Reggie And The Full Effect - Get Well Soon Lyrics

You got a lot to learn before I let you go
There's things you need to see and things you need to know

They say we won't make it
What do they know?
They say we can't do it
But I got to know

Is it getting better?
Is it getting worse?
Was it ever worth it?
Was it just a curse?

Is it getting better now? [x2]

You've got a lot to do before I let you stay
There's things you need to see and things you need to say

They say we won't make it
What do they know?
They say we can't do it
But I got to know


You always talk too much, too little, too late,
Too much, too little, too late
For me to figure out [x2]

I still can't figure out


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Reggie And The Full Effect Get Well Soon Comments
  1. Sarah

    this song

  2. Gabrielle impossible

    I first heard this song at a frank iero show and I got to meet Reggie after .. this song still gets stuck in my head randomly

  3. ItsUR Tube

    Omg this song brings back so many memories from when I was a kid. Anytime I was upset or depressed I would listen to this. #Thefeels

  4. Alexander González Lugo

    I’m here because I heard this song in Saints row 1.

  5. Maurício Guimarães de Moura


  6. Andrew Reddy

    If anyone is here after mcr released a reunion tour ..... james dewees aka reggie joined the band before they dismembered. He's good friends with frank iero and he isn't apart of the reunion. This dude is super talented and he got the short end of the stick on a faze that ended too soon. Go see him if you have a chance. Stellar performer

  7. Alex Ballora

    Saints row memories brought me back. I miss this song so much.

  8. Tommie Kimball

    No it's not

  9. Jake Evergreen

    Sunday Night Football brought me here

  10. LeakyLine

    You're here on the Rock 94.8...

  11. telly man

    27 and still loving his music...long live reggie and the full effect

  12. Ethan Wooley

    Saints row anyone?

  13. TheJeffhero

    Love it since when it came out

  14. Kristofferson Silverfox

    James is the most underrated MCR member

  15. Allison Mohr

    There’s a MySpace link in the description?!?? Oh my god that makes me so happy!

  16. Allison Mohr

    I have been searching for this video for years!! I saw it on Fuse back in the day and it stuck with me but I could never remember the name of the song and watching it in 2019 is a huge throwback!!!! I’m tearing up, I miss early 2000s music so much

  17. Cody Brock

    Still one of my favorite songs

  18. ReignyDayzNW

    Story of my life. 😔

  19. Ayden Foxx

    FUSE, may ye rest in peace....thanks for the memories

  20. Jessie Marsh

    I remembered some of my past again.

  21. Sred

    Listened to this song like a broken record back in the day. Brings back all the good summer memories

  22. LiquidBlack Sleepsick

    Heard this over the radio one time and only one time. So glad I got into it. I live in Illinois and I'm never able to hear this type of stuff. I'm back after 7 years to say this.

  23. chemiah

    Go MGTOW Nessie.


    Thank you for late nights staying up and wandering about the future of our lifes. Elementary through Middle School.💔💔💔

  25. GreyFensir Wulf

    I forgot how sad this song was.

  26. Ruth Weeks

    Why do I keep forgetting the name of these guys 😠 I had to Google it. I hate my memory

  27. Francisco Diaz

    This makes so much sense. No wonder no one has spotted the lochness monster, its too busy wallowing in NY.

  28. Eric Plapp

    Here is much better quality version:

  29. Sean Speck

    To bad people have not seen or herd. Reggie like they should have. 30 years old and no every song word for word. And will never forget it

  30. Brad Bomysoad

    God, i used to jam this when i was a sophmore in high school (2007) and every time i hear it i get so nostalgic. Also fun to play on guitar

  31. Jade X

    Finally!! I’ve been looking for this FOREVER

  32. Delmond Snipes

    Folks stop giving up folks its hope out here seriously

  33. Vidal Valadez

    Listening to this song makes feel better and it's messed up how I was with some one and I thought she loved but she went and fucked some one else out of spite cause in her mind I was tryin to fuck her home girl but it is wat it is

  34. kbateable

    Still my go to break up song.

  35. CosmosisJones

    This song made me feel like I got a divorce before I was even married.

  36. OsamaBin Dom

    Where can i watch all of Steven's Untitled Rock Show???????

    Curiosity Killed Sara

    I know right!!!!!

  37. Evillord

    the fact that I will never be able to play Saint's Row 1 for the first time again just makes me feel bad...

  38. João

    Who cames by Ninja ??

  39. Paul Blaha

    That chill bump feeling of depression

  40. CrueLxMelodY

    Dude just wants his tree fiddy

  41. arohnr

    I like this song but the

  42. xxhardforcorexx

    I love how even though they censored the tits at 1:27, they made the censor splotch spherical to make it all the more obvious what they're failing to cover up.

  43. Scream77541

    I remember watching this on Fuse as a little kid

  44. arron rodriguez

    I remember seeing this on fuse tv, tripped me out. The good ol days when fuse played good music

  45. Seth Arnold

    still ill

  46. J Lansdale

    Slept on this.

  47. Remi Onibokun


  48. R3fug33

    That god damn Lochness Monster owes me tree fiddy!


    Nah... he keeps bothering you for 3 fiddy.


    It was about that time that i noticed...

