Reeves, Jim - Just Out Of Reach Lyrics

Love that runs away from me
Dreams that just won't let me be
Blues that keep on botherin' me
Chains that just won't set me free
Too far away from you and all your charms
Just out of reach of my two empty arms.

Each night in dreams I see your face
Memories time has erased
Then I awake and find you gone
I'm so blue and all alone
So far away from lips so sweet and warm
Just out of reach of my two empty arms.

That old lonesome feeling all the time
I know you'll, you'll never be mine
Dreams that hurt me in my sleep
I mean vows that we just couldn't keep
(Too far away from you and all your charms)
Just out of reach of my two empty arms...

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Reeves, Jim Just Out Of Reach Comments
  1. Mary Mia


  2. Grace alingo

    Jim forever in our hearts. R.I.P …..Kenya

  3. Bill Bickley

    Great Music ......................Bill Bickley uk

  4. Francis Alan Wormald


  5. Maria Felices

    Oh Jim oh Jim too young ,ty u in heaven ,say hello to my dad and mum big big fans of yours as are so many many millions and beyond ,mark Cardiff UK 😇😇😇 💔😪🇬🇧🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇬🇧

  6. a marais

    Jim Reeves, with his calm velvet voice, always reminds me of my childhood, family(grandparents) and church.I will always listens to Jim.

  7. anthony belcher

    Beautiful song

  8. Mary Betz

    One of the best. Gone too soon. You will always be loved

  9. michael traynor

    A beautiful singer. Many impersonatiors have tried to sing like him . They can't. Their not jim Reeves. Their was only one jim Reeves and always will be

  10. justess martin

    Voice like smooth and velvet! Beautiful and timeless!

  11. Irene Mccann

    I'm a big Jim Reeves fan, love this song, I have Bonnie Lou singing it and prefer Bonnie's version it came out. Mid fifties I think, but it's only because I'm more familiar with it.

  12. John Astrup

    31 july 1964, God toke his son back. When ever he talk or sing will be Gentleman Jim Reeves. To remember Patsy Cline for the same song.

  13. Verleta Spencer

    I will never get tired hearing his voice regardless of wether he is singing gospel or secular songs. Such rich voice

  14. Howard Chapman

    I was on Active Duty in Japan when the word reached us about Jim's untimely death and needless to say that a whole score of the guys in my squadron were his fans and we drank until the next morning. And to this day I never get tired of listening to "Gentleman Jim Reeves" and I will continue to listening to his mellow voice!

  15. Arthur Newman

    Since my wife passed away, I have found comfort in his songs, so sad of his passing. Love his singing Ken Newton

  16. barry woolner

    jim reeves had a special voice, and could nt be copied like some, great to listen to.

  17. Tina Olson

    He is timeless,will always be with us. Thank you for posting these here for us to enjoy.

  18. Michael Broadbent

    Thank you Jim for the music that you gave us in the years you had to live, your gone too soon for music!

  19. Paul Berry

    I loved Jims Voice since age 17 and I am nearly 70 now. .So soothing

  20. Anette Nortje

    There was only one Reeves... From South Africa

  21. Frederick Pledge

    The man with the velvet voice. Just superb.

  22. David Sharples

    if they made a movie about Jim's life story who would lay jim

  23. Godfrey Saldanha

    absolutely breathtaking

  24. Kakus Usman

    What a melodious voice! Jim continues to fascinate me.

  25. MrBreadman1966

    Its been a while since this track up uploaded, it would be nice to hear a few more tracks from the album if that was possible

  26. Eileen ONIY EILONLY Davey

    Love this song its fab

  27. Jeffry Jobard

    A beautiful voice - However now in India in the state of Manipur we have a singer Jagjit Singh who sounds just like our great Jim Reeves you should listen to him once. I have a vedio of one of his songs you can message me on what's app and I will send you the vedio



  29. Marshall Tuazon

    May you Rest in Peace in Heaven 🙏Jim Reeves😔

  30. Marshall Tuazon


  31. Roy D'Oliveiro

    Rest in Peace Gentleman Jim. your songs will be always evergreen!

  32. Rajan N

    Another of those popular songs played over Radio Ceylon(Sri Lanka) back in the 1960's. We used to listen to the Jim Reeves Quarter those days, I believe on Wednesday evenings.

  33. Big Foot Bill Unknown

    Growing up listening to the voice of Jim Reeves, regularly on radio and television was beyond compare.
    No matter what the song was, he sang it from the heart; like it were his own. Many a young boy, attempted his deep Bass voice and sang along to his live performances. All
    to no avail.
    Oddly enough, like many gifted Singers...he had the voice if an Angelic Choir Director, trying to stay one step ahead of the wiles of Satan. He lost.

  34. Einar Ólason

    Gentleman Jim will always be in my heart NO 1

  35. Irene Mccann

    I m more familiar with Bonnie Lou singing this lovely song I also love Perry Como singing it too.

