Rehab - No One Understands Lyrics

[Danny Boone and Cathy Swane:]
No... one... understands...

And with my turbulent mind how canny I'm designed
I'm becoming in this current moment of time, a sturdy confine
From running, but in place to see the faces of survival and despair
Thinking in the air, mocking me into more solitaire, all I bear
And now I'm grasping the sadness even more
Nauseated, face to floor cause hope is whore
And wrist gon' pour getting fucked till it sore
So I execute reasoning, obliterate unity wholeheartedly
Contest to lessen felicity with the diabolic part of me
I ain't see happiness but it's delusion, confusion
My insistence to journey through this pandemonium intrusion
I'm surviving this misconception
Faith and tranquility ending like misery
Heretic red herring the ability
My excuse is concrete, lies deep when I sleep
On rock pillars and rubber sheets
My oppressive hospital suite...

[Danny Boone and Cathy Swane:]
No... one... understands...
No... one... understands...

[Brooks Buford (Cathy Swane):]
And all the time with this bullshit infected in this
Reptiles and fuck bitches, my brain itches
Paradise in six foot ditches
Solo's like Lepers in colonies
Opressed economy be bombing me
I have my family embalming me, it's all in me
Pushing tears (All these years)
Cocaine and beers (through the years)
Numbness for years so fuck these years
I'm dropping, pain only appears
I gag my ears (and live in fear)
Can't stop the conversation in the sub-conscience
So bring your children over hug the monster

[Danny Boone and Cathy Swane:]
No... one...
No... one...

[Danny Boone:]
Hard to believe everything that you're told
And if a sin is a sin then we've all killed Nicole
In one form or another, we've all stole a dollar
In one way or another
Faith is the cure-all that makes you think in the light
And if we've all done wrong
Then we've all done some right somewhere
But the negative's more attractive, seductive, destructive
A lie to the mind's eye, pointlessly productive
Wrong wastes time, right makes good use
Sometimes the villain gets the riches
And the saint gets the noose in this world, it does confuse
Righteousness and evil as well as win or lose
Am I humble or is my self esteem just low?
I mean, is me thinking I ain't worth a fuck a good thing?
I seem aggressive and pushy and as obnoxious as maddening
As I do my laziness depressing and saddening

[Danny Boone and Cathy Swane:]
No... one... understands...
No... one... understands...

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Rehab No One Understands Comments
  1. Angelia Acheson

    I love this shit to my fucking core!

  2. jingles mcgoo

    where has this disc been all my life

    Michael Bearse

    jingles mcgoo look up the rest of rehab!! There fuckin sick wit it!! This ain't there best stuff but still nasty!

  3. Brandon Norwood

    Well y'all I tried. Im not the best with YouTube so not. Sure when people are talking to me. But this was my 11th week sober. I was doing good, let God in my life and all, and then tonight, I failed again. So.tired of being alone. I got good with my.folks, they are actually all I have. But I failed tonight, came back to this album and that's how i saw the replies. It sure does suck being lonely though. Glad to hear Buford is sober. One tough sonofagun. Wwould give my left nit to write songs with him

    zzz ///

    brandon norwood - itz alright,,,simmer down cat daddy, me too/them too.ever body too...we all feel your pain, minus the? justa' blink in the eye... god bless!

  4. brandon norwood

    Ill die listening to.this album. Maybe the bottle will do its job today sick and fucking tired of hearing how my parents want me dead so bad. Hope tha booze kills me? Ya got it! Thank you rehab being the only thing i relate to while im still alive


    hang on as long as you can and don't let nobody never say ya weren't a fighter

    Alucard Johnson

    @brandon norwood Get sober and prove everyone wrong. That's what I did when I felt the same exact way as you. Everyone is waiting for the second I fuck up, and I hope they suffocate holding their breath waiting for it. Nothing makes haters feel like shit worse than being proved wrong. Hang in there man. BTW, Brooks Buford is a friend of mine on facebook, and he is now sober... so one of the guys who made this song is doing his recovery thing.

    Doug Prishpreed

    this is the album I turn to when shit gets real in my life. Sometimes I drink to this album these days. I used to make this album a part of my cocaine and pills ritual album to listen before, durring, and after. I'm a bit more restrained these days as far as drugs go,.but I like the drink, and this album still does the trick.

  5. shaggs2dope

    Deep message, gotta love when you can relate to a song you like