  49. Noam Dahan

    This video clip used to be on

  50. Andrew Rush

    Still a kickass band to see live! Saw them back in Chicago with Senses Fail

  51. Satan

    Anyone from ninja? No? Okay.

  52. D80

    Thanks ninja

  53. Jivin Jimmy

    Ninja brought me here

  54. Braden

    from ninja

  55. jon smith

    Here because ninja

  56. Visenya

    Same reason you’re here 🤘🤘

  57. Jacob Larcom

    ninja brought me here just now

  58. GreasyBac

    Anyone here from ninja and nadeshots stream ?

  59. Balisage


  60. Braydon John

    Hey nade

  61. Jayden Jones

    Anyone here from ninjas stream?!

    Jayden Jones

    BradenPranks you’re abit late bro haha

  62. Hunter x Killua

    Ninja brought me here


    Same 😂


    Really, can you provide me a link or something?

    Skate or die

    Saints row brought me here

  63. FindTheBigFoot

    Ninja ? 😂😂

  64. Captain Hispanic

    From ninja and nadeshot

  65. Jeremy Horror

    just saw these guys a few hours ago with senses fail fucking amazing

  66. Rock Vegetal

    Saints Row 1 <3

  67. Ashton Way

    Haha I went to a psychiatrist who was in high school with James. Apparently they were in a punk band together. James always had an awesome taste and talent in music.

  68. Steve King

    is it getting better?

    Karli Libra

    Steve King is it getting worse?

  69. Destiney Davis

    So all these years I’ve been listening to Reggie and the full effect and never knew it was them.... I just seen them as a secondary act at me.smalls and thought I discovered a new band, when in reality I’ve known them for years. This song bring back so many memories!

  70. Destiney Davis

    Are they the original singers of this song? 🤔

    Arielle Montgomery

    Singer wrote this about his divorce

  71. Michaela B.

    This makes me so sad... I remember seeing it on FUSE but I’m 31 now and it hit me hard lol 😔


    I turn 30 in 8 days :( still get hit by this song

    Curiosity Killed Sara

    Back when FUSE channel was the shit ! It's straight trash now 😕. I'm 33 now. Still Love this song !

    Kemp Tastic

    Same, and 32 now... fuck this time thing.

    Michael Vandoran

    I remember the same thing this and congratulations smack and katy I’m
    Gonna be 33 time flys


    Haha same. Turned 31 a few months ago and this song brings back all the nostalgia.

  72. Mrs. Funk

    I wish i could like this 3000 Times!!!!! Ugh. The song of my teen years bit so much is understood now that i am jntk my late twenties


    Omg I used to cry to this video watching it on fuse! Those were the good days with good music!!

  74. Cloudsley Falconbridge

    How does this video not have millions of views? What's the matter with you people?

  75. Jace Landry

    I will never forget this band when I found them on Fuse. They were something else.

  76. Dan

    This music video is so f**king sad. I always liked the song though

  77. Loch Ness Hamster

    So, this is how Nessy wound up homeless, asking strangers for tree fiddy.

  78. ComicBook Chaos #27 Cuevas

    10 years later and this song still hits me like a bong rip chasing a shot of whiskey.

  79. Scremblo

    this is very mid-noughties, its great

  80. Lual MG777

    Saints Row 1, que buenos tiempos...

  81. MeliodasKX

    Im here for ninja streams

  82. iamRichEnglish

    its crazy how some music can still be so good. there are some bands that were obviously very good for their time and genre, reggie in the full effect being a prime example

  83. Kevin Zkeekz

    only a 100,000 views... sad.

  84. LushIsDrunk

    July 2017 represent

  85. Jasna Djurdjevic

    heard it first in quuer of folk, one of my fave songs

  86. Joshua

    Fuck I love this shit

  87. black armor

    saints row changed my life...

  88. Layla The Wolf

    Saw these guys play with say anything last month, still as great as they used to be <3

  89. Nicholas Glavin

    Just saw these guys with Say Anything and Bayside. I knew I recognized this song! Such a throwback

  90. Julia W

    I just fucking love this song so much like i cant even put words on how it makes me feel

  91. Garrett McCLeery

    James dad was the pastor at my church for a long long time.


    seriously? Have you met James Dewees... I assume u live in Kansas City?

  92. Fadhil Rosuki

    get well soon!

  93. Kayla Stratton

    take me backk

  94. Dark Bolon

    Im getting old like nessie

  95. Reggie Warren

    My barista told me to listen to this.

    Kevin Zkeekz

    sounds like you should date her.

    Ultimate Raptor Of Greatness and Fertility

    Kevin Zkeekz implying the barista is a female

    mike fronk

    Marry that person!!!


    I hope you tipped her well.


    @JewToTheRescue Exactly what I was going to say

  96. Cheyenne W

    I have had the intro to this song stuck in my head for a while now, but I had completely forgotten everything about the song. I literally spent an hour looking through years of my YouTube history to find it.


    glad you found it. i found it by accident and fell in love with the melody

    Kris Montano

    I just looked up "video with lochness monster" haha

    Julie B

    @Kris Montano Same, I looked up "Nessie's divorce music video" ahahah

  97. Marvi Rafael Montecillo

    Nessie getting better!