierre

    WOW is the great song :)

  26. FballHD FIFA

    Nice Song Next time id  suggest an action once it changes Lyrics but other wise good.

  27. KimCrispt

    MLG song my fav

  28. Anne-Sophie Brunelle

    i love so much this song <3

  29. ahmed rajput

    i love this song so fuck you

  30. Perla Smedley

    this is the best song

  31. Michael Citrigno


  32. Michael Citrigno


  33. Hope Summers

    love this song i love when guy and girl sing together so sweet :)

  34. Kira Rudyk

    Omg😘👍 i love this song

  35. Kevin V.B.

    friggin absolutely LOVE this track !!! share on social medai people - lets help it rise in the charts and on radio !!!!

  36. Haaris Rehman

    This song needs to be more popular

    Babrak Nouri

    your right 😅

    Kaitlyn Saunders

    Haaris Rehman This is a great song

    Kaitlyn Saunders

    Haaris Rehman Hi this is kaityn I like the the song like I love it like so mush so have a great day thinks kaitlyn

  37. jeonhulyana

    I love this song! 👏🏻😍 i first heard it, when me and my classmates are doing skits, in babysitting course. 😊😊

  38. catherine irvine

    i agree this song should be more famous!!!

  39. Zaineb Hussain

    Can't belive this song isn't more famous.

  40. Chouaib Fcb

    OMG how much i love this song and alyssa reid i was waiting for it

  41. Ven Avila

    I heard this on the radio :3

  42. catherine irvine

    i heard this song on the radio and i fell in love with this song

    Ven Avila

    @catherine irvine Same!

    Bradley Carson

    me tooo