Rehab - Bottles & Cans Lyrics

I think about, you know life and what it really means,
I drink about it,
I think i'm busting at the seems,
Don't over think it,
I think somebody told me that before,
Yea whatever thats my attitude what can I say,
Evidently I was raised to be this way,
But incidently there's days I really want to change,
If heaven sent me,
Then why do I feel this crazy got a man down mayday mayday,
Bottles and Cans,
Seeds and stems,
Down to my last roach,
Here I am looking,
Caught between tomorrow and yesterday,
Tellin' myself it'll be okay,
Bottles and Cans,
Seeds and Stems,
Will I ever change, guess it all depends, feels like nothin' ever went my way, tellin' myself it'll be okay,
Broken-hearted, I've been listenin' to my head scream,
Got it spark it,
You hear that or is it just me,
What's the matter are you feeling just like me,
Has anybody seen my mind i cant find it,
Life is flyin',
Somebody rewind it, were all dying,
And just runnin' around buyin' it,
I think we've gotten a little too open minded, got a man down, mayday, mayday,
Bottles and Cans,
Seeds and stems,
Down to my last roach,
Here i am lookin', caught between tomorrow and yesterday,
Tellin' myself it'll be okay,
Bottles and Cans,
Seeds and stems,
Will I ever change, guess it all depends,
Feels like nothin ever went my way,
Tellin' myself it'll be okay,
Broke and lonely,
Chokin on dro can I borrow another tommorow dear lord,
I'm scopin' hopin' some door can open,
And my folks don't even know me no more,
My kids are growin' and my age is showin',
One of the seeds I sow gonna sprout i'm not sure,
The doubt and the lure is a couch of valour,
With a mirror and a blade and a pile of inpure,
Bottles and Cans,
Seeds and stems,
Down to my last roach,
Here I am lookin',
Caught between tomorrow and yesterday,
Tellin' myself it'll be okay,
Bottles and Cans,
Seeds and stems,
Will I ever change,
Guess it all depends,
Feels like nothin' ever went my way,
Tellin' myself it'll be okay,
Bottles and Cans,
Seeds and stems,
Down to my last roach,
Here I am lookin',
Caught between tomorrow and yesterday,
Tellin' myself it'll be okay,
Bottles and Cans,
Seeds and stems,
Will I ever change, guess it all depends,
Feels like nothin' ever went my way,
Tellin' myself it'll be okay,
Bottles and Cans.

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Rehab Bottles & Cans Comments
  1. Lisa Tucker

    Been a while 👀👌👌♥️

  2. Sam Carroll

    Lol War-Town gang knew wasup way back in the day. #478

  3. kelly stone

    I know Mexicans are crazy Catholic.

  4. karawarlick

    Still here listening

  5. Dr. Bright

    I grew up to this shit... I feel blessed to have heard such great music all my life

  6. Donnie Roberts

    Love this song... broken hearted I've been listening to my head scream

  7. Zach InTheHat

    1:15 damn those lyrics got deep. We are too open minded.

  8. Daniel Stockton

    I really just wanna say fuck life right now the only thing that helps is this damb song

  9. Thomas Emison

    So much better than bartender, I mean I love that one but graffiti the world is one of those albums you don't have to skip any tracks!

  10. Greg Barker

    Leah says olive juice 🖕

  11. Ricky Miller

    With a mirror and a blade and a pile of the pure. 2019

    matt mill

    still good! 2019

  12. Zabel Maple

    long time ago i think back in 2012 my uncle that is now locked up gave my dad the burnt cd from this band and we would play it all the time on repeat and this was before they where famous. like no joke the cd had the songs writen down in order with a sharpie and there was no graphic design what so ever XD. so i got a head start and know every song by jeart on this album before half or more than half the world ever did lol. it seems tho most people only know them from the song bartender tho.

  13. Courtney Lane

    Rehab is the shit..they are from my hometown..seen them twice..

  14. hollie x

    Tellin myself it will be ok!

  15. AllDayVapor

    2019 Anyone?

  16. fish hunt

    rehab is fukn awsome these guys deserve soo much more attention then they have received.. been hooked on these guys since the first time I heard them...

