Reed, Jerry - Miller's Cave Lyrics

Way down in the state of Georgia in the swamps and everglades
There's a big old hole on the backside of Tiger Mountain
God help the man who ever gets lost in Miller's Cave

Well I had me a gal in Waycross Georgia oh but she had unfaithful ways
God she made me feel feel like I was unwanted
Kinda like the bats and the bears that hang around Miller's Cave

Well I caught her out last Saturday evening with some dude everybody call Big Dave
Just the meanest man ever hit Waycross Georgia
Rather fight me a big old mountain lion in Miller's Cave

So I said you're gonna pay both you and little baby
Woman I'm gonna see you see you in your grave
Well they laughed at me and oh Lord right before I shot them
Then I dragged their lyin' schemin' bones to Miller's Cave

Well I couldn't stand stand the way she done me
So I guess I showed her I was brave
The most wanted man to ever hit the state of Georgia
But they'll never find me because I'm lost in Miller's Cave

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Reed, Jerry Miller's Cave Comments
  1. Tony Hemingway

    It's still Bobby Bare's song.


    No disrespect to bobby but jerry owns this one.

  2. Ted Nugent

    The ppl who gave this a thumbs down have teeny tiny weeners man.

    Wooden Nickel

    Touch Up Thumbnail Paint Polish, Batman!!!!!!!

    Somebody just wanted to brake down it sounds me.

  3. James Maloy

    its don't get better

  4. Shane Stumpf

    I Love his version of this song!!!!

  5. Fred Lewis

    Jerry sure gives this song attitude :-)

  6. DodgeD100Sweptline65

    My dad sang to me as a baby. to put me a sleep. lol :)

  7. patricia ford

    is jerry reed still alive and his  he from ?ga.?

    James Maloy

    patricia ford no he's dead was from Cartersville ga

  8. angvelsan

    this album is really difficult to find?!

  9. Cooper Knight

    RIP Jerry Reed!!!! Viva La Republic!

  10. drivernjax

    Love Jerry Reed. At one time I had over 20 LPs by the man. In fact, I bought every album he put out for almost 20 years.

  11. drivernjax

    I'm not far away from you. I live in Brunswick, been to Waycross several times in my life.

  12. pias

    i like his style, reminds me of the funky rockabilly/country of Carl Perkins

  13. Bill22252

    Damn. Jerry Reed was awesome. His funky version of 16 tons is also awesome.

  14. JolleyRick

    I ask every one,
    "Where do you think those moths came from, out from under your hood... in the spring??"
    ...well they spend all winter, in hibernation, in a Cave in Georgia!!"
    "It's called ... MILLER's CAVE"

    Oh, well..

    rick jolley
    Colorado Springs

  15. whatsthebigfndeal

    the guy that wrote this (jimmy walker) used to be my manager at the okeefenokee swamp park in waycross

    Lester Jewell

    whatsthebigfndeal nope jack clements wrote iy

  16. KillbillySpeedshop

    More like badass! Jerry ruled! Still does! Rip Snowman.

    Gary Kerns

    A thousand AMENS!