Reggie And The Full Effect - J Lyrics

Heard what you said when you said you'd never say it in a letter
You're more informed than me about what happens on tour
But it don't stop, don't stop my little baby says
Don't stop, don't stop, a little later baby

Nobody knows the nose you have for news
Sometimes the only way to win is to lose
But it don't stop, don't stop, my pretty baby says
Don't stop, don't stop, my little lady says

Don't stop, don't stop, my pretty baby says
Don't stop, don't stop, my little lady says
Don't stop, don't stop, my pretty baby says
Don't stop, don't stop

Sorry the party had to starty and stop-e with me
We'll watch the world and from our roof top just so we can see
And say don't stop, don't stop, my pretty baby says
Don't stop, don't stop, my little lady says

Don't stop, don't stop, my pretty baby says
Don't stop, don't stop, my little lady says
Don't stop, don't stop, my pretty baby says
Don't stop, don't stop


Don't stop, don't stop, my pretty baby says
Don't stop, don't stop, my little lady says
Don't stop, don't stop, my pretty baby says
Don't stop, don't stop, my little lady says
Don't stop, don't stop, my pretty baby says
Don't stop, don't stop


Don't stop, bitch, don't stop
Don't stop, bitch, don't stop
Don't stop, bitch, don't stop
Don't stop, DON'T STOP

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Reggie And The Full Effect J Comments
  1. RJ Cruz

    This guys screams are so gnarly

  2. Justin Bannon

    Get a 4K update and many more would be watching this.

  3. urmanismyman

    Is this my favorite thing on earth? Yeah

  4. Panzi Craze

    This makes no sense but I love it

  5. jace romano

    Tripping like a mf on shrooms rn and THIS IS THE BEST THING TO WATCH

  6. s3xeechocolate

    Rock and rock modern day thriller

  7. s3xeechocolate

    These guys should be the biggest band in the world. Every thing they do is creative and unique. Not for everyone but how many people listen to bands that couldn't lace up reggies boots. And the get ups.

  8. Jeanette Garza

    I miss being young and jamming to this early in the a.m. for highschool. man 5 years flew by fast

    Brittany R

    OMG fucking right? I just posted on another one of their videos because I was literally focusing for 20 minutes trying to remmember the name of this band. I kept thinking "okay it has something to do with peanut butter and jelly, the lochness monster....fuck..." then it hit me "AHHHH SMACK AND KATIE! TO GOOGLE I GO!"

    Jeanette Garza

    Lmaoooo . I was 16 when I first got into this song in 24 now . Will turn 25 in May . It's basically 9 years* not 5 lol

    Brittany R

    Ha no worries I found out about these guys at warped tour when I was 14 and I am 26 now. And yeah the nostalgia is getting me realllll hard right now.


    Imagine how I feel being 33 and being into TGUK since I was 13 and natrually Reggie comes with that territority. :) Also my cat's name is Reggie...

  9. mugenmax1

    Love this, I remember when I was big into this song a very long time ago. Was drinking tonight and thought I hear a few old songs and man this song and get well soon hit the spot lol . Love you saint row

  10. xxmazzy

    came here for Frank, stayed for the cool ass song

  11. Blizzle Yoo

    This video is just too awesome for words haha

  12. xxhardforcorexx

    When the hell did the name of this song change to J Train? I thought it was just J.


    Each song on the album is named after part of the journey James took to rehab whilst living in New York, 'J' being one of the trains.


    @SteMCFC79 I'm aware of that, that's why I asked why the name changed from just the letter to J Train, because I'm pretty sure his song R isn't called R Train, even though that's the idea.

  13. ashley the mnstr

    Frank as Frankenstein half Italian half monster

  14. Starshine

    It's funny how Frankenstein is supposed to be tall but it's played by Frank.

    Aleceya Eddings

    Ah he's a mini Frankenstein♥♡

  15. Daniela Diaz

    no se , es demasiado genial 

  16. Ivanna Biryukova

    im a killjoy ive only seen frankie sorryyryryyryy

  17. Travissaur

    This music video brings back memories. <3

  18. RaditudeLab

    I just love James Dewees.

