Reed, Jerry - Home Sweet Home Lyrics

The ol' home town is sure in trouble
Looks like it must have doubled in city size since I've been gone
Neighbors all full of killing two million people willing
To die for something they have never known
The city streets of drunks and junk and stone
A heaven made of hell they call their home

Yes it's gone like the life of a child
When it turn its back on your mind
Tomorrow has no home sweet home
Look what they've done to mine
It just faded into time

Grandfather's watch he gave me is just another mem'ry
That I have kept the way it always was
And ever since he died it just wont run
I always knew I was his favorite one

That old house we used to live in the roof is falling in
Like every other one along the block
It took twenty years to pay and ten to rot
That says it's all just a better off forgot

Yes it's gone like the life of a child...

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Reed, Jerry Home Sweet Home Comments
  1. elaine correa

    and a Rodney Crowell song!

  2. elaine correa

    Love ya Jerry!

  3. Buddy Bishop

    Awww SON !!