Rehab - This Town Lyrics

[Chorus x2]
This town is my home,it,s deep in my soul
That's why I'm at home, even when I'm on the road

[Verse 1]
Grew up in the backdrop,of a small town
Nissan truck, dropped down
Volkswagen Rabbit, with the top down
Sitting on BBS's, how that sound
Yeah, you all remember that don't you
dontdontdontdontdontdontdontdontdont you
That's where I come from Houston County
No distance or tour bus can take me
To make me forget gettin my ass whipped
In the parking lot of Mazio's
Skippin church the first time I heard Planet Rock come out a boombox
That may be the day God saved my soul
So, I take a little bit of everything I ever learned with me anywhere on this globe I go
No body can take that, think back
Linda Mae gave me the name
Now Daddy Boone said your radio
Ever though the things that I chased I did
The world out there took a naive kid
Scarred his heart and beat him down
And this songs beat commin back around
From out the town where (?) is

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2]
Northside High School Making beats on the top of my desk
Whenever the teacher left the room
Three years of riding the bench wanting to play
More than the last 13 seconds of the game, gonna get a name
Hangin with the hood that loves my girlfriend
Ended up doing everyone of em
None of them ever thought I knew what to do
When it's cool cause I used to do your boo too
Stealing cigarettes and malt liqour
Back of the Pep Rally in a cardigan sweater
Vowed that I would quit partyin, never
But now we got death and meth and nothing left
But questions in our minds
Do you think this town is ever really gonna change in our time?
It's in the sky, a mile high
It's on your table, that black label
It's in your locker, that bottle of vodka
Sardines, and pork & beans

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3]
Used to sit on the trunk of a 66 Pontiac
Where the party at?
I'm asking my kinfolk as the sun gets low
Can I get a hit of your cognac?
Hell no, you all know
Ain't nothing but the corner left
Did you hear about P Nuttty nutted up
Four police cars, he was raisin hell
Took mace and a billy club to shut him up
Well, been sittin here by myself
Drinking on Eezie Geezie
With the diamond seal
Hangin low cause I just got out of jail myself
One day I'm gonna leave this place
And you all might never ever see my face again
Friends then friends since we were little bitty
Now were grown, and this is our home

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Rehab This Town Comments
  1. Sam Carroll

    Proud. War-Town homeboy over hear. Northside High drop out as well. Rehab are some big time home town heroes

  2. nightwolf4207

    This city is my home it's deep in my bones

  3. Devin Hill

    Damn this takes me back 😂 good shit

  4. Richard Collinson

    Still rocking it 2019

  5. T0ZZY09

    Thank you guys! I'll never forget that night!

  6. Chicken Permission

    Still in 2k19

  7. Slade Malone

    Remember when I hid Danny under my sink in the cabinet when the popo was looking for him. Now that was many years ago out in Robins West. Ain’t no place like WR. Lot of OG’s from there representin’ across this globe.

  8. Blane Mathews

    My viens or skin still wake up like pulling to my kidneys . Freid I'm a drunk baby daddy wit that top and bottom pass. My shoulders ain't like my hips. I got shoes but my belt don't work at work all day. 88 was missing my sister and 93 mean she made friends.

  9. Blane Mathews

    Im scared of not getting to peace and lost serenity. Want pleasant weather. Rabbits eat after rain

  10. Jeremy Galbraith

    2019 still goes hard as fuck

  11. John Swan

    my fav rehab song

  12. John Marston

    Capecod MA, Wilmington NC and Roberstdale AL.

  13. Blane Mathews

    NY to Cali. child hood

  14. Blane Mathews

    the bus broke!

  15. Blane Mathews

    yeah its lever but new no cleaver wait den pay better.

  16. Blane Mathews


  17. Epic Zina

    Grew up in Twiggs, road the roads from Roburta, to the base, back home in the sticks. 😂🍑🎼💯

  18. Slade Malone

    I hid Danny from the police. Under the sink. Boy wouldn't we crazy. We raised that town. Big Daddy Al Mullis

  19. gamerslockerslife

    2018 still rockin it

    Justin Beddow

    2019 still going.

  20. Fran Ramirez

    Love it

  21. Fran Ramirez

    Love it

  22. white demon

    hell ya d boy I love this song

  23. Ricky Garcia

    not me i love my town san antonio tx baby

  24. Zachery Leary

    And my dad went to school with the lead singer

  25. Zachery Leary

    I've been living in Warner Robins Georgia since I was born

  26. Cameron Lewis

    I'm From wanar robins ga let's go rehab

  27. 1125airman

    Listening to this all the way from the middle east. I can't wait to get back to the states so i can visit my city.