  36. MrMusicguyma

    Jim had a very nice voice with excellent diction and tone, but his sentimental, smooth, careful style did not convey feeling to me. Just sayin'

  37. anthony belcher

    Fabulous song

  38. mary shewan

    Never tire of listening to Jim. My late husband Magnus proposed with the record Distant Drums💕💕

  39. Nancy Rossini

    Heaven knows Michael ....Just out of reach of my two empty arms.......

  40. Helena Andersson

    Den bästa sångaren någonsin! Just perfekt. I ewer herd no better. My hero!

  41. Betty Toh

    Another song by my favorite singer. Thank you for posting.

  42. Margaret Gaskell

    Beautiful ...... lost love....

  43. Lilian Flynn

    That deep baritone..gets to me every time..great singer..the best

  44. Ingrid Leacock

    thanks for posting

  45. Ingrid Leacock

    R I P
    July 31 st. 1964
    Today July 31 st. 2017
    R I P

  46. Bill Roberts

    The best by far.

  47. Rick Rodrigues

    My mom used to play this Jim Reeves song & many others in the '60s endlessly & I couldn't understand what was his attraction. Funny how time can change a person's I know why.

  48. Nancy Rossini

    Voice like pure silk ......His music will live forever....

  49. Lena Andersson

    Lovely,can listening every day and nights.💖

  50. Lena Andersson


  51. Theresa Dupuis

    wow that's awesome

  52. Shanthie Abrahams

    Jim Reeves voice will live for ever!

    Fabian Pencel

    Shanthie Abrahams
    And I'm glad even though so young i love his songs i cry when i hear him sing bless gentleman Jim i covered one of his songs he was like a jewel precious jewel....


    yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Shanthie Abrahams

    Jim Reeves! absent from the body is death of his saint

  54. barrygioportmorien1

    A wonderful version by the one and only Jim Reeves...

  55. jennifur sun

    do you have any more of the songs from this downloaded

  56. Jose Augusto Machado

    simplesmente divino...

  57. Glen McGregor

    Jim never sang a bad one.  One of a kind.  He was and still is one of the greats no matter what kind of music he sings.  A voice you recognize immediately.  Just close your eyes and drift away.  Holds you in ways you never imagined.

  58. steelmanK

    Jim Reeves and Faron Young are the two premier male voices of my lifetime. Jim's smoothness is incomparable. Thank you Jim for leaving us these treasures. RIP.

  59. Nancy Rossini

    In memory of Michael .........Just out of reach of my two empty arms....

  60. Alan Beckerleg

    two voices are the 20th century C&W sound for me, Jim Reeves and Patsy Cline

  61. George Stephenson

    Without a doubt the two greatest country singers of all time ,Jim Reeves and Patsy Cline. Never tire of listening to their music.

  62. patrick gethings

    Thanks to you larry jordan for the incredible work you have done in in organising and producing recordings of jim reeves, your legacy will always be remembered for your outstanding work.I salute you sir your amazing

    Ingrid Leacock

    thank you Larry
    Jim's music will live forever.
    smooth velvet
    pure silk.

  63. Susan

    May his songs reach Heaven and back again.

  64. My Space

    Extra ordinary singer with an extra ordinary voice, with this chemistry we got some extra ordinary music that we still enjoy today.

  65. Iris Nel

    Gone bur never forgotten!

  66. All Africa Housing


  67. Larry Jordan

    This is from a CD I co-produced for Soundies/BMG in 1999. I had known that my friend, Mary Reeves, (whom I knew for 33 years from the time I was 13), had overdubbed some tracks that were sitting in the vault unreleased, because a German company -- BMG -- had taken over RCA and was oblivious to who Jim Reeves even was. I worked with BMG for over a year to track down this material and they were so clueless they kept sending me the versions that had already been released! I finally had to give them matrix numbers to make it easier for them to locate the material. Then I was invited to a final mixing session in New York. There were 13 songs that otherwise would have remained unheard by fans. I'm glad I was able to play a role in making them available.

    Marion Kenny

    Larry Jordan @

    Margit Salonen


    Sandra Holt

    Mr. Jordon, . I am enjoying your book, I wish I could have known Jim Reeves, his voice touches the soul of man, he was simply the greatest ,. Thank you for sharing your memories.

    Jamie Brown

    Larry Jordan the original song was much, much better than yours!


    Glad you did it Larry, he was my Mum and Dads favourite singe; igrew up listening to him as a kid and I'm stoill singing his songs now at the age of 65 !! Thanks a lot !!

  68. Lilian Flynn

    just can't get enough of this guy!! Jim Reeves!

  69. Derek Wild

    Jim's a one off but Hans Sommer comes a close 2nd check out a Tribute to Jim Reeves on utube

  70. kenwah52

    Why does no one seem to know about a version of this song, "Just Out Of Reach Of My Two Empty Arms" by a guy who must have lived in Houston. His name was Larry G Hudson and even had the spoken break with old Willie kicking in. Lived in Houston in 1977. Please someone help if you can.

  71. Billy Norton

    One of the smoothest voices ever. I love this sing

  72. Odette Gijbels

    Just out of Reach

    Nita. Lobo

    it keep right on a hurtin sinc your gone

  73. Alan Beckerleg

    patsy in 63 and Jim in 64, the two greatest country voices of their time

    Susan Martin

    Yes they were the best in country music

    Marion H

    Yes you are right..two very talented people--- gone too soon.

