Reef - Come Back Brighter Lyrics

Been down, but I've come back brighter,
Sun hurts me, if I try to fight her,
I won't be sat here waiting,
I won't be sat here waiting,
I won't be sat here waiting for it,
So come and take me on.

Sometimes, the black hole's inside ya,
But if you can just lighten up yourself,
It will make you stronger,
I won't be sat here waiting,
I won't be sat here waiting,
I won't be sat here waiting for it,
So come and take me on.

Get up...
I've been down, but I've come back brighter,
Sun hurts me, if I try to fight her,
I won't be sat here waiting [x3]
For you, so come and take me,
So come and take me on and on and on...

I've been down...

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Reef Come Back Brighter Comments
  1. Master Dan


  2. Master Dan

    Omg this song pulled me out of my darkness last night! I used to LOVE LOVE this song around 97 or 98 whenever it was released. I NEED decent speakers now coz this bad boy needs TURNING UP!

  3. Bart Leysen

    What's the meaning of this clip? I desperately want to know.

  4. tagarafula

    So remind me of winter 1996/97.....................................

  5. 666rocko

    great band and song, loved the throwing the american flag into the sun during the height of brit pop

  6. KellboRose

    Havent heard this song in agessss, love it!

  7. Revol. Nona

    Thank you for everything Reef 🌻✌🌅🌠

  8. Ian Holmes

    Great song.

  9. Bull God

    Good music doesn't age.

  10. small Talk LIVE!


  11. Eloise Xo

    Banging song

  12. semperf1dude

    I said this before but this track just drags me out of my hole of depression and lifts me to another place - thank reef for that

  13. truckinhell

    Stringer’s vocals are kick ass.

  14. p ma

    TOP CHOON. Turn up to 11.

  15. mark hanley

    I saw Reef at Glastonbury in 2000.Absolutely brilliant live band and local lads from Street in Somerset.

  16. Ciaron Mackle

    Love this..

  17. jonathan welch

    Reef Rock X

  18. 5-String rebel

    Space is fake.!

  19. der superfetch

    This is probably kinda REAL HOT SHIT !

  20. reggie gimmix

    I'm into hip hop...have been for over 30 years ...however I do like other artists/songs but they've really got to have something special to make me sit up and notice. Reefs' first album was the first rock album I bought. I love pretty much love the whole LP great music and singing. Don;t think they got enough publicity and backing as they should have. I like a few other rock albums too and they are right up there with the best of them. Yer old is great too... hell they all are.

  21. Ivan Andreev

    Fckn amazing band ! Cheers

  22. Scott Galpin

    Saved my life more then once...

  23. deadlift75 illegitimi non carborundum

    2:20 epic🇺🇸🤣

  24. deadlift75 illegitimi non carborundum

    The nasa was never on the moon,but Reef they have been there.🇬🇧🚀🌚⭐

  25. Tom McBraffin


  26. Overtime Freak

    Great music.....

  27. TimDFullman

    Loved this band from the start!

  28. Shivani Singh

    #FalconHeavy 2018

  29. Enrico Mazzone

    watching that almost in 2018

  30. Chris Crouch

    Please play in Gloucester would blow the roof off at the Guildhall

  31. Jezza Woolgar

    So so under rated.. one of the best.. now what do we have.. crap contrived bands that can't play a penny whistle lol

  32. Soundwave Woop

    Still fucking awsome

  33. Paul Quinn

    Seen them live in Glasgows Carling Academy many years ago, even helped Gary Stringer get back up on stage after he done some crowd surfing, Amazing band & great live!

  34. Amanda H

    just been to see these guys. They were amazing

  35. Simon Clements

    watching this in 2017!!!

  36. alan merc

    i like luvie 1980

  37. Paul

    Watching this in 2017 :D

  38. 1977chopper

    Watching this in 2017

  39. Jonah Cousineau

    2017 :)


    Jonah Cousineau yeah here we are in 2017..... This is still better than the shit about today!

  40. emre Özsümbül

    fucking brilliant song

  41. Kostia Denys

    Love this song)

  42. Arthur II vs. Liz II India's Mutiny

    had there first on tape in the mid 90s Reef is an anagram of Free the 70s band

  43. Paul

    Why has this only got 147,000 views !!

    Living The Dream

    If only we had Youtube in the 90's...

  44. WolfGrrl

    Watching this in 2016 !

