Reeves, Jim - Silver Bells Lyrics

(Silver bells, silver bells)
(Soon it will be Christmas day)

City sidewalks, busy sidewalks
Dressed in holiday style
In the air
There's a feeling
Of Christmas
Children laughing
People passing
Meeting smile after smile
And on ev'ry street corner you'll hear

Silver bells, silver bells
It's Christmas time in the city
Ring-a-ling, hear them ring
Soon it will be Christmas day

(Strings of street lights)
(Even stop lights)
(Blink a bright red and green)
(As the shoppers rush home)
(With their treasures)

(Hear the snow crunch)
(See the kids bunch)
(This is Santa's big scene)
(And above all this bustle)
(You'll hear)

Silver bells, silver bells
It's Christmas time in the city
Ring-a-ling, hear them ring
Soon it will be Christmas day

(Soon it will be Christmas day)...

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Reeves, Jim Silver Bells Comments
  1. Anirban Ganguly

    It seems to me a magic!

  2. Mister Negative

    MY Father whom passed away in 82 loved mister reeves i can hardier play this kind of music without crying i was only 14 when he passed

  3. Elaine Calder

    My mum loved this, lump in my throat,, till we meet again my mum in 10 million.... miss u much it hurts FI OH & SOULS ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Elaine Caudill

    Me and moms favorite miss u mom

  5. Edna Tomlinson

    I have always loved listening to Jim Reeves singing Silver Bells as brings back memories of my younger years

  6. ELizabeth

    My Dad died 2014 Aug.
    My Mom died 2019 July.
    Not the same no more. My brother died age 32 in 1994 Aug. My Grandma 2006 Feb.

  7. Cactus Rabbit

    I think this is the best version of the song. Hands down!


    Merry Christmas 2019 to all!

    Minelli Barrow

    Wish you the same dear..

  9. Joseph Weiss

    Pat - TY, I love this Christmas tune. I it has special significance for me, I mentioned my cousin's brand new Motorola Hi-Fi from that time and some LP albums he received with it. Also the illustration of the bells is special because I remember that style showing holiday bells going back to First and Second Grades. Might be time for you to take sustenance this evening.

  10. Lexy Gomez

    JleiesotoI can get a new one for me to go to work tomorrow at the same time 😊😊 😁 to go to work on Monday but I don't

  11. Stenly Koko Luntungan

    Selamat menyambut hari Natal saudaraku semuanya.

  12. Boguslaw60

    I love his voice and the special songs. i will always...

  13. Susan Bell

    Beautiful voice

  14. Amidu Mselle

    Merry Christmas inadvance every one there!!🎉🎁🎉

  15. Madam happines wz Sir

    Well come Christmas eve

  16. Zoey Grant

    So nice love to my. Heat the best love him

  17. PL Ngupani

    The most hunted song for Christmas by the Christian in the planet 💝💝

  18. Mary Betz


    John Lavery

    I agree..Greetings from Ireland

  19. Moroisa Tirajoh


  20. Sharminie Samuel

    Favourite Christmas Song.

  21. Cleto Pesina

    October 2019......🎅🤶🎄❤️✝️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎁

  22. jimmy mohandas persaud

    Silver bells the old time Christmas mad carols of Jim Reeves what a great song he song

  23. Lawrence Lobo

    Without hearing Jim Reeves Christmas carols my Christmas is incomplete

  24. Lonnie Beavers

    Anytime of year Jim's voice can take you back to a better time . When people cared about each other . Thanks Jim !!

  25. claire bunt

    Who is here September 2919 I am ❤❤


    Claire, you made mistake on the year. You may wanna edit it.

  26. Rsunep Pongen

    Wish everyday to be Christmas...

  27. John Dwyer

    Omg in 12 again love this song

  28. Nakaweesa Diana

    I can listen to this song at any time of the year 😉


    I love Jim. My all time favorite

  30. Lisa Lee

    Joanne You going to he māmā ālaina

  31. Andrew Lines


  32. Eddie Parrilla

    Feliz Natal!