  28. Scott mcscott

    choon dere bruuuu

  29. Shawn Green

    rehab some real wartown Legends....

  30. kid vicious

    sounds good in flint Michigan, out of my fucking trunk  90's for life boom

  31. BlackSheep I.F.I.

    so good

    Doug Prishpreed

    Dude you're everywhere I am. Haha. How's Long Island treating ya brother?

    BlackSheep I.F.I.

    It can't be helped we both have amazing taste :) long island is overcrowded. Trying to leave. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Did you hear danny Boone's newest album fish grease? It's awesome

  32. JSW Gaming

    Hell yeah! Representing WarTown in this song! Gotta love good ol' Warner Robins! Since everyone is shouting go Eagles or go Demons. I'll shout my high school out. Go Bears! (Houston County High School. HoCo.)

  33. Allah Snackbar

    small towns aren't good,for all of you big city people in this comment sections,they aren't anything special,gossip is at an all time high,I'm from small town Alabama but I prefer Atlanta or Birmingham small towns suck,don't flaunt that you live in one.

    kris borter

    If you didn't do things to give people a reason to talk they wouldn't I'm from a very small town 55 in my class graduating high school and if you care what people say don't do it or learn to not give a fuck , but don't hate on small towns because people gossip because if that's your biggest problem well sorry to have to brake the news to u but it happens every where u go . Even if it gives you the illusion that because it's a big city people won't gossip just wait till they get to know you , they will . It's human nature get over it.

    Charlie Hayes

    Fuk ya all-out there...jeepers creepers where ya all peeping on me.....

  34. zipp it


  35. zipp it

    This my home


    met the guys in atanta bus station , handed me a CD and a joint , still rockin that CD today much love fellas , DUVAL CLARK REPRESENT

    Rocco Morano

    GATORBAIT FISHING yooooo thats how i got southern discomfort. At a bus stop. Wow they were some hustlers

    Rocco Morano

    I was driving down to florida from nj/p.a.

    Ethan Green

    You guys are so lucky!

  37. Bob McAlister

    sardines and pork and beans

  38. Marla Green

    This towns hooked on meth, their teeth are fucked up, that's why my shits stole, I'm callin the po!!!!!

    Allah Snackbar

    you from Marshall alabama?

    Allen Higgs

    not all of us are, thank god. but most of em yea. sadly.


    Allah Snackbar no he's from Warner robins Georgia

  39. Robby Westberry


  40. kayy love

    there from Houston co like me there my uncles north side high school hello my high school lol

  41. Caira Beth

    had all albums before they came out with them my mom's ex grew up with them best friends I've met danny!!

  42. Terra Eakle

    love this song since I was 6

  43. Josh Souther

    I miss Mazzio''s some wing place now. My parents actually have a light fixture hanging in their dining room from there. I love Warner Robins...wouldn't live anywhere else!

  44. Kyle Holt

    haven't been home in 6 YRS

  45. Kyle Holt

    I love you all...I'm from ptown (Perry)rep ur city...

  46. Marcus Hermanowski

    randleman nc

  47. Casey Henderson

    i would just like to point out they there from Newnan Georgia and Warner Robins Georgia

  48. John Wedel

    Rehab is the baddest new age rock ever keep rocking Danny

    Colton Jones

    You're a bit late.. Not too many know these guys. This musics all for me though. We listened to Danny all the time when I was deployed 04-05

    Colton Jones

    +Johnny Frost typo 08-09

    Debbie Gourlay

    John Wedel they are no longer together 😭😭😭 they did they farewell concert in Columbus Ga at outlaws

  49. John Wedel

    Rehab is the baddest new age rock ever keep rocking Danny

  50. William Couture

    Reminds me of my brother he had a Nissan truck drop to the ground this is favorite song -

  51. TheBioburner84

    South of perry is where it's at

  52. YNW Melly

    Houston County. I Love It Here. Me And My Dad New Rehab. They Used To Spend The Night.

    YNW Melly

    noon. he says houston count in the song. and northside high is in hoco

  53. thurlo berry

    You never know till you leave then you realize all town towns suck.


    tina and ike turner ive been loving u

  54. Bleach Drink me

    There ain't nothing left but the corner did u hear about the police with the billy club and mace and still shot up the place? One day I'm gonna leave.

  55. Bleach Drink me

    This town is the bane of my extstance and the banner of good times.

    Bleach Drink me

    Its on your table...sardines and pork n beans hehhea!

