Reeves, Jim - Almost Lyrics

Almost, you fell in love with me
Almost, you were my bride to be
But each promise that was made
You have broken and betrayed
And left me with a faded memory.

Almost, my precious dreams came true
Almost, you whispered, dear I do
But someone new came by
And you left me here to cry
Oh, how close we were, almost.

Almost, your heart I did possess
Almost, you brought me happiness
But my dreams just won't come true
And there's nothing I can do.

Oh, how close we were, almost...

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Reeves, Jim Almost Comments
  1. Jewel Dotson

    AS much as i love Jim Reeves i like this song by George Morgan better, so sorry jim

  2. joan watt

    Very sad song Jim nice to listen to my Friend God Bless Jimxx thanks for posting


    jim reeves almost hit number 1 bill board 1950s

    Jewel Dotson

    Can't find where Jim cut this as a single, however George Morgan Hit #2 with it in 52.

  4. Derek Wild

    Great voice

  5. yang qin

    A sad song .....but Jim Reeves always sings with his heart. Great singing indeed!

  6. Irene Ch'ng

    Awww....such sad lyrics!! What a touching and great song by Jim Reeves! Thanks Dave!