Reed, Jerry - Let's Sing Our Song Lyrics

Woman I can tell what's on your mind cause I can see the lovelight shine
You're wantin' me to settle down and quit all my ramblin' around
Oh woman this heart of mine just loves one day at a time
Tomorrow is a brand new song and I might be a movin' it on

So baby let's just sing our song while we're together
Let's don’t look no farther than today
Love me tonight just hold on tight and be my woman
And don’t let what we’re feelin' slip away

Baby you know that I ain't the kind
Who can settle down and walk on the line
And tomorrow I might be gone
So baby let's sing our song

Baby let's just sing our song while we're together...
Baby you know that I ain't the kind...

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Reed, Jerry Let's Sing Our Song Comments
  1. Christopher Cornish

    How could anyone not like this !!! Wonderful !!!

  2. Rune ᛟᛞᛁᚾ Forge

    Play me that sweet sweet Dixie music and my mind calms down.

  3. Scott de Voy

    Makes the hairs on my arm stand up! Fantastic

  4. WarlordStarfire

    here in 2019

  5. RaggarEddi Raggare

    What a fucking legend★★★★★

  6. Michael wolfenbarger

    My hero....I miss having this guy around.

  7. Rouxloubac

    I love it... LOVE

  8. hottman55

    hell yeah

  9. usranger76


  10. janejetsonbot

    what a musician!

  11. Ercan YILDIRIM

    we love you Snowman....

  12. Derek DesRoches

    best song in the univers

  13. Mason Leftwich


  14. honorabili

    My new favorite song! :D

  15. kyle morice

    good song