  17. boy


  18. fuck it

    Still listening almost 2019

  19. David Wells

    Love it! Rehab is one of those bands that stays relevant

  20. Jerry Allen

    Dude I love rehab everyone is heard bartender but they have so many great songs that no one has ever heard everyone needs to go out there look into it and check them out it's a great band promise you won't be disappointed

  21. Tiffany McNeil

    This brings me back to high school still love this song

  22. Kelly Ace

    If I had known tat rehab was this cool.....I would of went years ago.

  23. Syd Haight

    This song makes me it’s really my life

  24. Ramona Mackay

    that's the shit

  25. Erin Simons


  26. Erin Simons


  27. Ramona Mackay

    Top that!

  28. Cedar Addy

    This is the dumbest music ever made seriously you have to be mentally deficient to enjoy this lyrical content

  29. Cedar Addy

    Worst music ever made

  30. Greg Rothschadl

    Love this song so much

  31. Moksha Sat Aushada

    Bring it back to 2000+12 and this still hold true..... But we can listen learn love and be the joy in someones life

  32. namizmo


  33. Steven L Miller

    I like it,it's refreshing good to roll to

  34. Rocco Morano

    This beat is so sick.

  35. Dragon Davenport

    Good song

  36. Brantley Myers


  37. THE K-D-from A-D

    a mirror and a blade!!!

  38. White she Devil

    Love rehab

  39. Jason Loyd

    where u been under a rock?

  40. Peyton Roland

    looks like ricky from trailer park boys

  41. Kara with gun

    Holy shit I almost forgot this was a thing. So happy to rediscover this amazing song.

  42. white demon

    bottles and cans seeds and stems down to my last roach

  43. Buddy Bishop

    I have absolutely become addicted since the very first time I heard them in 2003

  44. white demon

    I can relate

  45. Patricia Barthel

    you fucking suck with out the other talented one please stop you fucking suck

  46. Dirty Dave

    Glad you heard it it's just GA jamming

  47. 1zero8dragon 14

    this is it simple the trail of genius. everything else was great, but this was carved in granite...

  48. John Lawson

    Got a man down mayday mayday

  49. Aaron And Ace

    My mom actually hangs with the lead singer..

    Rocco Morano

    Lacy Newsom gets banged by the lead singer? Are you the little yellow bird in the cage that ms. Jones has?

  50. Drayden Barrett

    Just keep listening to rehab

  51. Tom Drawhorn


  52. Ric Sargent

    They put on a great live show if you're ever in southern California area. They're still local last I knew of

  53. james pricefield

    i used to listen to it as just words but sadly i understand the lyrics more than i wanted to

  54. Buddy Luv

    I saw them live right before they broke up... rehab, go back to rehab , write some music...and get back together cause it's so sad 😭 love his voice

  55. Josh Graham

    rehb is badass


    this comment section is fucking gold. killer song though fr

  57. Prince Coda Leviathan

    Love their music.

  58. Chuck Parks

    Awesome Danny Boone Alexander, my Warner Robins, Northside Eagle friend. Y'all's music is fucking right dude.

  59. DoubleDang

    ... broke and lonely, chokin' on 'Dro!

  60. Douglas Pinney

    the best song in a long time that is for dam sure to hell with the hatter's

  61. Joe Russo

    Honestly with all the awesome rehab songs for some reason this and hey Fred are my favorites

  62. derek sloane


  63. ryan b

    Far from new. Still Dope

  64. Dolores deSoto

    Heard this back in 2009 in Rehab of all places! Loved it then! Love it now!!

  65. Eggbert08

    good damn I had some crazy party's with this shit blarin on my radio...

  66. cheryl copeland

    the wheel can't turn without the hub lol and I'm not backing down in my destination if someone don't like me oh well they can't walk in my shoes they can't play me I'm not here for them folks they give me looks well I'm sorry I walk straight lines not a crook .Their loss they didn't love Jesus well I do I don't take those devils they try to push on me and if they don't want who has delivered me well that a. shame but I'm not to blame ...