  19. Jimmy Weed

    this is great, thanks!

  20. Dan O'Leary Jr.

    you're sexi

  21. ptvjessica

    Frank is the Frankenstein 

  22. Daniel Washburn

    see the monster choke a bitch out.

  23. spadehatesscrewtube

    If you are attempting to use English, you mean "whiny" whinny is the noise a horse makes.

  24. Gina Harris

    Last Stop Crappy Town: It is just called J on there.

  25. Mae Lyes

    Frankenstein's girl basically cheats on him with dracula, and then, shit gets real

  26. Leumas Media

    The Mummy returns! as Hunter S. Thompson lol

  27. Emma Mills


  28. Kasia

    Frank u playa

  29. mmisguidedghostt

    if it's Dracula's bachelor party, is he getting married or...?

  30. Drew Janes

    the monsters name was supposably Adam, werd.

  31. ihatethisstupidform

    Fucking YES. I love his screams in this song....I wish he did more stuff like this, but I love everything these guys have made. Regardless of the style.

  32. joshmell88

    Any one knows what album this is on

  33. HelenasVenom

    Frank looks cute there

  34. heartbroken962


  35. Jack Brown

    Love the little jokes with the wolfman (drinking Coors Light, the Silver Bullet; the shirt..)
    Definitely my favorite video James has done and a great song to boot.

  36. Tony Deen

    man i miss Reggie and the full effect! : (, kick ass song though!

  37. CaedynLegacy

    I'm here for Frank.

  38. Alicia Laing

    i like MCR
    but i also love this song
    for the song
    not just because Franks in it
    the video is so creative

  39. littleredguitars2

    it still kills me to hear how crappy this album was. his previous work was awesome

  40. Kayla S

    Haha Frank is Frankenstein?That sounds so funny.

  41. Agustina Motroni

    Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow que videazo...

  42. gretchen bellinger

    @zombiesxoxo lol

  43. Claire Holland

    @TribeCalledJake Shhh I'm telling you dude, James is flawless. You can call him Jesus if you want, though.

  44. TribeCalledJake

    @WornxLipstick Actually, Jesus was the only flawless human being. But Dewees is amazing nonetheless

  45. Claire Holland

    Dear God: thank you for creating James Dewees, such a flawless human being. Sincerely, me.

  46. nprsux

    the guard outside of the place looks familiar

  47. mariobeans

    11 People dont have NARDS

  48. rammsx

    11 people can not pass the club's guard

  49. imation creed


  50. Jasmin Figueroa

    to the top comment by xXenimcrbtx i dont want to reply to it because it was posted a yeaer ago but Frank totally looks hot X] but i've always had a thing for frankenstien <3

  51. Jaime Roth

    I found this through watching Frank Iero stuff. But this song freaking rocks. Its officialy going into my playlist.
    Frank i wouldnt cheat on you xD

  52. Lucinda Jones

    This songgg <333
    && ohh the things i would do to have Frank, Frankenstein or not, gab me and sit me on his lap hahaha
    Such a cool video <3

  53. Metric Shinto

    frank?? where??

  54. Barbara Anne

    DUDE! reggie is james deweebs, as in mcr's keyboardist. wtf, how did i not know this? i've listened to reggie and mcr both for YEARS and i never made the connection.

  55. Samantha Hull

    @xxblackparadekidxx I was thinking the same thingggg!

  56. Jordan B.

    lol i bet alot of mcr fans watched this just to see frank.

  57. Emma Larsson

    @aloha2302 Well, yes. BUT everyone call the monster Frankenstein, because it's a lot easier to say than Frankenstein's monster. And the monster is a lot more interesting than "the lonely ass whinny dude" (love how you describe him btw), and no one talks about that boring dude anyway. So I think it's only fair that the monster got the name ^^

  58. Tattoogoddess85

    Frank IS Frankenstein, James is the Mummy,

  59. ZombieNinjaWarrior23

    (: loveeeee thiss songggggg~!

