Reeves, Jim - Mary's Boy Child Lyrics

Long time ago in Bethlehem
So the Holy Bible say
Mary's boy child Jesus Christ
Was born on Christmas Day.

Hark now, hear the angels sing
A new King's born today
And man will live for evermore
Because of Christmas Day.

Trumpets sound and angels sing
Listen what they say
That man will live for evermore
Because of Christmas Day.

While Shepherds watched their flock by night
They see a bright new star
Then hear a choir of angels sing
Music seems to come from a far.

Now Joseph and his wife Mary
Come to Bethlehem that night
They find no place to lay the child
Not a single room was in sight.

Hark now hear the angels sing
A new King's born today
And man will live for evermore
Because of Christmas Day.

Trumpets sound and angels sing
Listen what they say
That man will live for evermore
Because of Christmas Day.

By and by they find a little nook
In a stable so forlorned
In a manger cold and dark
Mary's little boy was born.

Hark now hear the angels sing
A new King's born today
And man will live for evermore
Because of Christmas Day.

Trumpets sound and angels sing
Listen what they say
That man will live for evermore
Because of Christmas Day...

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Reeves, Jim Mary's Boy Child Comments
  1. Roger Persaud

    Oh Christmas the Greatest time of the year and with Jim Reeves it's just awesome

  2. a marais

    Andre Marais kuils River Cape Town South Africa. Jim Reeves by far the tilmeless singer.With his calm and beautiful voice he always took me back to my childhood, grandparents and church.Love you Gentle Jim!

  3. Eden Hlondo

    Angel voice..merry christmas every one.

  4. Mica Mathew

    Huu wimbo ninaupenda kiasi kwamba nikisikiliza naishia machozi tu. Sasa na ww heb sikiliza kiroho zaidi, sio kimwili tu. Tega sikio kiroho, utaishia chozi tu. Huyu Baba yangu aliyeimba huu wimbo, Mr Jim Reeves, Bwana Mungu wetu Yesu Kristo amwangazie nuru za uso wake huko aliko. Hakika huyu mtu alikuwa mtu kati ya watu. Amen.

  5. gary faught

    Two nights ago my wife and I attended a Christmas Eve service. A lady did a solo of this beautiful song. Immediately my mind went back to the Great Jim Reeves. Many years ago I fell in love with his version and to this day it remains my favorite Christmas song of all time. One word can sum up both Jim Reeves and his arrangement of this song. PERFECTION!.

  6. Fidelis Komba

    Fantastic songs since 2000 up to 2019

  7. joseph kimati

    2019 still a hit song!

  8. Bonaventure Ejiofor

    Happy christmas to my fellow christians greetings from UAE

  9. Benjamin Gavin

    Great Christmas song 🎶 🎶

  10. Alex Nyari

    Jamani karoho kanauma nipo mbali na nyumbani basi tu. Nikisikiaga hizi nyimbo huwa machozi yananitoka

  11. Silina Thomas

    Who else watch this 2019✋😜

  12. prince alexander

    Men may come and men may go but Jim reeves song is still the best forever


    A golden voice singing a golden song of the ages. My favorite Christmas carol from childhood and still cannot do without it in December 2019.

    linda daulby

    Me too..

  14. EANOSH A

    Dec 2019

  15. People People

    Good old days.

  16. Boas Penda Ishongwa

    Big the music of Christmas

  17. Carol Hughes Shearin

    My mom's favorite singer

  18. 1960sCarGuy

    One of the great singers who died too young. Great rendition of this song.

    Paul Relgne

    Yes, he did die young, but left us a beautiful musical legacy.

  19. D MD

    Now this is my all time favorite Christmas song ever. It brings very beautiful memories of my Christmas gatherings in the 80s while I was still a young girl. My late parents would play this all days during the Christmas season

  20. Gary VanDecar

    Who's listening 12/13/2019

  21. Elamma Williams

    Immortal song immortal words.

  22. ilrmbru2b

    The Great Jim Reeves, Beautiful!

