Reeves, Jim - Deep Dark Water Lyrics

Alone and so lonesome
Bored and so blue
I got the urge to ramble
So I took a drink or two.

It tempted me to trifle
Then my true heart went astray
So I wandered in dark water
And just threw my life away.

I know that it was wrong
To fool around this way so long
Someone was sawing on the limb
That I was sittin' on.

I looked down and I found
I could drown in deep, dark water
So I cried when I realized
I couldn't swim.

A fool and his money
Calls for whiskey and for gin
Filled to the gills and falling for
The weaknesses as a man.

From one fool to another
Wrong is never right
I ignored advice from mother
And brother look at me tonight.

Unsteady as I go
With deep dark water down below
They keep sawing louder on my limb
And soon I'll have to go.

Life's been small, hear my call
As I fall in deep, dark water
Don't be a would-be king
And tumble from your throne...

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Reeves, Jim Deep Dark Water Comments
  1. anthony belcher

    Brilliant singer great song 66

  2. Lynn Graham

    I love all his songs, but Welcome to My World is one of my favorites.

  3. Pam Herring

    Unreleased until 1967. Overdubbed demo.

  4. anthony belcher


  5. Reginald Anchees

    We will never hear such a voice again. Ever!!!.

  6. Milton Moore

    As good as anything he ever recorded, but not
    very popular, I
    suppose because
    it was never released as a 45rpm single.

    Ruth Boykin

    You're probably right about no single. Sorry I am way behind on the leads you've given me! I went out and had a blast with girlfriends, Thursday night. Friday had appointments and then went shopping for 4 year old's birthday party, Saturday up early, helped prepare food for party, party at 1PM-4PM; lasted until 5PM. Then went home, took a quick shower and out again with girlfriends for St, Patrick's Day party. Sunday listened to some music, have no idea today what it was. I tend to get sidetracked from my leads when I see something in the sidebar I have not heard in a while or I see a favorite singer, or it is something new! Jim Reeves has always been one of my favorite singers, so thank you!

  7. Arild Sande

    My favorite legende........

  8. Andrew Persaud

    Great Singer and song. ..

  9. gary young


  10. Derek Wild

    there never will be another Jim but Hans Sommer tribute to Jim reeves on tube is keeping that voice alive,he's fantastic

  11. Bettie Geyer

    One of my favourite singers of all time

    Cathy Woods

    he was the best.

  12. ilrmbru2b

    Mr. Velvet.

  13. Rick SayJr

    I think that every song Jim sang is still superb

  14. Knut Oskar Løkka

    My mother was a true Jim Reeves fan and every time I hear Jim sing I think of her.

  15. Neal Ford

    My dad was a big Jim Reeves fan, and passed that on to me, and this is probably my favourite song by Gentleman Jim.  I remember it from "Am I That Easy to Forget".

  16. Roger Lee

    Jim is not only a great singer, a very good song writer as well.
    God bless!

  17. Roger Lee

    This is a wonderful song for those unresisting souls.
    God bless!

  18. keoki82

    A wonderfully dark tune for Gentleman Jim.

  19. Shevanthi Perera

    The overdubbed version produced by Larry Jordan on the "Jim Reeves New Recordings" is fabulously super.

    Zoey Grant

    Shevanthi Perera love my jim

    Jamie Brown

    Shevanthi Perera fuck Larry Jordan, hes a prick!

    Mookie Spindlehurst

    @Jamie Brown
    You don't come off like a saint yourself, coming on social media with offensive
    language like this, you infernal, foul-mouthed hothead! You come on like this with the wrong person and it's going to be like opening up a can of freaking VIPERS!