Reef - Naked Lyrics

Sing with me
That is where I'm at
Hoot with me
I'd get into that
If you know where I'm at
I would get a kick from that
Muddy face, bloody hand
Naked we dance on our clothes

So will you come with me?
I'll take you away

Spin with me
That's is what I feel
Open your arms
Release from within
If you know where I'm at
I would get a kick from that
Come the dark
Light a fire
In the rain we raise our heads

So will you come with me?
I'll blow you away

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Reef Naked Comments
  1. Damian Murphy

    Boom 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  2. Carrie Lindell

    Obsessed again 25 years later ❤

  3. Martin Sanes

    Que buen temaaa y gran banda . Hace pocos días los descubrí. Saludos desde Argentina

  4. jamie foyers

    Enduring memory of this band..HMV in Glasgow doing an instore appearance and singing this track..the place just went nuts and everyone was bouncing up and could feel the floor vibrate...nuts!..

  5. Tim Hall

    All nighters at Nottingham rock city back in the 90's

  6. Trail Sniffers

    can remember the advert for sony minidisc with this as the tune classic

  7. Lonnie Booth

    1:34 "light a fart".

  8. Andy Riley


  9. K Murray

    If you don't wiggle around to this song yer a wronger.

  10. Jonathan Jimenez

    you have a gayish voice.

  11. Phill Tolkien

    Into the void, black Sabbath , the ocean, led zep, then this. My fav riffs.

  12. Sergio Elgueda

    Que voz Conchetumadre!!!!

    Heat seeker

    Wena un compatriota que cacha este tema

  13. bediha dogru

    His so lovelyyyy

  14. Welshcake2

    This track blows me away!

  15. Mohan Das

    this is some groovy rock .

  16. Welshcake

    I loved this band from first time I heard them!

  17. George Paine

    This is some A grade funk!!!!!

  18. Kenny Lloyd

    these dudes still kick it

  19. Paul Quinn

    20 people need stripped NAKED & made to listen to this song on repeat mega mega loud until theyre ears bleed

  20. Paul Quinn

    I'll blow you awayah!!!

  21. Amanda H

    just been to see this excellent British band

    Amanda H

    And again yesterday

  22. Online Radio School

    I was in a band when Glow came out..I effing loved Glow, however; my guitarist said that Replenish was a much better album. He said with Replenish you just had to 'get it'. I thought ok..I'm game....let's roll one up and see...
    Yeah he was right.
    Class album!

  23. TO M

    i've lisened to this song 1000s of times and im still not fed up whith it it's aweosme.

  24. Lili Kala

    CORNWALL ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

  25. Zer0kbps

    I remember this track from the Sony MiniDisc ad... :)

  26. Havva Nur Sahinkaya

    I have been looking for this song for a while. I'm happy I finally have found it!! 😄

  27. Paul Quinn

    Sing with me..... That is where im at!

  28. infaride

    Reef's songs just don't age - don't know what it is about them beyond guessing...

  29. sevenseasofwonder

    Cracking riff!

  30. Curtis Gibson

    Please play this in 1,25 speed!

  31. Chully B

    Saw Reef live in about 2001, AMAZING, they really felt the songs and the atmosphere was wonderful. I wonder if it was because they have never really hit the 'Oasis' big time.

  32. Sky Tigers


  33. Spartacus TheGreat

    Reef were just on BBC1's The One Show.

  34. freddybeer

    My vote for the sexiest coolest riff of all time! I do mean, of all time!

    Jake St. Roas

    Of all time? You sir have opened Pandora box! Certainly up there with the best riff of the 90's. I saw these guys play it live a few years back at the Isle of Wight Festival and they were awesome live. It might be bettered by 'Waterfall' by the Stone Roses if we're talking 90's but it's certainly an awesome riff regardless of decade. I defy anyone to try and sit still while listening to this song, it's just not possible.

    Max Harrison

    Jake St. Roas cue air guitars


    The riff is lifted from ACDC; it was one of Angus's throw away moments on the Back In Black album.


    I'll have to check on that. Don't move......

    Fred Funf

    I'd say this was the last great riff. Haven't heard a better one since.

  35. lynne baillie

    looooove this song

  36. Jay Ingram

    Too much tune for the average puss to handle!!

  37. sbsrf561

    People say they are a one hit wonder with place your hands but this album (replenish) is definitely their best.

    Kym B

    Replenish is definitely a classic album.

  38. Ian Simmons

    They're appearing at the Vicar's Picnic festival in Kent on July 16. It's a small but growing festival in Kent.

    Sam Geee

    More importantly at Wembley too

  39. Online Radio School

    Love this riff!

  40. Not Suitable For Mum

    Roll on Saturday. Gentlemen, start your engines.

  41. mrbejam

    Still a cracking song all these years on.

  42. Chicadelmar

    standing the test of time bleddy flippin amazables awesome......and some......

  43. tcc1977

    Saw them at St Ives on Friday night epic!

  44. lefinlan

    I love this! One of the best bands to never make it to the very top! No sure why this the case? but I love em all the same!

    Online Radio School

    +lefinlan Totally agree! But they're on tour again so WoooOOOO!


    The answer why this epic band did not get to the level of super band is because the big labels failed them badly also keeped them low budget and under funded. Punting and continually pumping money in to the big acts and major players who this band was up against at the time. (blur oasis pulp etc etc) Every time this band toured and played out they absolutely rocked venue's. One of the greatest bands to come out of England and only let down by the pomposity of the recording industry and fat cat label boss's

    lynne baillie

    +panyanci totally agree

    Matt C

    They were nice guys too. Maybe too nice it seems.

