Reed, Jerry - She's Got The Gold Mine (I Got The Shaft) Lyrics

Well I guess it was back in '63
When eatin' my cookin' got the better of me
So I asked this little girl I was goin' with to be my wife

Well she said she would
So I said "I do"
But I'da said "I wouldn't"
If I'da just knew how sayin' "I do"
Was gonna screw up all of my life

Well the first few years weren't all that bad
I'll never forget the good times we had
Cause I'm reminded every month when I send her the child support

Well it wasn't too long till the lust all died
And I'll admit I wasn't too surprised
The day I come home and found my suitcase sittin' out on the porch

Well I tried to get in
She changed the lock
Then I found this note taped on the mailbox that said
"Goodbye turkey. My attorney will be in touch"

So I decided right then and there
I was gonna do what's right
Give 'er her fair share
But brother
I didn't know her share was gonna be that much

She got the goldmine (She got the goldmine)
I got the shaft (I got the shaft)
They split it right down the middle
And then they give her the better half
Well it all sounds sorta funny
But it hurts too much to laugh
She got the goldmine, I got the shaft

Now listen, you ain't heard nothin' yet
Why they give her the color televison set
Then they give her the house
The kids
And both of the cars

Well then they started talkin' about child support
And the costs to the court
Didn't take me long to figure out how far in the toilet I was

I'm tellin' ya they have made a mistake
Cause it adds up to more than this cowboy makes
Besides, everything I ever had worth takin' they've already took

While she's livin' like a queen
On alimony
I'm workin' two shifts
Eatin' baloney
Askin' myself, "Why didn't you just learn how to cook?"

They give her the goldmine, (She got the goldmine)
They give me the shaft (I got the shaft)
They said they're splittin' it all down the middle
But she got the better half
Well, it all sounds mighty funny
But it hurts too much to laugh
She got the goldmine, I got the shaft

Well, she got the goldmine, (She got the goldmine)
I got the shaft (I got the shaft)
They split it all down the middle
And then they give her the better half
Well, I guess it all sounds funny
But it hurts too much to laugh
She got the goldmine, I got the shaft

Heh, heh. Hey ain't kidding. I got the shaft
But I don't have to worry about totin' a billfold anymore
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
I let my wife tote it, I'm gonna be carryin' food stamps
You get it judge?
I'm gonna be indebted
That's not funny, huh?
Contempt of court?
What do you mean I'm
Listen judge, I'm just kiddin'
I mean
You can't get blood out of a turnip, can ya? (Ha ha ha)

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Reed, Jerry She's Got The Gold Mine (I Got The Shaft) Comments
  1. Dave Clemens

    One of the very best finger picking story tellers ever, I am glad to have lived in the era of great musicians and bands.

  2. Andrew Wright

    I saw him live in the late nineties and the male band members put on wigs and sing the high parts. Great showmanship, great concert.


    This "matter of factual" song inspired me to NEVER get married. Now, all these years later, I'm very happy that I never did. Thank you Snowman!!!
    To this day, this continuing evidence of the corrupt and "anti-man" family courts is the reason that marriage rates are at the lowest they've ever been in over 100 years. Look it up.

  4. Daniel Daniels

    Every time I hear this song I’m reminded why I never remarried

  5. john iorio

    watta those rollin 3rds, jer!!!...smoother than a 63 caddy!...she probably got that too,eh?

  6. Norse Pagan Perspective

    50 ex wives thumbed down

  7. Nick Farside

    Grew up on you, I would never say some one was under-rated, because we love it and what else matters.... sign me up for Jerry Reed hall of fame! Seriously, cant we make it happen.

  8. Nicky mullally



    i heard it as a kid but NEVER KNEW HOW REAL it was. Now I am one of those statistics.

    Daniel Daniels

    LIVE AT THE OC TAVERN same here. Wish I’d have heeded his warning

  10. 79tazman

    Jerry is such a bad ass

  11. DeistPaladin

    The funniest argument I ever heard on the whole gay marriage debate we had as a country last decade was when someone wrote into CNN this comment:
    "As a divorced man, I see no reason gay people need constitutional protection from the heartbreak and financial ruin that I had to endure. I say if gay people are dumb enough to get married, let 'em learn the hard way."

  12. Tina Patton

    She wrote, "So long Turkey. Mah 'ttorney will be in-turch!"

  13. STUDIO BENCIVENGA Marcus Bencivenga

    he is too cool for country

  14. Alabama Woodsman

    "Are you gonna be my girl?" ripped off Reed!

  15. msw51995

    This song is historically accurate the man gets fucked over and has to pay the mortgage on the house she lives in. That's a fact I know a guy that happened to

  16. nicholas bradferd

    in 1982, this song served as a protest song against Californya's Divorce laws, purpitrated by a robotic bartender named dc2, who has since become the first robot to be arrested.

  17. Rebel Dean

    Brilliant performance. Whats great performer he was!!



