Reef - Moaner Snap Lyrics

I'd been waiting forever
Hoping that my past catches up with me
Well hope can keep you together
But my friends I saw all I needed to see
I was always searching for you
Now I seem to find:
Today already gets better
When I don't compare with another time

Like it was on the first time.

Looking back at the other
Only wound tighter inside me
Now I notice the difference because my friends it's there for all to see
I was fed up with complaining
It was making me so angry
Everyone has a password
And I think today is yours to find

Like it was on the first lime

New day says nothing to mind
Just like it did on the...

I've been with you too long

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Reef Moaner Snap Comments
  1. Kronstadt CIDP

    That's a happening groove guys😎💃 ..... have a good Christmas & new year🍀

  2. wXGuitarLoverXw

    Keep up boys! Love from Italy