Reef - Weird Lyrics

In my arms, and my legs,
And my hips, and my shoulders,
And my neck, to my feet,
In my brain, let's-

Must I shout, to be heard;
Heard by you, and your kind,
In your offices, all around,
Listen up, for a-

Ohh, it's a weird feeling friend.
Ohh, I can't understand it at all.

Speak of me, when I'm dead,
with your hand, on my face.
All those memories that besot you,
Where's your life? Loosen-

Ohh, that is a weird fucking feeling friend.
Ohh, and I don't wish it upon no one, yeah, come on.

Yeah, say come on now.
Listen up now.

In the morning, when we wake,
We go down, to the place.
When we get there, we kick a ball,
We kick a ball, in the car.

Said it'd make me feel alright,
Said it'd make me feel alright.
Feel alright.
Put a little smile on my face

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Reef Weird Comments
  1. Danielle Hellam

    Fave song reef did excellent mr gary stringer perfection as allways xxx

  2. Mojo Pin

    What a shame these guys were lost in the ™Union Jack of that period. They were such a different band than those guys. Listen to that playing??
    That fucking vocal??!!! These guys could have owned America in 1995. Instead we got stuck with fucking Candlebox Post Cobain.

  3. BLoooDYSaBBaTH

    Big Sabbath Vibe. Love It ❤

  4. Cornish Tom Uk

    Best band in the world for me ! 🤘an still great!

  5. Birth Certificate

    one off my all time favorites, got stoned as
    F to this in the 90's

  6. sbsrf561

    funky as hell

  7. MacarthurAperture

    Colossal dudes. Colossus of dudes.

  8. Tom Harrison

    no one makes shit like this anymore

  9. signoguns

    Their later stuff sucked, but this is fucking great.

  10. Greg Saveall

    dat funk

  11. Franco Fuzz

    fuck, this is great