Reel Big Fish - Don't Stop Skankin' Lyrics

Pick it up!

Pick it up!

Don't stop skankin'!

Pick it up!

Don't stop skankin'!

Pick it up!

Pick it up!

Don't stop skankin'!

Pick it up!

Don't stop skankin'!

Pick it up!

Don't stop skankin'!

Pick it up!

Oh, Rudy
Oh, Rudy
Oh, Rudy
Oh, Rudy

I had a boy
Rudy was his name
Since he left me
I'll never be the same

Cause I love my boy
Rudy, oh where can you be
Where can you be

Oh, Rudy
Oh, Rudy
Oh, Rudy
Oh, Rudy

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Reel Big Fish Don't Stop Skankin' Comments
  1. Cornelius McGillicuddy

    I will never stop skankin'! PICK IT UP!

  2. Merrill Olen

    Apparently my ex-wife thought this meant something different

  3. Jorge Amaral

    Terrible, bailemos

  4. idontcare

    Autism in dance form

  5. argaen21

    Remember when Reel Big Fish was so cool?? YA me neither.

  6. 19boulder11

    Saw RBF last month for the first time. Great energy from the band and the crowd. You definitely need cardio if you wanna enjoy yourself at a Ska show

  7. Amanda Mears


  8. donkmeister

    Ah, the song title is ironic because they never START skanking in the first place! Why are they doing the Charleston to Ska music though?

    (In case anyone is unfamiliar with skanking, please see an example here:

  9. Dang it Doodles

    ... this song has a banging bari line, might look into transcribing it

  10. Plague Doctor

    Just confirmed that youtube playlists can change as you're watching them. This is not the queued song that was displayed.
    Sorry to spoil the mood, but needed written proof...not that they can't delete it...goddamn fucking pieces of shit.
    Why do I have to be alive?

  11. Kevin R. Serrano

    This reminds of the Give me your brains song from Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy


    They copied the Song Donna by Ritchie Valens at the last minute of the song on the album Candy Coated Fury

  13. Archie Simmons

    This is very public domain sounding.

  14. Mary Harrington

    No Illuminati sign is this the Illuminati website I thought he was telling us about that

  15. Yusri Affandi Yusof

    Keep on skankin coz that's what I want to.. circle all around the ska pit...

  16. B Ardi Raff

    Love it 🔥🕴

  17. Franz Kafka

    Don’t get me wrong but I’d date every single girl in that video!

  18. K Pete

    I love it for the same reason I love Pinstripe Suit by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. It's fun, peppy and it's hard not to get up and start doing something that involves jumping.

  19. Pep Abukas

    Besides the girl in suspender, the chick wearing white shirt and black skirt with the spec also caught my attention!

  20. Pablo Barrio

    Realmente hace recordar a Buster Bloodvessel y sus muchachos, los B M !!!!! Dont stop SKANKIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNN !!!!

  21. tinynips421

    u fuckers need to cover star wars catina, git ur shit together

  22. Slarty Baadfast

    Is that not Ron Jeremy at 1.57 ?

  23. The incredible Alc

    This reminds me so much of one step beyond by madness

  24. dyaguar pawawaw

    better than watch me nae nae and wiggle wiggle

  25. Bill Devo

    Best song on the album by far.

  26. Zoro-juro

    dat explosive alien egg at the end :D

  27. Chris Hall


  28. danybillyboy

    the drummer...he is sooo cute mmmmm

  29. Rdd Sknk89

    Is this supposed to sound like Madness? Because it sounds like Madness

  30. Joaquín Rodríguez

    ohhhhh rudy!

  31. Peter Oviatt

    Just a little tip of the hat to Madness here?

  32. chris86simon

    Drunk Jack brought me here.

  33. Dozerfleet Studios

    This video would be great for Camelorum Adventures. Exactly how the Dromedeverse works.

  34. Dozerfleet Studios

    All I hear is: "If you wanna be a villain, Number One, you gotta trap a superhero on the run!"

  35. João Carlos Lima Ferreira

    dança, dança, dança aí porra, aumenta o som , ska de primeira qualidade!

  36. Marissa Liley

    LMAO, I lived about 2 blocks from Cow Town!!


    fckg good

  38. Matt H

    lol I'm from Riverside

  39. Chris Bailey

    If you like this song, check out a band called The JB Conspiracy!

  40. Luiz Gustavo Victor de Lima

    COMO eu só descobri que essa música tem clipe HOJE?

    Felipe Porcelli

    Luiz Gustavo Victor de Lima não sei meu caro, mas o clipe deixa a música ainda melhor

  41. b u d d h i s t

    Beat reel big fish song

  42. acogshot

    Reminds me of some vintage Madness. I like it.