  60. reeblite

    dewwees is the mummy..

  61. drvonfrie

    dude wheres paul =[ he did the base for this album (rip...if he wants)

  62. Amanda Mareco

    I liked the music.. it is kind of sticky.. :D and I have to say.. that I didn't knew it was Frank.. until I read that he was Frankenstain.. ahaha.. it's like a pun.. xD FRANKestein xD

  63. squidy2343

    hmm...I have never heard of this band until now. The song is pretty interesting and I can definitely handle his screaming. It's not as demonic sounding like other bands. Example Black Veil Brides. Not hating on them or anything but that's the kind of screaming I don't like.

    I heard Frank was in it and decided to check it out. But now I'm going to check out some of this music.

  64. 바스케스어드리


  65. Brianna S.

    @CometTheHedgehog You said the words for me. Thank you.

  66. Brianna S.

    I don't like Reggie and The Full Effect that much, but I adore this song. It's really catchy. I wouldn't be able to tell if it was Frank Iero or not unless I knew it was him, which I did. However, his mouth might give it away to people he knows personally.

  67. reeblite

    only dewees would film half his video in a public bathroom!

  68. mcrmakesmemelt

    this is my favorite song woohoo

  69. abelineshis

    the bathroom where james is screamin' remids so much of the employee's bathroom of the supermarket that i used to work, hahahaha!!

  70. thexoxomanda

    I love this fucking song!!!! My sister got so annoyed with me listening to it so much!

    I love Frank Iero as Frakenstein!!! He is so awesome!!

  71. ihatethisstupidform

    that was pretty brutal. i wish he'd do some more heavy shit too. i like his other stuff alot too tho.

  72. xXenimcrbtx

    That's kinda stupid to say Franks hot.. I mean, who the hell would recognize him in this video without knowing him?! I guess - no one. Well, he looks completly different. :D I like this song and I like Frank but I don't feel like screaming around he's so fucking "hot" in this. o_O

  73. iruber1337

    +1 for the reference to Monster Squad! I love that movie.

  74. cynthia gill

    I saw Reggie live last year, those were good times :)

  75. Federica Perrotti

    but frank is the frankeinstain?

  76. mcrmakesmemelt

    awsome go frankie
    he makes such a good moster

  77. Brianna Schlorman

    This song a vid is awsome!
    and So if frankie..hehe
    ily Frankie♥

  78. withoutxaxsound


  79. withoutxaxsound

    The magic of make-up hahaha

  80. David Williams

    hemp hemp hemp

  81. True Taste

    james just had the fairwell tour for reggie and the full effect now hes going back to the get up kids i think

  82. moomino

    Get well soon video not on here anymore ?

  83. Lynz Wulf

    i love how frankie... in both sense of the name... keeps trying to get with his bride but it ends up that the bride turns into a vampire... love this video, it's amazing. lol. great song too.

  84. jsfossey

    go away

  85. SuperMarioStar10

    YEAHHHH! rockin hardcore!

  86. Renn Gallardo

    awesome damn song right? :]

  87. Ttereve4

    the clap is hypnotic XD

  88. David Williams

    hemp hemp hemp

  89. Jay Haller

    i always thought this was a really hot video

  90. x Tonya KL x

    oohh Frankieee LLLL =* <3

  91. Paloma SM

    Dracula's fiance looks like TILA TEQUILA lol xd

  92. Fredrik Möllgård

    Agree with 2XtremeVIP.

  93. Kill7Me2Plenty3

    relax killer. i didn't say it was law. its just what i heard.

  94. Melapoo

    that's why final was in quotes. James said at the concert I went to that he'd prob tour again in a few year. James is really busy now being part of MCR and now that The Get Up Kids have reunited. He also said that there would be a full Fluxuation album in the future. They aren't gone for good.

  95. D. Diaz

    nope, youre gay.

  96. leinadmonster

    wat are you talking about? o,o

  97. Olympia

    Frank seems to be the only sober one. Cool video =P