Rehab - Running Out Of Time Lyrics

I strike up a full sprint with the day the planet
Turns to ashes breathing down my neck hellish degrees
And armageddon summer running with sleestacks with weed
Stacks and the get yours mentality
Suppress fear grind
Gears weakness is opportunity
Saditty bitch pass I
Read her mind it says scum I'm a fruitcake I want it
All or be a vagabond a product of babylon
Slave of
Technology shaking off thoughts of incest and sodomy
Inside of me I gotta be normal can't
No chance me and
Confusion got a romance I pass an ambulance could be
An omen I don't believe in superstition but I better
Look and listen
Hope it ain't a premonition
Chronically stricken with tension invention of evil

Deceitful people living regally got it illegally but
They gather beneath the steeple treat your like your
Not equal and I'm abnormal
I wonder turmoil anger
Lightning thunder

We are running out of time
We are falling way behind
We are all losing our minds
We are, We are, We are

99.9 percent deceptive is humanity
One becomes
Deceptive when one becomes deceived be hyper
Protective very selective
Although it's easier to
Hide behind weed I'm not blinded by greed part of a
Dying breed
Believe they got a bead on your seed the
Web is very tangled I'm living strangled
Lies from
Every angle brainwashed like highschool coaches
I'm a
Monkey among poachers bait, snares, and boobytraps my
Mind is doing laps I need a map, maybe even a
Destination perhaps
But the wild women and wine neon
Dollar signs calling from the far reaches of my mind at
5 o'clock every payday-mayday,mayday- I take a swallow
Then two by ten the false courage and pride have fully
Kicked in
Look at how the little mouse runs inside
The wheel I don't wanna feel the fear of failing
The coffin nail and its impaling my lungs

We are running out of time
We are falling way behind
We are all loosing our minds
We are, We are, We are

Are you scared to death and do you count your breath
What's really going don't got much time left
The next
Second is now and now was just then
And I'll never
Get that moment back again

We are running out of time
We are falling way behind
We are all loosing our minds
We are, We are, We are

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Rehab Running Out Of Time Comments
  1. Griffin C. Zhvhchv

    🐕 brought me here

  2. Lisa Burger


  3. R U 8UP 2

    The DOG brought me, when I heard the voice singn"we are ...." N the chorus it sounded like an old Ozzy Osborne voice,and maybe a song I've nvr heard,"which btw I thought impossible" n was right. See old reruns of a many shows can still point ya to so,e good tunes,bands,that otherwise ya might have nvr heard. The World Should All Be Brought up on music,past-present-future. Nuff said!!

  4. Greg Gomez

    Nice jam!!! 🎸