  43. Jeffrey

    reminds me of the Scooby Doo Mystery Inc. Episode with the Ska band hypnotizing everyone.

    Supervillain Joe

    wolflordjsww That's how I first ever heard of ska! Now I'm addicted!

  44. Konradix05

    This band is quickly climbing to the top of my fav bands list. As is Ska-Punk.

  45. German Ramone


  46. Janel Gonzalez

    Don't care what anyone says about this song. I had fun skankin with RBF in this video years ago then and still enjoy it now. It was an amazing experience and oh yeah...I'm the girl in the black suspenders and checkered belt.

    Ronald Porter

    Looks like a damn good time!

    Jeremy Horror

    Janel Gonzalez how the hell did you get so lucky to be in the video? I'm seeing them on the 13th and ima skank till my legs break 😂😂😂

    colin halton

    Liking the cut of your jib.
    Great skanking alround.


    Your fucking hot!!!


    What did they say about this song? How can anyone say something bad about this song? Some people just need to relax and *start* skankin again.

  47. Dan Hajek

    great stuffReal Big Fish Best time at a show

  48. Ghost of Smokey Joe

    This was probably the most fun humanity has ever had making a music video.

    Shawn Kohne

    I was there (the air humping dude in the 70's suit) and I can confirm, it was a BLAST!

  49. Vanessa Van Downen

    literally a bunch of hipsters dancing. Actually looks fun as hell though.


    +vanessa downen ska predates the current iteration of hipsterdom. Someone that's into ska is normally referred to as a "rude boy."

    Andy Belinsky

    I literally need to say that your comments and review, literally, are AMAZING and fun and literal as HELL. Vanessa, can you literally help ME with my speech? It's embarrassing for me TO literally say it, but I am being serious as hell though. In fact, I am literally unable to communicate, literally, communicative-wise, in a literal fashion . I would literally appreciate any help you can give me.


    @Andy Belinsky figuratively?

    Benjamin Rogers

    vanessa downen They're not hipsters, ska has its own fashion scene and has done since the 60's.

    It is fun as hell though, do it around the house and even when I'm cooking.

  50. BobbSausage

    WOW the official lyric video!... This is the best lyric video I have ever seen!

  51. Marcos Gonzalez

    they should have gotten better dancers. white people cant skank hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Superannuated Sounds

    Too meta for me. Just wanted to defend the other guy posting about RBF. You guys were being racist af towards him because he was white. 

    Superannuated Sounds

    Demasiado meta para mí . Sólo quería defender el otro tipo de contabilización sobre Reel Big Fish . Ustedes estaban siendo racista como cogida hacia él porque era blanco.


    Marcos,el gring no puede vivir sin saber de ti jajajajajaja

    Danny M.

    skankin is bad dancing

    Marcos Gonzalez

    to each his own. You mopey fuck 

  52. Bobby Budiarto

    watched their show last night and it was awesome!!!!

  53. Tegar Nugroho Milan Putra

    2% singing
    98% dancing
    and i like it

    Turkey Bowlwinkle

    100% fun

    Jayden Deblieck

    500% skankin

    BOW mufflers

    Nice bro

  54. BakedFrodo96

    Legend has it they're still pickin' it up to this day.

    Danny M.

    never stop

  55. jesus martinez

    esto es ska no esas mamadas de los caligaris

  56. Biscuit89

    3rd wave ska blows.

    Meskalina Podcast

    +Biscuit89 actually this song is leaning more to first wave ska exept faster paced

    Marcos Gonzalez

    +Biscuit89 this ska band blows

    Danny M.

    +Marcos Gonzalez no

  57. tomaX9

    Love this, it's a lot like the Swing sound of the Big Band era in the 1940's....

  58. Saxophone Batman

    Try to skank though this entire song it's pretty hard

    Richard Desjardin

    @Saxophone Batman Lightweight.

    Ryan Cox

    I saw them back in February with Less Than Jake and Authority Zero. Got drunk as hell and skanked the whole show! It was a great time, had an old badass punk tell me I was the badass of my generation haha

  59. Romulous Dongulous

    The bass in this song. Just...hnnng.

  60. thomaschavers

    I saw these guys for the 2nd time, ever, 2 nights ago. I did the meet and greet. Super nice guys.  Great show!!!   Less Than Jake and Authority Zero kicked ass, too!!!  I can't wait to see them, again, in March.


    +thomaschavers that tour came to orlando your right they kick ass live

    Poor Rolemodel Entertainment

    I was at that tour as well, in Reno! Such a good time!

