Reed, Lou - Good Evening Mr. Waldheim Lyrics

Good evening Mr.Waldheim
And Pontiff how are you?
You have so much in common
In the things you do

And here comes Jesse Jackson
He talks of Common Ground
Does that Common Ground include me
Or is it just a sound?

A sound that shakes
Oh Jesse, you must watch the sounds you make
A sound that quakes
There are fears that still reverberate

Jesse you say Common Ground
Does that include the PLO?
What about people right here right now
Who fought for you not so long ago?

The words that flow so freely
falling dancing from your lips
I hope that you don't cheapen them
with a racist slip

Oh Common Ground
Is Common Ground a word or just a sound?
Common Ground
Remember those civil rights workers buried in the ground

If I ran for President
And once was a member of the Klan
Wouldn't you call me on it
The way I call you on Farrakhan

And Pontiff, pretty Pontiff
Can anyone shake your hand?
Or is it just that you like uniforms
And someone kissing your hand

Or is it true
The Common Ground for me includes you too?
Oh, oh, is it true
The Common Ground for me includes you too?

Good evening Mr.Waldheim
Pontiff how are you?
As you both stroll through the woods at night
I'm thinking thoughts of you

And Jesse you're inside my thoughts
As the rhythmic words subside
My Common Ground invites you in
Or do you prefer to wait outside

Or is it true
The Common Ground for me is without you
Or is it true
The Common Ground for me is without you
Oh is it true
There's no Ground Common enough for me and you

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Reed, Lou Good Evening Mr. Waldheim Comments
  1. CB Primeaux

    Mr. Rathke this thing still has legs.

  2. titaniumpecker

    Jesse Jackson is and always was a piece of shit. Thanks Lou for setting the record straight.

  3. Jack Cade

    Bonfire of the vanities. New York in the 1980's!

  4. DuosHabet

    I had the chance to see him on that album tour in Paris, it was crazy, I was 22, he played for almost 4 hours. Great musician, a great poet too, and an amazing witness of his time. Legend, RiP Mr Reed

  5. sallymclannan smith

    he just kills it no ground common enough for me and you

  6. Opinunate ted

    I had no idea that Reed took this well-deserved slap at Jesse Jackson.
    Jackson made much of having worked with MLK. Hut I read King's biography, and Kind got so mad at Jackson that he once said: "I know that you are trying to build a career, but you are not going to build it on me."
    When Obama won the domination, Jackson insulted him, kill whatever career he had left.
    Then there was Jackson embraced (physically and publicly) both Yassir Arafat and Lois Farrakhan, and was heard in public calling New York City "Hymie-town." One of those things one could overlook, but all three of them, that paints a damming picture.

  7. Barry Wyman

    The whole album 😊👌

  8. E.P. R. Bowe


  9. Colin Cleveland

    I heard this album in 1989 I think, it was my introduction to American politics.
    It's been a pretty interesting 30 years.

  10. Paolo Brama

    What a great great song!

  11. dean b

    Farrakkan still spreading his hatred of Jews 30 yrs after this song

  12. william cleary

    Great stuff...excellent album

  13. Guilherme Larangeira

    so relevant in this day and age.Mr Waldheim has many incarnations

  14. jaslinc

    Common; Workers; Masses; Unwashed; Plebes; Useless Eaters; Drag on th 'Conomy (Must kill so mine will eat. Darwin 'n' Jesus).

  15. Wasko Maleducado

    common ground,does that include me?

  16. Jake Riley

    And Pontiff, how are you?

  17. Marek Orbęt

    Listening in 2018

  18. 68404

    Obama associating with Farrakhan's Nation Of Islam - covered up by the Democrats

  19. Jan H Hansen

    Lou Reed didn´ t like Jesse Jackson much!

    Wasko Maleducado

    it is more about rasict bullsh.

  20. Drew Bennett

    "If I ran for President and once was a member of the Klan
    Wouldn't you call me on it?"
    Ironic with David Duke running for the Senate and the lack of people calling him out. Damn I wish Lou were alive.

    dean b

    He got like 12 votes. So the sensible thing to do is panic and virtue signal

    Opinunate ted

    Drew: Don't forget that the line ends "Like I did with Farrakhan"
    He nailed it. But some folks still don't get it.

  21. What's it to you

    As a rock n roller, and as a Jew, I adore Lou Reed for this song

    lee-ann hellner

    As a rock n roller & a Gentile, I adore Lou Reed for this song.

  22. Erik Lawaetz

    this guy should be on manhattan,a large statue instead of the statue of biggotry.damn straight....

  23. Erik Lawaetz

    Lou Lou Lou.i still miss you.

    Ana Ružević

    U2 & Eric Clapton, to be more precise.Sorry for I don't miss you.

    Erik Lawaetz

    I wish i could say i understand your messages. but U2 and Eric Clapton?what the......?

    Erik Lawaetz

    be more specific

    Erik Lawaetz

    I love the old U2 stuff.and some of the old yardbirds material.i do miss that period.

    Erik Lawaetz

    i simply wrote,Lou i still miss you,because ,the loss of Lou Reed is still present in most peoples life.we lost 1 of the greatest songwriters.hope that clears things up 4 you.

  24. Andrew Barns

    Feeling a bit like a 2016 campaign song right now, civil rights workers, Pontiffs, Klan members................

    dean b

    Marxism is evil. Period

  25. SuperStuey2

    Pretty Pontiff.......LOL

  26. aphinnious

    Mike Rathke - like a boss.