  74. Glen McGregor

    It's been 51 years since Jim was taken from us, but for those of us who knew him he's
    never really gone.  A voice like no other.  As long as his music lives he will always be
    with us.

  75. Rick SayJr

    Jim  Reeves all his songs are pure magic!!

  76. R Paz

    Wonderful arrangement incredible voice.

  77. basil nedic

    good one jim .can sing any song you will always be loved by all god bless

  78. Clifton Crum

    Discovered Jim Reeves back in the mid 50s!  I own most of his vinyl and some DCs, but no matter!  His voice and music sound as if they were made just yesterday!  Not easy to forget!

  79. Wairimu Mutiti

    Yes Jimmy Reeves have been gone many years, but we still love his music. I can't imagine who wouldn't!

    Tarsila Mumba

    That's true

    Noel Pieris

    Yes he does. I do listening his songs before going to bed.

    Graeme Smellie

    Last count over 40 people don't

  80. ilrmbru2b

    Gentleman Jim gone 50 years and His music is still the best!

  81. stc40

    here, here....

  82. Leo Mayer

    Damm those single engine aircraft--as dangerous then as today..


    @Willis Vanderberg Willis, no disrespect sir, but this is neither the time nor the place. Listen to the music and enjoy one of the greatest voices God ever gave a man.....

    Keith Reese

    +Willis Vanderberg Willis. If you must know.....Jim was flying his own plane. He had just bought it and was not familiar with flying by the instruments. Jim did not climb high enough to clear the storm. Now....Stop talking about "Sutpid" people! The End.

    Willis Vanderberg

    +Keith Reese
    Get your facts straight Keith, Jim did not own the plane, it was a rented aircraft from a flying service in Nashville. As far a climbing over the storm , if you go to his obituary you will find what little communication he had with the control tower he never mentioned anything about this. I have been flying since 1954 but I surely dont have all the answers but the facts put out by the National Transportation Board indicate pilot error is the major cause of all accidents. Getting into an instrument situation when you are not qualified puts you in the position of becoming just another passenger with no one flying the plane.This is in no way meant to slam Jim Reeves. I have met him many times and have been playing country music since I was twelve years old. What it amounts to is the pilot runs out of experience to cope with the situation, which is usually weather related. Have a great weekend

    Keith Reese

    You are not as familiar with this situation as what you think. Check out...Jim Reeves The Untold Story. You will see that "Jim" was the last one on the mic just as it crashed. And, Yes, Jim had bought it....Duh!! You have a Great Weekend. It's not like Mary Reeves had not shared this story with me (in person) in 1986! Back to you Willis!


    Like John Denver he was a better singer than a pilot. His confidence way outweighed his ability it seems

  83. Clarence Olsen

    So beautiful.

  84. Hans Sommer

    Thank you for promoting the music of Jim Reeves on the internet. I have been a Jim Reeves fan all my life, in fact, his music inspired me inspired to sing. I was called the Dutch Jim Reeves. See my YouTube video; 'Hans Sommer, my emerald dream'. Let's keep the music of Jim alive for his voice brings us 'peace of mind' and harmony.

  85. Hans Sommer

    Thank you for promoting the music of Jim Reeves on the internet. I have been a Jim Reeves fan all my life. In fact the music of Jim Reeves inspired me, back then, to sing myself. I wrote some songs in the Jim Reeves tradition and recorded them at home. Here's one you will find on YouTube.
    My Emerald Dream, sung by Hans Sommer, inspired by Jim Reeves
    Let's keep the music of Jim alive for his voice gives 'peace of mind' and harmony. Isn't that what we need the most?

  86. Robert Thomas

    He was a good one.  I always have liked his singing since the 1950's.

  87. Bobby Hutchinson

    He has always had the smoothest voice of anyone, no one can ever take his place, alltho Ricky Van Shelton would come the closest to be # 2, I think.

  88. ilrmbru2b

    Great song by a Great Man who has brought so much joy to so many!
    Many thanks for the upload and to Gentleman Jim.

  89. Piet Fourie

    Hi Dominic. Well said. Nobody can touch your heart like Jim Reeves.

  90. Piet Fourie

    Am 71 years now. Been a fan of his since 1959 when I heard Adios Amigo the first time. Was priviliged to shake his hand when he was in Cape Town South Africa for the making of the film Kimberley Jim. Wrote him a letter and got a post card reply back which is one of my most worthwhile possessions. Long live his music..

  91. Kim Edslev

    Manden med den gyldnede stemme striks igen .

  92. Dominic O'Brien

    Can anyone ever touch your heart, make you cry or make you smile like JIM? He is a real Master Music and country song Legend and will remain so for ever with his songs. I simply love him and his songs...............................Domi

  93. brian hodgson

    as only gentleman jim could do he was one of a kind


    That's so beautiful.

  95. candd87

    Danke Schon Copenhagen -Prima

  96. 54MURAI

    Hard to fault...

  97. stc40

    I don't usually go for the modern overdubs but this one is sweet as a nut. Smooth.............