  61. johnny wright

    ska'd for life classssssssssssssss

  62. Vincent Leonard Khafkaf


  63. Joe .H


  64. David Apodaca

    Oh my Lord...girl with checkered belt and suspenders, im in love


    How can you tell? It happened so fast. lol


    David Apodaca she knew how to skank well

    Luiz___ MK

    She is here in the comments

    Inverted V12 Powerhouse

    Shes up in the comments my dude go say hi haha

    Eternal Branches

    TheInstigator Go to her!

  65. WiltshireByways


  66. Manuel Macias

    exelente video sigan tocando ska

  67. Carl

    Reminds me of One Step Beyond by Madness

  68. Nikki J

    Had this song stuck in my head today! 

  69. Michael Meier

    Back in the 3rd wave ska revolution it was cool seeing this music make hay day and getting the youth into and knowing about the 80s ska revival, roots reggae, and 1950s Jamaican ska. Now it just looks like a shameless cash grab to appeal to the sounds of the past.


    @Michael Meier i agree with you, seems like the same thing that happened to Zebrahead is happening to Reel Big Fish...they've just been too much commercialized over the years :/

    Faster Days

    I just don't understand this radical fan boys that can't enjoy a nice and catchy song just because there's more people paying attention to them and buying their records.
    It may be "mainstream" in the US (I have no idea, since I don't live there), but the rest of the world is listening to Taylor Swift, Pharrel Williams and all that shit, so don't worry if the band is selling a lot of records and is being "commercialized" in the US, because the world is waaaaaay bigger than you think, get over it.

    Michael Meier

    @Faster Days Are you talking about me and RBF? Just want to clarify and point out a few things here.

    First of all, I pretty much admitted that this song isn't all that bad. There's an instrumental dance song on every RBF album iirc. This song in particular compared to the other instrumentals just didn't hook me like they used to. Maybe its me, maybe its them. I dunno. What I do know is I still enjoyed the record, just not in a lasting way.

    Second of all, the reocurring theme they've had all these years is the ups and downs of making it big... reel big. Their biggest time was the late 90s/early 2000s when they had music videos on MTV, featured in Basketball, and had songs in other various movies. The trend of bands from orange county making it big pittered out and now they're in no way as big as they used to be. They reflected that back in the songs yet again as they had bitter tones. Still they've always stayed true to the band's theme and have kept up a consistency of quality (but IMO not this particular song).

    So to deconstuct your first sentence, I did enjoy this nice and catchy song (sort of), less people are paying attention to them in the US (not sure about sales, but definitely in the mainstream eye), and people in the US listen to Taylor Swift and Pharrel Williams because that shit is what the record companies force people to hear on radio/tv.

    What I don't get is that somehow its "rabid fanboy-ism" to offer a critique of a song. Especially when accompanied with comments along the lines of "maybe its my nostalgia" or "eh could just be me".

    Faster Days

    @Michael Meier Sorry, but I was not talking about you.
    Actually I did understood your point when you stated that you've enjoyed RBF for over 15 years and then again when you made the sort of comparison with One Step Beyond (which was very accurate, let me point that out).
    I was referring to the guy above my first comment, whose argument was a comparison with Zebrahead and their commercialization over the years.
    To me that's a stupid argument, judging a band because more people is getting interested in their music, and even more when this bands stays the same. As you stated on your last comment, RBF has always stayed true to their concept and theme and has been consistent with their music.
    If this song is not your favorite, is completely fine, I never really enjoyed Sellout but everyone was going nuts for that song (actually I never got completely into Turn The Radio Off), but that was because their sound didn't grew on me, not because the band was popular.
    I just find ridiculous and selfish to bash on a band because people likes their music.

    Michael Meier

    @Faster Days Ah word. Yeah the mainstream argument is pretty much bullshit. Its basically a kind of selfishness. Anything with some underground success takes on some kind of ownership by the fans, and then they get all possessive and childish when other people get to experience it.

  70. Joe Vikingo

    I love Reel Big Fish...
    But this is one of their worst songs ever.
    Shouldn´t have chosen it as a single.

  71. Cole Sattler

    The girl in the suspenders is so cute it drives me crazy would have loved to be in this video

  72. Paris Thompson

    This is the most Skankable song in existence

    Pep Abukas

    Paris Thompson I 2nd that bhai!


    classic :D


    which band would you prefer? :)
    i'm really interested in new skabands :D


    Alexander Gamboa

    Tribal seeds- vampire

  73. Barry Klusman

    One man's meat is another man's poison..or woman's..

  74. Andrea Marchi aka Marchiza

    A modern dedication to Madness - One Step Beyond -  

    Big Up

    the Crazy Zone

  75. Mason Ritchie

    Too spoopy

  76. xmariner

    Brak luvs Skank!

  77. Benjamin Feo

    I'd love some skankin' where I live.

