Regine Velasquez - I Have To Say Goodbye Lyrics

The days with you were endless summers
The rains would come but we didn't seem to care
Then before I knew
I fell in love with you
It felt so real, I wondered if you feel it too
For many nights I stayed awake 'til morning
Wond'ring how to ask if you cared
Then to my surprise
The love I had inside
Was something that you didn't seem to share
I have to say goodbye
Guess it's time to end it
Say goodbye
It's the only way
Much as I want to cry
There simply is no reason why
It's hard for me
But still I've got to try
If love for you cannot be with me
There's really nothing more to say
Remember whoever may come to share my life
You'll always have a special place inside
[Repeat Refrain (x2)]
I've got to try
Woh ... Wooh ...

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Regine Velasquez I Have To Say Goodbye Comments
  1. i love Songbird

    The one and only Sweet feminine voice in asia ..AsiaSongbird ..💞💞

  2. janah louise wilson


  3. Zaldy `abilo

    My fave album of regine 90

  4. Crisostomo Ibarra

    Ogie's recent presscon brought me here... Ganda pala ng song. 😍😍😍

    kobe royo

    same hahaha


    me too! but i think regine mentioned this song too from her interviews many times so i kinda am looking for a live videos of this song

    Crisostomo Ibarra

    miah CB nice

  5. Josh Tengco

    The great and the best recording hit of regine in early 90s.

  6. April Glen

    one of the best songs of Regine when she was just starting in the industry.. i still have this album in a cassette tape until now..😄

  7. MarianReigne

    yeah.. this is the first song Ogie Alcasid composed for Regine Velasquez...
    what a voice Regine Velasquez have!! super delicate, yet sweet...

  8. Brit Glasper

    written by ogie alcasid. first song written for regine's 1990 CD. notice regine's sweet voice.