Reeves, Jim - I Won't Come In While He's There Lyrics

Thought I'd stop by awhile and see you
Just once more before I leave town
But his car's parked there in your driveway
And I see the curtain's pulled down.

I won't bother to ring your doorbell
I'm not sure just how much I can bear
I might do something I'd be sorry for later
So I won't come in while he's there.

Does he know my whole world is in there with him
That he's king while he sits there in my chair
I'd like to tell you just how much I still love you
But I won't come in while he's there.

No, I won't come in while he's there...

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Reeves, Jim I Won't Come In While He's There Comments
  1. Lena Andersson

    Oh howe I love JIM 's voice,ALWAYS LOVED him❤🙏⚘🌿❤

  2. anthony belcher

    Fabulous song

  3. Jenifer Burk

    Oh how I Love His Voice.

  4. Dominic Gonsalvez

    N this is what you call music

  5. Kitty Bruåsdal

    Beautiful song i love the ar NR 11111111111111

  6. Dominic Gonsalvez

    july 2018 anyone

  7. Steve Davis

    Gene Davis wrote this song

  8. Lee A

    wonderful singer my dad loved jims music played his songs to me as a child . xx

  9. Michael Ryan

    What a voice absolutely brilliant

  10. Steve Burton

    What a voice, what a song, just brilliant

  11. Charran Pollard

    dont go in jim

    Kenneth Besselman

    Go in there and beat the shit out of him!

  12. Julian Heng

    very rich voice al listening to his music so relaxing

  13. Rick SayJr

    Jim Reeves so smooth on all his songs.

  14. Joe Banna

    so sad that he's stealing JIM'S girl

  15. Craig Morris

    no country singer has EVER matched. JIM REEVES. Voice.

  16. Ian Farmaner

    Jim's like Patsy Cline's music will last forever, unlike the rubbish they turn out today.


    You are right!

  17. Don Macleod

    has there ever been another voice like this ? I mean really.ithink not