  23. John Astrup

    Gentleman Jim Reeves is GOLD.

  24. Godfrey Isolio

    Nostalgic memories. Have a merry xmas and a happy 2020 people of God. Be blessed.

    linda daulby

    Right back at ya Godfrey.

  25. Rowland Lema

    Wonderful songs

  26. jhonson kevin

    I love this song. Thanks Jim

  27. Gary VanDecar

    1963 Jim Reeves Twelve Songs Of Christmas Producer Chet Atkins.

  28. Mosereta Nicolas

    Good & sweet music

  29. amanda nutt

    Takes me back 50 years.... this album was played inour house every year. love it.

  30. jimmy mohandas persaud

    One of another of my favorite song Jim Reeves Christmas morning song

  31. Ernest George

    favourite chrismas song

  32. shiro Adomalamado

    Evergreen Christmas ..I like beautiful song

  33. Thobias Joseph

    Í love this man of god

  34. robert eichenlaub

    If I hear Christmas Jim's Christmas songs are the 1st thing I think of. My father played these while decorating the tree and setting up the trains , an entire room just for trains 6 in total

  35. Nick Bischoff

    Christmas was started by a family and it is still very much about families and the love between all of us

  36. Mwene Meshack

    Merry Christmas


    This is the best version, thank you Jim Reeves for your glorious music .Keep resting in eternal peace.

  38. Paul Johnson

    I grew up listening to this album every Christmas. I also have the CD. He has a great voice. This always brings back great memories for me.

  39. micah nyasente

    Original content

  40. Miss Kitty 1944

    Love Jim Reeves God bless you so pretty merry Christmas to all 2018 thanks for this song love all your music RIP

  41. Godfrey Peter

    oyooooooooooo who watching in December 2018

  42. SirBlackwood

    Every Christmas we play this.

  43. Olu Ekinni

    That man will live forevermore because of the day Yeshua Netsarim (Jesus of Nazareth) rose again. Amen!

  44. B Williams

    Not better than Harry Belafonte's version, but just as good.

  45. shanique steel

    Jim's rendition is still the best!!!

  46. Chima Mr Five Okeke

    As a little boy and till date his Reeves 12 songs of Christmas remain my best and only songs.. ever green

  47. Buddy Trabucco

    What a beautiful song from Jim Reeves one of my favorites there will never be another Jim Reeves again you're number one fan forever

  48. Kiboto Aye

    still I m hearing since 2018

  49. EagleWings 15

    Great lyrics penned by Jester Hairston. We remember him on the Comedy Series "AMEN"

  50. Dina Bawlte

    2018 oct 19 👍👍

  51. Godfrey Isolio

    Christmas always comes early for some of us... RIP JIM REEVES.. You live on and on and on... Merry XMAS people of the world..

  52. Tyson Yates

    Nice version without that annoying "O My Lord" bit at the end.

  53. Amosi Charles Rweikiza

    Is this blessed man of God alive?

  54. 17thUnicorn

    My favorite version of this song:) RIP Jim Reeves


    I real like the Song and all the 12 songs by Jim Revees..., May his soul rest in eternal peace!!!!

  56. Robert Ndolo

    Great voice.

  57. leonard tarimo

    noma sana ;;;;; nice sopng

  58. Samoa Moni

    Lovely, lovely, lovely account about His Majesty's divine birth... and a lovely voice, Jim Reeves. Rest in peace.

  59. Gene Watson


  60. Kungfu Panda

    My Reeves is the best

  61. Mark Walters

    my dad played Jim reeves album each Christmas My dad passed away 17 July 2017 RIP dad xx

  62. Dan Hill

    Deborah Hill

  63. rachael warner

    Listening to Jim tonight thinking of my dad and Christmases past I shed a tear , oh how I long for the old days when Christmas meant something 🌲

  64. Dzuvichu 17

    this songs will go on forever..n ever..

