Reed, Jerry - It Don't Work That Way Lyrics

She's nothin' but a woman just another pretty face
You can find another girl to take her place
No use a makin' a fool of yourself you can find somebody else

But honey it don't work that way
I'm just kiddin' myself when I say
I'll forget someday
Cause honey real love it don't work that way

It looks mighty good this smile I wear actin' like I just don't care
If anybody mentions yesterday I just try to laugh it away

But honey it don't work that way...

I can walk around puttin' on airs tellin' everybody that I don't care
But it's hard to hide the pain inside when a lonely heart is missin' you
And the love that we once knew

Cause I've tried to take the memory of all the love you gave to me
And put it all out of my heart so I can make a brand new start

But honey it don't work...

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Reed, Jerry It Don't Work That Way Comments
  1. Anthony Misener

    Wow. Speachless

  2. Jamie Ashby

    One of the seminal albums of my childhood - knew all the words by the time I was 4 years old. Thanks for posting this!