    Jimi And The Jams

    They never surpassed replenish

  45. jdgonzo1982

    Man, this song has aged well...

  46. cjatak

    Strange how he actually sounds better live at glaston 97' not often u can say that bout a singer

  47. funkyworm01

    Saw these boys in 95' At the British Snowboard dryslpoe champs in Sheffield just before this Single broke & various times since .... Amazing Live & I'll be in the middle of the carnage tomorrow night in Nottingham, Cant Wait !

  48. tony langmach

    Dejlige minder...!"! ;0) 

  49. Sean Montoya


  50. 777tokage


  51. Nigel Armstrong

    gurt lush

  52. Giorgos P

    Oh ya !!!!

  53. Worth Meamea

    Kenn's guitar riff <33

    iam Nobody

    Hendrix already did it all

  54. signoguns

    Best guitar riff ever? surely has to be a contender 

  55. Andy Logan

    Excellent guitar tone.  One of my favourite ever.

  56. Charles Roucher

    That riff is banging!

  57. Davie Orr

    top tune!!

  58. Longboardsinglefin

    This is one seriously underrated band - saw them in Truro last year and they are one of Britain's greatest rock acts. I'm guessing they are better now than they ever were. GO SEE EM.

    Jason Wheeler

    I was at that gig got to agree was surprised how good they are live brilliant

  59. Cmdr Leif_ Erikson

    Makes me want to buy a Sony Megadisc player..........


    sean loftus If I saw this earlier I would have linked you to my eBay.

    Steve Whyte

    I was just thinking that lol, I had one back in the day

    Miles Lamb

    I think you mean 'Minidisc'.


    Makes me wanna buy a Suni Amiga Desk Plier........

  60. melancholicreptiles


  61. adamtzsch

    Who the FUCK are the Rolling Stones?

  62. Reuben Spry

    I met them after their set! But I missed the Darkness :(

  63. perfectflaw75

    Still an awesome riff.

  64. Andrew Costello

    One of the best guitar riffs ever

  65. Paulo Aloisio

    mother of groove!
    I love reef!

  66. N M

    fat ass basle line

  67. Beth Smith

    Going to see these guys and the Darkness at looe music festival yay

    Paul Quinn

    Beth Smith did you see reef live then & did you enjoy?

  68. John Gallacher

    The bass players arms are longer than a small yacht!

  69. Owen Louisa

    one of there relations i know hes called ricky hes epic

  70. jaa jaadiman

    exactly...but sadly this is as good as it gets wth these guys,,

  71. Kevin Armes

    Playing on Sat 28th September 2013 at the Looe Music Festival, Cornwall.

  72. Max Gower

    god the riff is difficult

  73. Fraz Watson

    vevo sucks, reef rucks!

  74. woodoh76


  75. Tathan Jones

    Jesus, you're lucky... I got that Nicki Minaj transsexual thing.

  76. finney67

    Ace Band cool riffs

  77. Verucarock

    Unos máquinas

  78. Verucarock

    Son cojonudos.

  79. Chris Tamburrini

    started playing gitar because of this song

  80. mythic32

    sony mini disc anyone? :)

  81. mowgli19601

    bit hit and miss but each thier own i suppose.

  82. Greg Saveall-Green

    Evilvevo, worse than s2. Let us view reef videos in an iPad ffs

  83. Ethan Flavell

    Waaaaay Too Underrated

  84. Wisanlaya B

    i wanna plug my music into my ears so loud.

  85. MrNiceHk

    thee most underated band I know of ... utterly genius band ... this feels like listening to a classic Stones album

  86. infaride

    Britain's version of the RHCP - if only we had more good weather to enjoy songs like this.

    Either way it's 2012 and I'm still listening.

  87. David Miatton

    Zeebruges, sous la te nte, l'orrganisateur a du expliquer qu'il y avait un horaire à respecter...c'était le début d'une nouvelle époque...).
    Reef a fait exploser le chapiteau avec ce single... Je ne sais pas qui ils sont, ni ce qu'ils deviennentnt, mais je n'oublierai jamais, que parmi les guests que j'étais venu écoutés, j'ai vibré là mon meilleur moment du festival!!!!

  88. jaa jaadiman

    if only they got more songs like ths..,but they dnt,,i cnt beleive such an awsome fisrt impression they made wth ths track n followed it up wth crap n more bullcrap for the rest of their career..

  89. Johnny Diablo 94

    Gotta agree with you their cos I cant believe how a great band like this isn't well known.

  90. ultimate47

    Not just in yours my friend. It's a fact!! But after raise your hands, no one appeared to take them seriously or pay enough attention. Replenish should have made them super stars. Bad agent and bad label for not marketing them enough.

  91. jezuz12345

    Brings back cassette memories lol... MEGA Riff by Reef! ;-)

  92. Thomas Marlow

    0:32 ... he's suddenly holding the cable!

  93. Nathan Price

    All of these videos need more views. there are so many people that are oblivious to their talent

  94. mowgli19601

    one of the besy bands to come from zomerset,hic!!

  95. wow, this bra really supports the troops

    you are doing youtube wrong if you get ads.

  96. Johnny Diablo 94

    Reef, in my opinion are underrated.