Rehab - Bartender Song (Sittin' At A Bar) Lyrics

Bartender I really did it this time
Broke my parole to have a good time
When I got home it was 6 A.M.
The door was locked so I kicked it in

She was tripping on the bills
I think she was high on some pills
She threw my shit out into the yard
Then she called me a bum and slapped me real hard

And in my drunken stupor I did what I should've never done
Now I'm sitting here
Talking to you
Drunk and on the run

I'm sitting at a bar on the inside
Waiting for my ride on the outside
She stole my heart in the trailer park
So I jacked the keys to her fucking car
And crashed that piece of shit, then stepped away

Ya know Moe I'll probably get ten years
So just give me beers til they get here
Yeah I know the sun is coming up
And y'all are probably getting ready for closing up

But I'm trying to drown my soul
I'm tired of this life on a dirt road
Everything that I love is gone
And I'm tired of hanging on

She got me sitting at a bar on the inside
Waiting for my ride on the outside
She stole my heart in the trailer park
So I jacked the keys to her fucking car
And crashed that piece of shit and then stepped away

Guess it was meant to be
Romance is misery
So much for memories
And now I'm headed to the penitentiary
See me on TV
The next cop series I am a danger
I guess I should've did something about my anger
But I'll never learn
Real things I don't concern
I pour kerosene on everything I love and watch it burn
I know it's my fault
But I wasn't happy it was over
She threw a fist
So I crashed that piece of shit Nova

And now I'm going back again
Back to the pen to see my friends
And when we all pile up that county van
They gonna ask me where I've been

I been at a bar on the inside
Waiting for my ride on the outside
She stole my heart in the trailer park
So I jacked the keys to her fucking car
And crashed that piece of shit, then stepped away

Nah na na na na na na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na


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Rehab Bartender Song (Sittin' At A Bar) Comments
  1. Pecos Production

    chevy is better

  2. Sarah Buffkin

    2020 annyone?

  3. Weston Rogers

    he should have got super fucked up for this music video, he looks to sober and it does not match the message.

  4. Barton Bella

    Danny Trejo is a fuckin Phenom!!

  5. cole gardner

    It’s crazy how demun Jones used to be in the band. Now demun is makin country 🤯

  6. Bob P

    Dude representing for Warner robins hell yeah I'm from cordele right down the road holdin it down for everyone hanging on to a bar on the inside

  7. mustangkrillin

    I bought this album for this one song and was extremely disappointed.

  8. Daniel Recio

    In 2003 my Army friends introduced me to Rehab. Your songs were war music for everyone

  9. linda vayo

    Reminds me of my last husband.😝

  10. eric hapeman

    This is my life for the time I got out

  11. kaitlynn randall

    Every party this is played and im forever greatful😂❤️

  12. Mr. Potter

    Thank you my trailer park peeps for featuring Danny Trevino! lol Y’all are too kind!

  13. JeNNiFEr NiCOLe

    I learned the lyrics to this song when i was doin a bid 10yrs ago...😂😂 celly sang this daily...

  14. B-dette Asitmay

    The Cop is from CHIPS.

  15. PinkPantherPs4

    In the book Amy Whitehouse next page rehab coincidence I think not

  16. Buford

    Hi Danny! Nice Mix!! 👍

  17. Makayla Watkins

    I love this song

  18. Atlas Prime 79

    These guys just came into my gas station. Cool vibes guys. Great sound.

  19. Christian Carroll

    What pisses me off is that they didnt put this as a ending song on trailer park boys

  20. Hunter Breeden

    All the people that dislike this song need a die

  21. Bruhe Moment

    My uncle was in this band

  22. seoulkidd1

    My new ANTHEM LMAO

  23. Cesar Ramirez


  24. SuperGoldnut

    Some dude cranking this last night at 3:00 am while I was at work brought me here. He was getting ready to change the track and turn it down and I said don't you touch that and thank you for lifting me up on a really bad night

  25. Braxton Jones

    I rely did it this time

  26. Jazzmin Smith

    I'm might be only 13 but damn this song brings back so many bad memories

  27. LonewolfeE5

    So glad that tiktok(of all things) reminded my of this song. God i feel such a nostalgic pain from this one. I was a kid when it dropped

  28. kyle tosczak

    That old ass flash game in newgrounds brought me here

  29. Noel Spencer

    2020 still the shizz

  30. goatman_123 !!!!!

    The bartender was in granddaddy daycare

  31. Michael Pöltl


  32. A Drunk Steelers Fan

    Ive listened to this song every new years Eve while getting blitzed since I was 15.

  33. Nicole Snow

    Lolli-pop ? _#2 ?