  19. Manfacility Metal Works

    Rest in piece Snowman. Legend

  20. larry thomas

    Snowman & Bandit together again!!!!

  21. garcemac

    Damn. I grew up with country music and the blues. Shit has changed. And not for the better.

  22. Don Emerson


  23. Jim Bob

    Back in the days when you could get good bennies! Jerry seems wound tighter than an old pocketwatch.

  24. John Guilfoil

    jerry reed could pick his ASS off

  25. Rose Blake

    He was just so darn cute !!!! He seemed like he was everyone’s best friend and then there’s the talent.

  26. Xavier Xavier

    I said I DO once and now I say I Don’t one lives and learns from his mistakes but the best part is I have a Wonderful daughter she’s worth all the money in the world to me. ❤️

  27. Jimi Hendrix

    This Guy was SO NASTY and GENIUS !!
    SUCH a LEGEND !!!

  28. 79tazman

    Jerry Reed was such a bad ass and a hell of a guitar picker

  29. Anthony Hollis

    i can relate to this song...

    Daniel Daniels

    Anthony Hollis you and every other divorced American father

  30. bobtailvw22

    When rap was invented and made sense

  31. John Morris

    Jerry - what a writer, what a talent !!!

  32. robichaux73

    I lived it!

  33. Christine Plymouth

    Listen to the Snowman, never get married !

  34. Dave Matthews

    Ahhhhhhhh Snowman

  35. sreg52

    it seems like many people missed this one little thing about Jerry don't get me wrong he was GREAT but by the time he wrote and sold this song he had already written 20 hits for a little know picker by the name of chet atkins

  36. FNHot

    Divorce laws have been skewed towards women, for FAR FAR too long. This song is too true, for too many pointlessly broken men.


    Snakes with tits as they say 🙂

  38. borderlord


  39. Don Matejek

    Very talented man!

  40. Jeff Riles


  41. warntheidiotmasses

    How many fools should be watching this before this Sunday's wedding day? Right now...100,000?

  42. K Stewart

    She was sitting on the gold mine, sort of, and got the shaft.

  43. Randy McClure

    Why didn't I just learn how to cook!

  44. Christine Plymouth

    Don't get married you stupid bastards !

  45. Walter Condi

    Jerry makin that guitar talk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Walter Condi

    A mans man!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ya know what im sayin? Jerry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Stephen Hunt

    Pickin and grinnin!

  48. Chuck Coffer

    Jerry Reed invented rap.

  49. John Boggs

    R I P Jerry Reed

  50. ELVISRN1

    23 thumbs down???MUST BE ALL LADIES.


    Who all had exes who didn't have 2 nickels to rub together....


    Jerry Reed, pure talent and one of a kind.... We miss you Jerry......

  52. Ares Apollo

    Is he rapping?

    Union Pacific Railfan

    No he's not

    Union Pacific Railfan

    He's a country singer not a Rapper

  53. Laraine McNee

    Trevor Stewart driver class 5 test

  54. Redskull

    if only I heard this 30 years ago lol

  55. B81 Mack

    L-O-V-E Jerry Reed!!!

  56. Jerry T

    Countless people wonder why I have never gotten married. Well, I can't even afford me. I'm working 2 shifts
    eating spaghetti without being divorced.

  57. David Thurmond

    That's all the men can do learn how to cook lol get yer done jerry

  58. David Thurmond

    Nothing like food stamps and bolana lol that's all that's left when the judge gets down with the man lol

  59. Victor Parker

    Men are finally learning. Go Red Pill / MGTOW.

    John Lothrop

    Red Pill Nation.

  60. Snowman374th

    Well I sang this one pretty good in 1992... lol She took it all!

  61. seattwa

    At this time he had gotten to be known as more of a comic song writer and performer like Jim Stafford and Ray Stevens. But in reality he was one of the great guitar pickers and performers in country music! An exquisitely talented and well respected player!

  62. Derek B

    "You guys wanna get me outta this!?... think of something really clever!" ... the best way to end a song, ever!

  63. Panurgic 01

    One of the greatest guitarists ever... Miss the Snowman...


    Panurgic 01 Amen💙😇

    Joe Ledbetter

    Panurgic 01 Damn I hope that guitar was 18...

    Walter Condi

    dam right

    Gottlieb Goltz


  64. Mr Davis

    I had the great opportunity to se Jerry Reed live and he was one super good performer.

    Susan Sargent

    He was a natural clown also. Very funny. They had a hard time filming bandit one and two he had every one in stitches


    Mr Davis Wow !!!! What an amazing experience that must have been !! 🤙🏻

  65. Chris Bienz


  66. akkudakkupl

    Holy sheet Snowman, you can pick that guitar!

  67. instructme

    Thinkyouknowmusic on Twitter brought me here.

  68. Carla Snook

    Oh for the Days when singers -really- sang !!!!!!!!!

  69. eagle starkiller

    Go snowman go!