    Roman Atencio

    Someone decode this plz

  67. Natasha Conrad

    Just as good as the first time I heard it!

    Evan Kimbell

    Natasha Conrad praise Jesus Hallelujah

    Evan Kimbell

    Natasha Conrad hey I like your Christian rap favorites. Check out my Christian rap song called "hit em up high," dj bowser. Hope you like it.

    Evan Kimbell

    Natasha Conrad here is the link to my Christian rap song!

  68. BIGC69 xxx

    my life in a song

  69. Jimmy Smith

    i first. heard rehab *7yrs.ago and been hooked every sense, keep on truck, enjoy.

  70. Centipede Deplorable

    Anyone else hear this for the first time on a CS:Source server back in the day?

  71. Vincent Garcia

    Rehab underground and is for all to enjoy been listening for years

    Gail Reed

    Relevant, all times.



    Eddie Wagaman

    makes me happy

  73. Gary Whitt

    I've been listen to the song I like rehab my favorite Rehab song is addiction

  74. Chris Clark

    tellin myself it will be ok

    Ace Claw Coyata

    Wow. a line of the song.. such genius.. this generation xDD

    Samuel Cope

    wow, another hater, surprise surprise. since your from a better more intelligent generation, shouldnt you have something a little more positive or at the very least a little more clever to say? all i know is i quote lyrics all the time. music is powerful and helps people get threw life. carry on troll

    Jeffrey Maahs

    @Samuel Cope well said brother

  75. William Byham

    ( U brother .. spell check blows ...... )

  76. William Byham

    I said it all K.C. , perfect .. even from an age old rocker .. StoneOn

  77. Pat Jensen

    rehab bitches

  78. Kevin Rowell

    Saw them 6 times. Love all their music. Front row every time. Met all the guys, they are really cool.

  79. Jason Bourne

    shit listening to this geeked out my mind love rehab

  80. murdah ella

    damn havent heard this in forever!!..great memories!

  81. battlejac_74 KOK

    😑 welcome to the south. glad you finally decided to join us

    Michael Fuhrman

    right lol... been bumping rehab for years!!!

    THE K-D-from A-D

    take it ez terror-torial....

    John Patterson

    battlejac_74 KOK

  82. Lee Ann Troxel Saunders shit in a long long time ...graffiti the world.... the whole world....

    Duggy Thompson

    Lee Ann Troxel Saunders nah southern discomfort!

  83. Brett Begley

    This is a very well written song Holy shit!!!

  84. Keven Carson

    What the F&*k?? Just heard this for the first time and It's the most refreshing music I've heard in the last 20Yrs.. These Cats got somethin Special going on. They are bringing "Music" back to Life! Yes I Said It!! They have instruments,, They have Rythem They have Harmonies.. They tell you story's that we can all Relate to?!?!? Lol They are making real Music.

    Kieran Peterson

    Joe Bradford the album is called Graffiti the World, this is track 4 if I remember correctly.

    Evan Kimbell

    Keven Carson praise the LORD HallelujAh

    frances uhlir

    Kieran Peterson yep. The entire cd is mindblowing!

    Riley Arnold

    Keven Carson i agree


    hell ya

  85. Stacy Cole

    love this song

  86. Digital Maddness

    Rehabs music is real...all about real life shit.

  87. Muhlum24

    ahh 240p, we meet again.

  88. m80kid32

    been there.

  89. Stevenakn1

    seeds and stems

    Mary Willis

    Steven Akn1 not these days


    MAYDAY MAYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REHAB is DOPE!!! FAN SINCE i first heard. 2001

    THE K-D-from A-D

    me too!!! southern discomfort baby...the proof on the bottle....180!!!

    Joker Grrrl

    Mayday is dope too.

  91. kelly stone

    caught between tomorrow and yesterday...I think we're all a little too open minded, GOT A MAN DOWN MAYDAY! MAYDAY

  92. Monty Wenkel

    How do you gyes not like this

  93. Josh Sebastian

    if heven sent me then why do i feel this crazy true words yo

  94. Shane Brock

    I say like eighty different words into my voice search on my phone and this popped up