  45. Daily Philippines

    reef rule

  46. Steve Clarke

    Ok ive just gone through every Reef song on YouTube, I lost my Glow cd years ago....I need a new one and blast it out in my car and let the memories come flooding back ;)

    Daily Philippines

    Haha same here

  47. florian b.b

    a fucking good sound .............

  48. Rohit Dhanorkar

    so less views? fuck...this song is so good!

  49. Fran MC

    One of the best bands to come from the UK.. Fucking (f**king) amazing song \m/


    there from the uk ?

    Mr E

    Indeed, they are from Glastonbury in England.

  50. Online Radio School

    Best song on the album..have it!

  51. Luvie1980

    I love this song and this band. I remember seeing this video on MTV2. I miss these guys and the 90s. 

    Marcus Smith

    @Luvie1980 Totally agree.. awesome awesome band..

    Johnathan Russell

    Luvie1980 seen em twice just have epilepsy and 1 of there tunes just sparked a memorable occasion and tunes from the time them and the strokes n gomez x

    Feo Lender

    everyone who was there misses the 90s

  52. Deep Thought

    Love this song and the band

  53. andyahp

    Does anybody know where I can find the acoustic version to this?  There is one, it was a B side on the single.  I can't find it anyway...


    @andyahp, alright matey, did you have any joy with that?

    I know the track is on the Reef - Collection (Acoustic Radio Session) album.  No body has uploaded it anywhere so far, but it seems it can be downloaded from most places like Amazon & Virgin:

    Hope that helps.

  54. John Morris

    uplifting track ! love it ))) My favourite post break up song !!

  55. Verucarock

    We need more like them! Un saludo desde Madrid :)

  56. Longboardsinglefin

    Never thought much of em in the 90s.
    But I was a spoilt prick in the 90s! Saw them play Cornwall last year - they are on of the greatest ROCK acts you will ever see.

    Mehmet Gorgun

    +Longboardsinglefin you werent spoiled,there was so much shit too choose from in the 90's you didn't care much about smaller bands,now you understand they were fucking amazing..i know cause i'm in the same boat :))


    Nor me. I never liked Place your Hands and consequently never bothered with them. Saw them at Rambling Man this year and have totally changed my mind. Great set and as heavy as you want.


    I agree, you were

  57. IrishPlaneSpotter

    How does this only have 31,000 views? A great band and a great song. Talk about underrated!

  58. Acoustic Music Now

    Great band. Great album. Great song. Nuff said!

  59. DannyDyer85

    I fuckin' love 90's!

  60. weewilliewagtail

    Start sounds a bit like Skynyrd.

  61. Jamie Clarke

    I didn't know Beiber played the drums for Reef...

  62. macalauresmuse

    Could not agree more. Been down but we've come back brighter, oh yeah!

  63. Braincleaner

    the perfect song for the moment you finally get over "it"

  64. shaggadelik

    One of the greatest bands of all time, big love!

  65. asdcwhynot

    grande band

  66. Bill Smith

    Good shout min

  67. james Thompson

    Great song. Awesome band. Boys move yer arse and come to aberdeen

  68. Andreas mathiassen

    this song reminds me of my life....

  69. Jürgen Buscher

    Gorgeous voice.

  70. Totoya

    I miss the 90's

  71. petejammo88

    I remember buying this album in 97 I've still got it and listen to it still 90's indie is the best

  72. briolius maximus

    sun setting reef rocking looe fest at its best

  73. Chilli Whippet

    Playing at Looe Fest this year in Cornwall. Happy days.

  74. Skye Cripps

    Love reef so much. Album Glow <3 ahhhh Wish they had more stuff

  75. Alistair Mcmillan

    i take it you've only listened to two of reef's songs then?

  76. Leanne Shanks

    For surely one of the best bands EVER!

  77. mason jakeollie

    Where have they gone??????

  78. Jote Man

    Criminally underrated band.

  79. Llewelyn LaVista

    How great were Reef? Not just for the 'TFI Friday' thing either. This is a nice, optimistic piece of music too :) \m/

  80. vedat ulu

    90's miss u

  81. Ethan Flavell

    there on the moon...why you say
    because it's Reef!

  82. Sean Hussey

    This really needs more views

  83. TheNibbsy

    1 of the best ever.

  84. mark rigg

    Fucking A track!! Love all of reef's music!!

  85. aldhous

    Classic track, but is... is... is that a tank top?

  86. Martin Wilczek

    ou yeah, living memories! :) Been down yeah, but I've come back brighter.