  33. Matthew Miranda


  34. TheBrenda259

    My late mom’s favorite. Miss you mom 💔

  35. Eddie Parrilla

    I love it!

  36. Andre Bothma

    The best Christmas song ever. Memories of my childhood and my parents. Only a super voice like Jim Reeves can give you a sad and blessed feeling.

  37. erika hughes

    I love this song

  38. paul miles

    this is real music what a   great legend jim was melts my heart this do one of my all time faves jim was

  39. Eddie Parrilla

    I like it!

  40. Robin Jackson

    Forget yoga and meditation - if you ever feel stressed, just listen to this man's voice.

  41. Sangma Chekam

    Nothing can beat his Christmas Songs... Love it!!

  42. Gerald Somers

    He was a Nazi.

  43. Colleen Gibb

    wonderful Christmas song

  44. po dunc

    marty robbins was asked who he thought had the best voice in country music.without hesitation he said, 'jim reeves,without a doubt.the guy will always be the best.i practice my singing and I can not even come close''. he was then ask why he says he can't even come close,to which he replied,'' because,it is like I said,i practice,but for jim,it is a natural,god given talent for him to sing beautifully.''

  45. RDA FC

    My all-time favourite Christmas song. Jim's version is the best. Twisted Sister is second.

  46. joleen wilson

    This song always makes me think of my mom and my sister judy.we used to harmonize this every year.they are no longer with us but i feel their hearts with us.beautiful harmony.i love you.i miss you.

  47. Blair Cathrine

    Best version ever💕

  48. Diana Peterson

    What a great time to have a Christmas Party between December 1st and 21st. My idea and my son's idea since he was 12 year 2004.

  49. Mbuso Nkabinde

    I've always loved this song.

  50. Ravenclaw Prefect

    Christmas 2018

  51. Eddie Parrilla

    That is way better.

  52. Sujatha Sujathakamaraj

    I like silver bells song we did this song for the Christmas program

  53. Sujatha Sujathakamaraj

    I like silver bells

  54. Miss Kitty 1944

    Jim Reeves what more can you say so very good one of the best of best thanks for all beautiful Christmas music god bless you Jim merry Christmas to all 2018

  55. wilfred heggart

    i love this song i always have

  56. Anita Seepersaud

    Such a wonderful time of the year. Where everyone cared just abit more

  57. 6lr6ak6

    Takes me back to 71, I'd have been 6, me and my brother were brought up with Jim Reeves.

  58. Evelyn Ellyvia


  59. TheOghannsmetalhead

    The spirit of Christmas will always be in my heart.

  60. 3014karenne R

    ooh its May but listening to this song, i just need to feel relax, it brings back memories of my childhood.. i miss Christmas already..

  61. 21Asphalt

    Merry Christmas

  62. Ethereal Catholic

    Jim Reeves,after turning into a pop singer,was just as good if not better than Frank Sinatra/Dean Martin.

  63. A Different Video Of A Banana EveryDay

    listening in dec 2018

    kevin heming

    9th December 2018. Where has this year gone already?

    Regina Gordon

    Jim Reeves' music will never go grow old.Thanks for taking me down memory lane.

    Woody Woodster

    it's like having velvet poured into yer lugholes :-)

  64. D Ray

    Anita Kerr Singers on background vocals.

  65. vikram joshi

    There's nothing like traditional song and music of all Christmas and Jim's golden voice we cherish.

  66. Chris Mullan

    you dont here this lovely Christmas song much, merry Christmas everyone 2017.

