Reef - I've Got Something To Say Lyrics

I've got something to say;
We have come a long way.
After all the things that we have been through,
I'm glad still to have you.
I know your hurting, I know your hurting
It will get better every day.

I Love all that you are.
You are what I live for.
After all the things that we have been through,
I still don't have you.
I know your hurting, I know your hurting
It will get better every day.

I know your hurting, I know your hurting
It will get better every day.

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Reef I've Got Something To Say Comments
  1. Steves shed

    Saw them a months ago in Tenby, makes me feel sad to know bands like reef are so underestimated, grown up with them m today’s music is shite !

  2. lee birbeck


  3. Daz 008

    For my brother.

  4. Squiggles Avatar

    this one's a keeper.

  5. dave beach glastonbury

    reef are a legend. x

  6. cpunctn

    Instant classic, it stuck with me since I first heard it in '99.

  7. your babygirl

    yum that’s my name

  8. Ktm Alpha

    Rogue trader brought me here!

    idk dontlookatme

    Literally just watched the movie lol

  9. ian bonny

    How on earth did I miss this 20 years ago?

  10. AnnaSwadds

    Touring again so happy!

  11. Martin Šilhánek

    best song ever...

  12. Mark Griffiths

    They had the right ingredients to be greater than they actually were back in the day.

  13. Ryally00

    such a good video

  14. WayneIzard

    What a cracking tune !! Sensational

  15. Wisanlaya B

    This good lyrics make me love reef this much.

  16. John Tanner

    Ooh yea

  17. Ben Freeman

    spent a few years trying to figure out who it's being sung too... came to the conclusion its himself.


    Hitler Einstein

    Ben Freeman the clip kinda gives it away.

  18. Gamat Ayor

    what crap band is this ????

    Andrew Costello

    What sort of crap comment is this?

    Clare O' malley Lees

    You must be deaf!

  19. Mrs Dionne Doyle Strachan

    Just got my tickets for Glasgow, can't wait!!!!!!!

  20. Rose Chapel

    "I want to look like Ra"

  21. Stewart Hislop

    My wife wants this song as our first dance when we get remarried. We saw them at the end of their 2016 tour in Glasgow and as brilliant as ever.

    Andrew Costello

    Stewart Hislop How cool

  22. dreapard extroes

    what a great song

  23. Wisanlaya B

    really miss mr.kenwyn

  24. jaylea leelou


  25. L Kip

    Brilliant! Cheered me right up!

  26. Steve Clarke

    Sorry but Reef kicked ass back in the day......what a band and what a front man Garry is.

    Talha Rasool

    Common Knowledge bruh, Nothing to be Sorry for.

  27. Online Radio School


  28. paul horton


  29. Amy Wheeler

    best of British these boys!

    Steven Wheeler

    Amy Wheeler that's why I love you wife!!!

  30. Thinking Clearly

    I wish you could have heard me
    Could have saved the hurt been
    Wait till the fun has had it's day too
    We're left without a way through

    I know your hurting
    I know love's skirting
    I wish we'd played a close card soon

    I love all of your scars
    They're a sign of why we see far
    Love is a train that really takes time
    Stay aboard and you will be mine.

    I know we're losing
    I know we're shooting
    All those who  doubted us.

  31. cjatak

    Wicked i think the rides album woz the best they did

  32. Nigel Armstrong

    the west country's finest

  33. Super Amik

    Fantastic effin' song!

  34. LMONKEY2

    Love it love it love it. One of my fave bands as a teenager. What happened to them?


    They're touring with Thunder next year

    Ben Jamin



    LMONKEY2 new album is out now , with Ronnie woods son Jesse on guitar and it’s sounding fine 🤙

  35. Pat Hearne


  36. eugejnr1

    magic vid..magic band...magic rip off by the the boyz next door
    you guessed...freezeplay crew!!

  37. Fran MC

    Such an underrated band, this band are awesome :)

    Ꮢզեցզդց ՊզԼᎥβմ

    and the band Schtumn song skydiver

  38. Andrea Scarso

    I MISS 'EM A LOT!! 

  39. belyla

    sounds like black crowes...!!!

    Mike Mckenna

    belyla nah, the Crowes sound like Reef.

  40. Fran MC

    It's music like this that should be in the charts at number 1, not the crap that's in the charts now!

  41. gamechanger97

    rogue trader!


    That's because a lot of today's yoof has musical dyslexia!!!

  43. Paul Aspel

    that really is something special!

  44. Angii1989

    Gibt's ne deutsche Übersetzung? Find nix

  45. bela koren

    EZ ZENE !!!!

  46. First Last

    badly produced

  47. trex0021

    and now 2 months later, JB & NM is up to 115 million and this is up to 21,000...

  48. mandaqu

    here too. Utter nonsense.

  49. mandaqu

    I know :-(

  50. mandaqu

    Staggeringly underrated

  51. mcfee

    dear 16 year old Me
    It will always be an awesome song, by a great band. Fi xx

  52. trex0021

    this song 18,173 views, Justin Bieber & Nicki Manaj 27,364,906 views <---this is the problem with society

  53. devilive14

    I Like the way this guy moves and my only solce whenever I miss my good ol' band, although it wasn't really great but sure was fun and well made me feel alive

  54. devilive14

    Oh and BTW whenever I'm down this song lights me up Period:)

  55. devilive14

    Well I guess it's coming up only in my part of the world but fuck you vevo for advertising some bollywood shit before a Reef song

  56. MrSpidermat

    I absolutely love love this song! Reef are a top band!

  57. Lee Metcalfe

    forgot how immense this tune was...luv the na na na's

  58. swedishHEZmafia

    why did music have to change? D:

  59. James .Claxton

    love this song best ever

  60. SadBoyJon

    Brilliant :D Great video, great song.

  61. close2bone

    un grandissimo gruppo, e questo pezzo è quasi terapeutico!

  62. close2bone

    mee too my friend, mee too! respect

  63. brucethebadger

    Just announced Australian dates, schweeeeeeet!

  64. Wisanlaya B

    Perfect. Period.

  65. dgmg7

    This is a top, top tune!!!

  66. blittlewill

    Awsome band! I hope one day they come to Mexico!

  67. GazzaPepp

    grazie per aver creato finalmente questo canale, per il mio gruppo preferito, esattamente nel giorno del mio compleanno! il regalo piu' bello che abbia mai ricevuto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. David Stokes

    Great song.