Reef - I Do Not Know What They Will Do Lyrics

Oh are they getting along
Are they singing us songs
They must have number one

Oh is he cutting his hair
They don't look like they care
They are going nowhere

Oh I do not know what they will they do

Are you all twisted inside
We don't want no more rides
We want cola and fries

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Reef I Do Not Know What They Will Do Comments
  1. David Morrissey

    The greatest live ever... just a quality band 🤘🤘🥁

    Andreas Stock

    a real cool band a reef cool band :) ..i love them for a long time...and they get better and better...great !!!

    David Morrissey

    Totally mate..i 've seen them live 10 times been a fan since 1995

  2. Andreas Stock

    great track ... go and watch this band live and you understand what it is about ...

    David Morrissey

    Andreas Stock great comment🤘

    Theres a great fan group on fb called cinnamon lane dedicated to reef🤘