  78. Barry Durrans

    Just bought my tickets for Liverpool, UK August 2nd! Fuckin' get in! About the 10th time I seen them

  79. thomaschavers

    I think the scary looking guy was in an old M&M's video.

  80. Gerardo Ortega

    At 2:36 is it me or does that look like miley Cyrus?

  81. Josehbass


    Billy Lipoff


    José Santos


  82. American Penguin

    Some of my friends and I am playing this tonight for an Arts Fest. It sounds amazing! I love this song now.

  83. Leo Bernie

    "It's pretty much One Step Beyond"? No, it's oldschool-Ska. That's how it all sounded in the beginning, walking bass, swing feeling, offbeat guitar and organ, hookline on sax, trumpet and trombone with solo time inbetween. Another example is "Ska around the nation" or the second part of "...und die Gitarre war noch warm". It's all similar, but great music to dance to as well.

    Michael Meier

    Its closer to the sounds of ska revival to me, like Madness, Specials, Bad Manners, Selecter, etc.

    Stuff like Skatalites, Prince Buster, Baba Brooks, etc. were decidedly a slower tempo and somewhat smoother.

    Take "Al Capone" from Prince Busters all stars and compare that with "Gangsters" from The Specials. Its the same song essentially but one is much faster and sharper.

    But yeah you're basically right in that this song is just oldschool ska. I'm just saying its old school from the new-er school way of playing it (the two tone revival scene). Not that anything's wrong with that.

    Eternal Branches

    Well technically old school ska was in Jamaica before migrating to Britain and then finally the U.S.

  84. Stuart Inman


  85. Marcelo Pratta

    pick it up!
    pick it up!
    pick it up!
    pick it up!

  86. lolurface cx

    My science teacher showed me this band.. im bow obsessing --;

  87. thomaschavers

    I can understand that ska is not for everyone. It's an acquired taste.  I really love the horns in this song, especially the saxophone and trumpet.   Same goes with Where Have You Been from Our Live Album is Better Than Your Live Album. And one of my other favorite RBF songs, when it comes to the horns section, is Sayonara Seniorita.   Also, it's not only hipsters that listen to this music.  I am far, far from being a hipster and I love this band.  However, if you don't like this music, please refrain from making mean, hateful, and rude comments.  When I come across a song or band I don't like on youtube, I just move on until I find something I like instead of leaving negative comments.  In the words of 311, "It's a waste to be a hater."

    Matthew Woo

    Wait hipsters listen to ska?


    i don't think it's an acquired taste at all. I was instantly hooked within about the first 5 seconds. Also, it's not really a hipster genre at all.

    Matthew Woo

    Kinda what I thought. Always feel like a hipster when you have to explain it to someone, but as far as I'm concerned it just a obscure genre with an underground following.


    @Matthew Woo  I think the person who made the hipster comment was probably referring to the way a lot of the fans are dressed, in this video.  That's what I gather.  I'm sure that some hipsters probably dress the same way.

  88. Danny G

    i love the video. but this is so not the album quality of the song.. was this intentional? 

  89. Mochammad Yasser

    Man, this band just fucking wankers, when 3rd wave ska craze was over in the late 90s they stopped playing ska and just became pop punk with horns band. Now when ska made a come back, they switch back to play ska again to cash in on the new generation of ska fans, fuck that!

    Kirrie CC

    all that matters is that they make and have made god music dude, chill


    i really doubt your musical knowledge. and u spelled mohammad wrong.


    have you not listened to the rest of this album?


    change or die. relax


    Play music that doesn't sell, for concerts that people don't attend. Yeah, right.  Be happy they play Ska at all!  It's called being "Versatile", as good musicians are.

  90. Muhammad Fajar Al-Shiddiq

    don't stop SKANKIN!!!

  91. ultracherrie

    Just skank!!!

  92. Ale Biaggini

    I don't understand the lyrics...

    Zorak From Space Ghost

    then you probably shouldnt listen to ska ever in your life.

    Ale Biaggini

    @Hank Hill my goodness men, it's sarcasm. how stupid are you? or are you sheldon?


    @Ale Biaggini Pretty sure he's Hank Hill, not sheldon.

  93. David Theisen

    OH BABY!!!! LOSE YOURSELF TO SKANK!!! LOSE YOURSELF TO SKANK!!! LOVE THIS!!!! sounds like a mix of Fishbone and Madness! LOVE SKA!!!

  94. TheDrummingPanda

    I don't know what pisses me off more, that people compare most instrumental ska songs to One Step Beyond. Or that everyone who does thinks One Step Beyond was by Madness. They just covered it, Prince Buster wrote it. Go listen to that, and then Al Capone.