    Bleach Drink me

    @ag crafts and that Billie of liquor

  56. Tina Perry

    This is the shit use to have the disc someone stole it

  57. Jason Bryant

    war town

  58. Dean WinchesterTM

    grew up in the backwoods Chevy that where i come from Baldwin County
    Roberstdale AL 


    @Dean Winchester ™  Im actually did come from the backdrop of a small town albertville AL

    Dean WinchesterTM

    you know Nikki Harris?

    Dean WinchesterTM

    +Unclarified R'dale in a small town bro i mean we just got a wal-mart but still

    Allah Snackbar

    +Unclarified I'm from Albertville too dude!

  59. Joe Jaquish

    This song is about my town. Warner Robins sucks a bag of dicks but its great at the same time

    Zack Huggins

    I loved this song since the fist time I heard it listen to it revery morning on the way to north side. burn it down all the way wartown for life some people just would not under stand

  60. Johnny B

    Am I the only one that can't view it on my iPhone? Maybe it's not set to view on mobile devices.

  61. Jennifer Vines

    Hueytown, AL all the way!'

  62. Yvonne Mullis

    Danny Alexander ROCKS!!!!!!!!! One of my husbands best friends...

  63. Blayke Jett

    Leesville, LA. Close enough to New Orleans that you can smell the bourbon!

  64. jenni George

    best ever

  65. daniellebear0829

    Danny says 'Peanut he nutted up...' Peanut is my dad


    daniellebear0829 damn nice man.

  66. Richard Jordan

    who remembers mollys lounge on russel

  67. Richard Jordan

    and northside

  68. Richard Jordan

    when i hear this song i rember when we were sitting in the trailer park while its being wrote getting fucked up

  69. Jonathan Patterson

    I just keep playing this over and over and over and over.....Putnam Co. Georgia to a f'ing T.

  70. Shayla Gatlin

    Im from warner robins <3 they're from warner robins too <3 Not centerville people xD
    a.k.a (HOUSTON COUNTY) if you don't know

    Jonathan Patterson

    Girl what u know bout Centerville, lol J/K

    Shayla Gatlin

    lol alot xD @Jonathan Patterson 

  71. angela tollefson

    i have listened to rehab since 2003! they are fly! thought yall knew

  72. braiden warner

    home is where you make it

  73. JG_98

    very nice

  74. SNARZ420

    This song keeps my going even tho i live 1400 miles away from my hometown ....

  75. Kimberly Basham

    Love Rehab man! True fricken music to the soul!

  76. Fly Jones


  77. destiny faith

    i live in warner robins i know the places it talkin bout

  78. Genisis Alexa Hope Marie Wagner

    Warner Robins, Georgia, USA Rehab the best band i have ever seen and met

  79. harrison dickens

    lol love this song and stole my wifes truck and crashed it and walked away

  80. Kodee Fawx

    Small town, sunny skies, a family subaru transformed into a rally car, me and my best friend sipping ice cold beers, and sunbathing on the hood of the car nearby the beach and all you hear is the sound of laughter and rushing waves. Yup. That sounds like home to me.

  81. donny maclean

    I'm 32 now too,don't we all wish we could be 18 again?

    Hello-Neighbour Dragon-Egg

    donny maclean 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

    Hello-Neighbour Dragon-Egg

    Nearly 30 my man, I get it

    Krazy Maynard

    donny maclean im 29 and this is the realest shit 😂

    Squinty Biggins

    Im 37 now, and still wish I was 18

    Frank Haze

    donny maclean I'm 46 and I love the shit

  82. donny maclean

    Thanks :)

  83. D- Dub

    Thanks B...

  84. Bpowderr

    Warner Robins, ga lol.

  85. D- Dub

    Where's the band from? The town that they speak so highly of?

  86. donny maclean

    I grew up in Florida and some of my best friends there were from Georgia,must just be that great southern charm.

  87. donny maclean

    Rehab has so many different styles.It's great for those of us who love different kinds of music.Rock on Rehab,rock on!

  88. craig macdonald


  89. Johnathon McCosker

    honestly i dont rememeber what i said but only idiots come to videos to quote the lyrics just listen to the song

  90. dwss2012

    all kindsa wrong

  91. tina franklin

    I still live in this small town...this song is about...Grew up with Danny! it's nice to know that some successful musicians still appreciate where they grew up...Brings back many great memories of junior High and High school...he played football too...;)

  92. Derrik D


  93. Travis Cole

    check this out, Travis set fire for sleeping

  94. Derrik D

    Omg, you can quote lyrics of a song on the video of that song, you are such a badass...

  95. Joshua Chambers

    love this band, but hey im a chic from a small town in Texas.