  70. GFM

    All time one of the greatest legends of country music!

  71. Paul Ewing


  72. Byron Benguche'

    Jerry Reed was hip hop he was ahead of his time his rhyme flow us better than these rappers out here now


    Byron Benguche' Don’t listen to the dumb asses who don’t understand music. You’re absolutely right. He was indeed rhyming and flowing well ahead of his time. Eminem eat your heart out!

    Captain Buzzkill

    He was always a phenomenal musicisn but his songwriting was off the charts. The guy was a born entertainer. Very fortunate for anyone in the crowd who got to see that show.

    Erik Pederson

    Highly respected guitar player.great jazz player too.


    @Jed K we dont need your comments you idiot waterboy

    Brent Barnhart

    @msw51995 LMAO love it

  73. Jorge Callico

    Love that pickin & singin!
    Lord Mr Reed you were the coolest! Whether stage, singing, pickin or actin?

    He was the coolest country act of the era.

  74. Mgtow

    Being a bachelor is cheaper & less drama. Go Mgtow!

    John Lothrop

    Fuck yeah MGTOW

    josh summers

    @John Lothrop I agree.

    josh summers

    Mgtow MGTOW for life.

  75. Ed Hughes

    What a great talent he was

  76. Clap Forboobies

    Funny the audience only recognized it when they played the guitar intro even though he announced the song

  77. Biff Roberts

    And NOW you know why I never married. lmfao

    eric killed joey boots

    Biff Roberts I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that you weigh 400 pounds and your so fat you have almost grown into your chair or that you probably have some creeper glasses and a ratty ponytail. The fact that your 40 and still work at game stop and you have a weird obsession with world of Warcraft and a collection of toys from the 80s and a computer full of bronie porn that you fap to every night. Nope none of that it was your decision not to get married I'm sure😏

  78. Rick Pettit

    too right

  79. Knoxville Hermit FREE Movies, Music and More

    Funny song!

  80. MountainMan1478

    Waaay back when this song was released my mother heard it and decided that this mess was not going to happen to her son Soooo she began teaching me how to take care of myself BUT what the hell did i do Yup i went off and racked up 2 divorces Thank God i did not end up paying out alimony due to the fact i was mean about the whole damn mess & said Oh Hell No i aint giving you a red cent GET A JOB No kids = no child support


    You know it Muzaffar


    We teach people how to treat us. I had a p.o.s. ex who wouldn't work. He was an addict, abusive (verbally, physically and emotionally), a cheat, user, etc.... It was my fault. I chose to stay. FOR 20 YEARS. Made me mean. But i realized I allowed it to happen. No matter how much i cried, begged and cussed. No change. What we allow will continue. It wasn't him I needed to change it was me. I got what i allowed. Will never let it happen again because it was a lesson I will never forget. When I realized that, I was no longer mean. No longer mad. No matter how much of an asshole the person is, we have a hand in it.....because we can always walk away from what isn't right. I don't have it all figured out, but I'm learning.


    My heart goes out to you Adrienne for all that you went through with that ex. However you are right we allow it to continue IF we let it i did the best i could at the time with the relationships i have had in the past and i hope you have someone in your life now that treats you right and cares for you unconditionally.

    Harry Kuheim

    Women talk big until it comes time to go out the door every morning to a Job for Life

    josh summers

    MountainMan1478 you're not a complete dumbass.

  81. Paul Singer


  82. Josef K


    Muzaffar Krylov

    Josef K -Tons! ☆☆☆☆☆

  83. Thomas Hoover

    Great song, great delivery.

  84. Red Sox

    He was awesome!!

  85. Art Hynes

    Those Cats Could Play.......

  86. KJ kayjay

    the all around talent of Jerry! Miss you man.

    espen carlsen

    I miss him too but then again I miss the 70`s and 80^s too. This world today is really messed up . Dont like it at all.

    steve s.

    @espen carlsen With a special thanks to obama.

    John Boggs

    I miss him too

  87. Mark Logan

    Pure GOLD!!!!😃

  88. Bradley J

    This is why you don't get married lol keep it country yah

    Brett Hunter

    Right on brother

    josh summers

    sounthernpride 98 the best thing that a man can do for himself is to stay single and go MGTOW.

    Kevin Miller

    To Josh Summers-Amem, b rother. Being single is the o- nly way to go. The minute a man gets married he may as well kiss everything (includi ng his money) goodbye, bec ause if he ever gets divorce- d he knows he's @ the merc
    y of the woman & the courts. Consequently by sta ying single I avoid that. God may have said It Is Not Goo d For The Man To Be Alone before He made Eve but I str ongly. By staying single a m an avoids this. Tis far better to be alone with a wallet full of money than to be drug in to court & be left penniless afterwards. Remember men, you were warned.

    Kevin Miller

    I left out the word disagree.

    Bradley J

    Do you guys know why divorce is so expensive. because it's worth it