  34. john hofmann

    2020 drunk and playing this give a like happy new year all

  35. Pushing Maximum Density

    First comment of 2020 :)

  36. Gacha_ LoserOwO


  37. Gacha_ LoserOwO

    To that 28k dislikes u have a bad taste in music

  38. Gacha_ LoserOwO

    People who dislike are idiots :)

  39. Nicole Mitchell

    Reminds me of Samantha Ford! Well Turner now Miss you biotch

  40. 1000 Subscribers with no videos

    Anyone here for 2020

  41. montana man

    I'm john stamose

  42. cody heimbuch

    This is one of my favorite songs and I know every lyric to this song lol.😄

  43. Rip Lil peep

    If Ricky from trailer park boys had depression

  44. chaz johnston

    currently listening to this song DRUNK as fuck lmao

  45. Bandanit

    Your favorite Martian did a good job with the cover of this song

  46. Kristyn Roberts

    My dad and I listened to this a long time ago then he and my mom got a divorce I got to see him again in 2018 but he killed himself now I'm listening to it for memories

    Silent Squad

    Kristyn Roberts I’m sorry for your loss, your dad is looking down from Heaven <3 bless

  47. สยาม จำปาทอง


  48. Gram Nailer

    Warner Robins GA REPPIN

  49. John Lopez Jr.

    Cool song with coolest lyrics

  50. Simone Ellis

    Every lyric to this song happened to me ...... DOWNT TO THE CAR

  51. Hermione Granger

    My boyfriend introduced Me to this song now I’m obsessed

    Gaige Polen

    Hermione Granger was it Harry Potter or Ron Weasly


    Gaige Polen hahaha


    Ten years late but welcome.

    Hannah M

    Hermione Granger omg same

  52. RozzDarkly

    I been drunk and on the run bout 10 years

  53. flux drive

    Its micheal from gta and amanda

  54. Rc offroad

    Anyone here from the “ive made bad life decisions” tik Tok

  55. Betsy O'Rourke


  56. the Cannon

    Thanks mom for only downloading this song on my iPod when I was 5


  57. Ultimate Trash

    my mom used to sing this song to me every night. it was my lullaby. i’m going to see rehab in concert in a few hours

  58. Tim20201

    break up song, getting better song, rough times song. Its the song

  59. สยาม จำปาทอง


  60. NoodlesAteMyBaby

    I remember slapping this out on my walkman back in the 2000's

  61. Angela Cornelius

    mad respect to Danny Trejo for doing this video. he has like 20 or 30 years sober!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Robert Beck

    Nice!! Outstanding song Mr k👌

  63. rebel withoutacause

    white boy rap at its best

  64. Corey Fellows

    This version sucks...

  65. Hugh Caires

    Danny Trejo as a bartender. Epic.

    Much respect Danny Trejo. :)

    Robert Martin

    And don't forget Larry Wilcox from the TV show CHiPs as the cop who arrested him.

    Hugh Caires

    @Robert Martin Saw that. That was cool.

  66. Johnathon Cole

    Anybody here in still in 2020

  67. Audan Denning

    What’s a bar

  68. JSR Gaming

    I would love it if vevo wasn’t family friendly

  69. Smokie Bang

    I swear to god i first heard this song on my way to jail

    Corey Fellows

    That's rough and funny..

    Kristyn Roberts

    Why were you going to jail? What a coincidence

    Smokie Bang

    Kristyn Roberts bar fight😂😂😂😂

  70. Connie Adkins

    aint that the truth chevys suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

  71. Savage Henry

    I'm tired of this life away from my dirt road. I couldn't earn enough money in a hundred lifetimes to replace living with my mom in her trailer. Home sweet home was the trailer park.


    He looks like Ricky from trailer park boys

  73. ya boi

    Danny Trejo is in this!!

  74. Derek Guffie

    This song reminds me of something and someone.

  75. Jon Boy

    Wait a minute.. this ain't the trailer park boys!

  76. Pyro Head

    How many "official" videos are there for this song?

  77. Jolisa Williams

    I love your song so much

  78. James Winchester

    This song is about a fuck up.

  79. Latoya Henderson

    Male version of carrie Underwood
    Wish he never cheated......

  80. mystic_rat 7


  81. Rj Lowder

    Still rocking in Nov 2019

  82. kagomecc461

    I have the another version on my phone 😆. The ringtone bit anyways. Thought I was getting this Version
    Hint : Lyrics doesn't say "Father's Car" or "crash that Chevrolet"

  83. Brandon Koch

    Glade that's all in my past

  84. Calista warner

    This is the first time I've heard the censored version...... It doesn't feel right lol

  85. Dean Doucette

    2019 November 10

    Jack Fair

    2019 November 12

  86. Dirty Dan

    I'm here because it's the Marine Corps birthday today! 😂❤

  87. Nadia I

    i’ve had this song stuck in my head since 2008!! i could be doing the most random thing and the chorus will play in my head. middle school memories 🤧

  88. Nicole Haywood

    I still listen to this woot wooting

  89. C Synch

    For anyone on the FL-GA border

  90. matson8008

    Rehab is for quitters you losers.

  91. Robert Workman

    Christ.... I love this

  92. ayden Carter

    I am here

  93. Jack Burton

    The nova made me sad