Reggie And The Full Effect - Caving Lyrics

Bite the hand that feeds your face
One more thing you can replace
Shut my mouth because I'm spilling all your dirty secrets
Slap the wrist of this embrace
You're the one who's losing face
Search the quiet corners
Lock the door I can hear you screaming
Don't wake up you're not really dreaming

When your world starts caving in
I'd still take you in

Pour the salt straight in my veins
I wont need them anymore
Make the cut much deeper
Lying on your bedroom floor
I'm giving up, I'm giving up

When your world starts caving in
I'd still take you in
And if your world filled you with fear
I'm already here

And I've been everything you ever needed
Ever wanted, everything you wished for
And this is how you repay me
And I've always been right here
You'll play your part and I'll play mine
Even if I don't want to

Wish I understood this game
But it cost me just the same
Whatever I owe you
Never sacrifice the pain
But it always ends, it always end the same

When your world starts caving in
I'd still take you in
And if your world filled you with fear
I'm already here

And I don't need you anymore!

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Reggie And The Full Effect Caving Comments
  1. Aaron Moore

    God I fucking loved this band

    Aaron Moore

    Get well soon will prolly always be my favorite tho

  2. Andrew Rios

    2019 loved this guy for 14 years

  3. Andrew Rios

    Find this song legitimately 11 years ago and every time it takes me back to that child

  4. SnapKase Seth

    I wish they did more emotional tunes like this one.I get goosebumps from this track.

  5. Roger Dalzell

    Yea, its just reggie. Lol, he makes the music, just touring guys. Weiss guy tryed sounding like he knew the "band" lmao

  6. Grizzlebees215

    Best intro ever. Takes m back to college nights so drunk I couldn't find my dorm. Oh and despair so real that happiness was the illusion. That's sad huh?

  7. Jessy Melgar

    Promotional Copy and greatest hits were the best this one was a good one too. Lyrics were a lot better and weren't as jokey but overall this band was great.

  8. unicajamalaga2

    beautiful piano/keyboard.. love so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  9. cometa

    oh! okay. :)

  10. Travis Napier

    yeah... I know. I meant I love Reggie referring to the band. Not that it was his actual name haha.

  11. Zach C.

    Yeah, I used to constantly listen to Reggie and the Full Effect from the time period when i was in sixth grade through ninth grade. But its been years now since ive listened to Reggie and it brings back a lot of memories and feelings. I am 20 now.

  12. William Reiss

    Promotional Copy or Greatest Hits are the very best they have ever made, and not to be a jerk but I feel sorry for you if this is the only album you have heard by them... Under the tray(cd)/ inside the Dust sleeve(vinyl) is pretty rad too... but then again maybe I just liked them better when they sounded unique and had a sense of humor and not soo much like all the cookie cutter screamo bands.

  13. Paul Nicklowitz

    @ZeroStealth117 because i don't know you, i am perfectly ok with saying your comment brought tears to my eyes. so, so true. this album is nothing short of a masterpiece.

  14. Jeff Spicer

    Glad I got to see Reggie on their farewell tour. It was everything that I imagined that it would be.

  15. cometa

    @brokenobjexxx if you wanna know, he's the keyboardist for the get-up kids. his name is james dewees.

  16. Travis Napier

    absolutely love reggie

  17. ElChilenoBueno

    awesome song