  27. Paul Desca

    Spliff time 09.08

  28. Shane McFee

    mr Lou.... you were not aloud to die. You are immortal. and this song is great!

  29. rosalyre

    "There are fears that still reverberate"

  30. sissy tv

    this song cracks me up,so true and yet so hard 4 people tó grasp.lou....its true you were ahead of our time.RIP.

  31. Ellen Diane

    wonderful:)                   RIP

    Ellen Diane

    +Ellen Diane how apt!

  32. mottthehoople684

    Great lyrics...bottom line...we are full of shit...wecome to the human race!

  33. ken hunter

    stinging lyrics I love rock music  lou you were sound.

  34. Nassos Sanneiv


  35. jerry murphy

    Some of my all time fave lyrics from Lou. Great song...great album.

  36. Chazzguy2010

    This song sucks to high fuckin hell1 RIP you dog.

    Jonathan Gerard

    Damn, you are an ass


    Truth hurts, doesn't it?

    Ervin Svoboda

    read the book of Acts save your soul my friend

  37. 10 Hammers

    I miss you already.

  38. wolfmanjim

    Yes. After Kurt Waldheim wartime record was exposed he had a controversial meeting with the Pope.

    Colin Cleveland

    Comes the revolution brother, we'll strangle the last King with the guts of the last Pope.

  39. bigcountrykris4444

    Great song, lou is a legend & will be missed RIP, genius.

  40. BrasseLimburg

    But what's up with that 'pontiff'? Was he referring to the pope?

    Opinunate ted

    brass: Yes. The pope at the time was John Paul the second.

  41. Jonocynic9

    Goodnight Mr Reed, thanks for the music and the social commentary, you will be missed.

  42. bama VOX

    RIP Brilliance.

  43. Trina Resnik

    R.I.P. We're gonna miss you!

  44. tie oneon

    racism is racism

    Reed is calling it out

  45. noelle fairweather

    great tune..great lyrics..blowtorch guitar.

  46. vanNieuburg

    When I was in the army, they even put the austrian flag on half-mast when Waldheim (he was officer of the Wehrmacht and knew about war crimes, but became president of the 2. Republic though) died.

  47. ursula wolter ulf wolter phc berlin

    --------- --------- ----
    OK; I will ask my mother et al, with/without justice acc. ID Accusation/Publications, Notifications /Casus Alliierten Killer Waldheim too, Nazi pig HD Gensher (und seine braunen Schnallen); bepisste amnestie/y ernas. Lion Baeckerei/uni/kiosk/springer(sven simon)/Autodafé.. VETO "Die zur 'Befreiung des deutschen Volkes vom Nationalsozialismus und Militarismus' erlassenen Rechtsvorschriften, werden von den Bestimmungen dieses Grundgesetzes nicht beruehrt" Art 139 Gg Abs 1

  48. ursula wolter ulf wolter phc berlin

    a good band aid to more justice, as amnestie/y (sic!?), but why the waldheim ID notifications/publications in killing cases, censorship, sexism, deprivation, breaking the oath of citizen, office, (Meineid Staasbuerger, m/w, or? open Casus A Hitler/Eva Braun, NSDAP/japsen war criminals, Amtsinhaber islamisten, all turkeyes here) are still not made successful. What is a second crime, f.i. is fa waldheim since 1944 on the Scotland Yard files, CIA/KGB, Berlin Document Center.

  49. DawnOfTheDead991

    not any more

  50. kris s

    get em lou! totally lou on all four cylinders! 'good evening pontiff how are u?' HA!

  51. DawnOfTheDead991

    Now we have a real nazi pope

  52. Absurdia

    well okay. it's a matter of taste.

  53. DawnOfTheDead991

    BS, it's a great album

  54. Absurdia

    it's not underrated. it's just a bad album.

    Wasko Maleducado

    make someting better than.

    Ryan McAnalen

    @Wasko Maleducado than what?

  55. casa vacanze PODERE FIORETTO

    you have to listen all album in vinyl..most underated lp ever

  56. MrMickthemonster

    I gotta say, this is a bitch to try and play along to!

  57. MrMickthemonster

    Love it.

  58. Ian Thal

    The names may be circa 1988, but the problem Lou is singing about is still real.

    Jonathan Gerard

    Farrakhan in back in the news with antisemitism.

  59. MrTomphy

    one of best LP ever!!

  60. Clive Marcus

    Rabinowitz! That's the name of my maternal grandparents :)

  61. Ian Springham

    @allenbroadway next thing, we'll find out that he was not entirely heterosexual or clean-living ...

  62. Brian Eno



  63. pkotowski

    "Jesse you say common ground, does that include the PLO?"

  64. alcarr99

    whisky110, I agree with you. This is Lou's best
    album. I like much of his music over the years, but
    this album is so impressive. Lou makes you feel
    like you are there on a summer evening, hitting the
    streets to see what's going on. Someone turned me
    on to this album, in N.Y., when I was there in the early
    90's, and I've listened to it regularly ever since. Great
    post vivemaker, Thanks.

  65. Allen McLaughlin

    I played this to death in '89 too. I dunno.... I still think it's Lou's best album !

  66. Dewey Trux

    I'll always think of my brother John when I hear this track.

  67. punkrocker1974

    I love it