Reef - Hiding Lyrics

Hiding from the faces that we know
Riding to the places we have grown

And I walk in the sun but my feet are damp
And I speak with the folk like my fathers son
And my feet they are worn but they're comfortable
Let our fathers sing this

Hiding oh don't you want to go away?
I'm feeling that I'm far away today
I'm feeling that I'm far away today

There will come a time to sing
After days of being still

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Reef Hiding Comments
  1. DrStrangeLove

    This is one of the greatest most underappreciated songs ever written. And his vocal range is epic. It really should've been released as a single

  2. tony kendall

    great song, sad that reef didn,t carry on, they were up there for a while.

  3. Dan Macleavy

    Used to think reef was a huge band I’m so confused