  67. Samantha Foster

    My dad always played his Xmas album at Xmas, thankfully he is still with us, 80 yrs young, love you daddy xxx


    My dad's the same age, but my parents and I live in different parts of the, cherish the time you stil got with him and merry Christmas to you all

  68. Paul Ham

    Merry christmas steve ham , rip

  69. Marcelo Mar

    este cantante te llega al corazón como una luz celestial es la voz que acaricia el alma mil corazones 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💙💖💖💖💙💖💖💙💖💖💙💙💖💙💙💖💙💖💖💖💖💖💙💖💖💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  70. jimmy mohandas persaud

    jim has been one of my favorites in decades he will never be replaced by others hes been gone soon & leave us with his bell tone of voice

  71. jan eilering

    kan ik speelen ja mooi gr jan

  72. jerry oscar

    very nice song

  73. Claudine Gilbert

    Très douce musique de Noël !

  74. Jimmy Pearce

    It's just not Christmas until I hear Jim Reeves....

  75. david holdcroft

    memories of my dad at Christmas love him

  76. Andrew Spencer

    lost my mum in 1999 her favourite singer was jim reeves this song plus he'll have to go were her special songs still miss you mum never forget u love u always xxxxx


    Same ere 😔😔😔😔😔😔

    Gordon Moir

    Love this . This year it is more special as my mum now has dementia and it is one of her favourite Christmas songs. Luckily my older sister is here and she is a wonderful singer and will sing it at lunch tomorrow. The smile on my mums face will never be forgotten. ❤❤

  77. Rodney Gopaul

    So much great memories growing up with my family, by just listening to Jim Reeves

  78. steelmanK

    A simply incomparable voice....Gentlemen Jim Reeves. In a league all his own. RIP Jim. Thank you for all the treasures you left us to enjoy forever.

  79. Dean Latchman

    I love this great song it let me remder my mother

  80. Betty Toh

    Thank you for posting this song.Love it especially when it is sung by Gentleman Jim!

  81. Alfred Stark

    these beautiful songs bring back so many memories...makes you smile and cry as well...

  82. Besson

    It reminds me Christmas time with my parents on 70-80 during my childhood. They have left this world since 30 years

  83. sonofshinobione

    fucking awful...

    Milton Moore

    Another low-life lunkhead who cannot express himself without using the vile and hated "F"

    Jimmy Pearce

    I don't think that he's made it up to the level of low life lunkhead.....anyone who doesn't like Jim Reeves AND uses the F work must not have had a decent upbringing....

  84. Kent Jacobs

    My favorite version of this carol.

  85. Brian Kiernan Smith

    nice one jim, god bless.

  86. A. Lallung muana

    I am a little bit sentimental each time I listen the beautiful song by Jim Reeves, especially 'Blue Christmas", etc

  87. LEO G

    The immortal Gentleman Jim Reeves.Thanks For The Accompanying video. Fantastic Job!

  88. chin hin lim

    Remind me of my Father who as called by the Lord 3 years ago..May he is in Heaven..singing choir together with holy angels & saints in Heaven..Amen

  89. CrystalRose281

    Jim has been one of my favorites for over 40 years. Jim will never be replaced,they just don't sing like him anymore.He left us too soon.

    Maria Reyes

    this is dum

    Elizabeth Cole

    He is one and only beatifull singer beatifull voice he will ever be forgotten he's so mild and tranquil makes you feel at poo eace when you listen to his voice. Always God rest his soul beautiful singer gone but not forgotten

    Elizabeth Cole

    Beautiful voice voice of an angel

    Elizabeth Cole

    Who ever dousant like his songs or voice should be ashamed of themselves it's qwieter than some songs of today.

  90. john paul 5th

    this is the best Christmas album ever , the memories will last forever

    Ken Perry

    john paul 5th a.

  91. john livingstone

    Danny MacDonald sang this in Church accompanied by Sandra on piano not unlike J Rs(silent night)both done so good.

  92. Andrew Pernia

    The Bells Are Ringing. On. Christmas Day. At. Church- ----So. Merry. Christmas. To You. All #🎁🎄.

  93. Michelle Arellano

    Love this song!!!!

  94. Willem Schurer

    very nice

  95. William Watson

    I don't think this counts as "Secular" It mentions Christmas.....

  96. Kaykay Morris

    awww! I remember as a little girl my grandmother use to play his music on records R.I.P mama