  65. my gixxer smoking

    My parents used to play this song every Christmas since was child on the Phillips Turntable back in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in 70’s.
    It brings back lots good memories.
    Amazing voice of Late Jim Reeves.

  66. Joseph Giggs

    2017 still on fire...jim reevs the Christmas star

  67. Derek M

    I love him Reeves voice but he really fucked this song up.

  68. Naja Plesner

    aaahhhh,, nuanneq. :-)

  69. Ava Chophy

    come on wakeup all Christians.

  70. Lucy Kimaro

    this song it's so proudly

  71. E. T.

    i feel sad that Reeves is forgotten amidst all cacophony


    God rest your soul Mr. Jim Reeves☺

  73. John Tom

    my father's favorite songs

  74. Christel Gilberg

    das ist ja wunderschön!
    Den Sänger kannte ich vorher gar nicht,
    das ist ja eine Bildungslücke!
    Danke, für das schöne Lied!
    Liebe Grüße, Christel!

  75. Aubrey Fowler

    harry belafontes voice compared to jim reeves no chance

    james bogart

    I love Belefonte's version but nobody does it like gentleman Jim.

  76. James Kennedy

    Saw Jim Reeves in concert in Williston N. Dak at new armory ,I was at the show ,I was a fan of his

  77. claude onclin

    je veux un cd ,et partager

  78. claude onclin

    j adore


    My all time favourite Christmas songs....

  80. Issac Robin

    my grandmother favourite song. I heard during Christmas time when I was small....

  81. Dytko88

    In fact, here in Europe we know only Boney M version but this one is beautiful as well! :)

  82. Juan Valdez

    only the original Harry Belafonte version is more touching !

    Elmer Sibley

    I have to disagree with you no one will ever sing this song like Jim Reeves. His voice was from heaven above.

    Glynn Evans

    @Elmer Sibley Hi Elmer I quite agree with you. Jim reeves was a legend and inspired many other artists too and sadly taken from us so prematurely .Do you also like the late Val Doonican..Kind regards Glynn n Greetings from Stourbridge West Midlands UK 🌟🌟🎄🎄🤗

  83. ngetich jeff

    what a voice


    ngetich jeff - Rj vivek - Jim reeves

  84. Jos. van de ven

    my all time favoured

  85. KC587680

    Definitely the best version of this song, IMO.

  86. Renata maganga

    amazing song be bless jimmy

  87. Alwin Alwin

    Amazing voice beautiful

  88. steven macjjors

    Blessed more Jim was amazing ,i think well heaven singer

  89. Godfrey Isolio

    Memories are made of this.. May all of you have A merry xmas and a prosperous new year!!

  90. Craig Peters

    29 idiots when I liked this...

  91. John Paris

    Jim Reeves has a very powerful voice.

  92. Jenny Harris

    My mum gave this beautiful album over 50 years ago when my first child was born.She knew that I loved Jim singing Mary's Boy Child.I have played it every Christmas since.

  93. Robert Dean

    My absolute favorite Christmas song from Gentleman Jim. This album played on the record player every Christmas while I was growing up.

  94. Steve Sepmoree

    I grew up listening to this when I was growing up. My Mother and Father loved to put this on the old record player we had in the living room and turn out the lights except for the Christmas tree lights and look at the tree. We all would just talk. Great times and memories that I will always treasure.

    sunil lal

    Me too...not the lights part...but pleasent memories though...

    morlien ramdjiet

    @M.N. D up

    linda daulby

    I did too, my dad was either playing the records or playing it on the piano.

  95. Saeed Mohd

    i remember wen iwas chid

  96. judiescof

    Christmas just isn't the same without this voice. Thank God he shared it with the rest of us.

  97. benni1023fm

    This takes me back to when I was a kid. Mom had Jim's Christmas LP and it played over and over. The album stopped playing 9 years ago, but I just had to hear this one more time. Merry Christmas everyone and thanks Kanaal for the upload.

    Gary VanDecar

    +benni1023fm Same here both my Parents were big Jim Reeves fans.