Reed, Jerry - Gator Lyrics

He was raised in the swamp in back of a slough
He grew up eatin' rattlesnake meat drinkin' homemade brew
Now folks here about call him Gator and everybody knows him well
Meanest man ever to hit the swamp folks swear he come straight outta hell

Well Gator McKlusky's sittin' on a stump
Hammer pulled back on a twelve gauge pump
Watchin' that swamp lookin' out for the law
While he make the best corn liquor you ever saw
Rot gut whiskey

While he's makin' that mash he watches and he looks
Ol' Gator he knows that swamp like a book
Sumpin' out there movin' Gator whadda ya see
Ain't nothin' but the snakes and the gators and me

Everything's okey dokey in the Okefenokee
That sheriff ain't snoopin' around
So cook that moonshine down till it's good and clear
Everything's okey dokey in the Okefenokee
That sheriff he'd soon mess around with the devil
Than to get his self alone messin' around in here

One day he was cookin' some mash he was almost done
When they spotted the law and they had to run
So he headed for the swamp and they followed him in
But the law might as well been a chasin' the wind
Look out for that snake sheriff

Well they chased him on back through the muck and the slime
To the back of that swamp where the sun don't shine
But the law won't never catch Gator my friend
Cause he knows that swamp like the back of his hand

Watch out boys old Smokey's in the Okefenokee
The sheriff's out there snoopin' around
So shut that business down and let's disappear
Look out boys old Smokey's in the Okefenokee
But that sheriff he's really gonna catch the devil
If he keeps on snoopin' around in here

Gator's in the swamp Sheriff go get him if you can
Careful Sheriff don't let that Gator bite you on your gonads

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Reed, Jerry Gator Comments
  1. Joshua Rand

    reminds me of charlie Daniels

  2. Yankee Cracker

    volume is to low.

  3. Bryant Pace

    Fucking a John Twitty 🖒🖒🖒🖒😎😎😎😎

  4. Mary R Guy

    Everything okey dokey in Okefenokkee!

  5. Kiley Smith

    Yep kinda gambled but not enough to find me nearly as entertaining as a few true ones that kept mind, except keep in their mind finally cost little to anyone so it was even less or mire but ive not finished my something. Pit copper viper preconceived notions or ideas may be tested and who's to say when and where ware theres
    Cause for any cowboys. OR. girls to pay attention to what is and isn't...

  6. Larry Rowe

    My grandpa had all his albums,not for his comedy,which he liked,but his guitar picking.

  7. 79tazman

    Gator is a awesome movie with Burt Reynolds and Jerry Reed so is the first movie White Lighting

  8. ktlewis42

    Well this brings back memories I think some really good beer and maybe a pack of cigarettes hand crank it up really loud and have me a Jerry Reed night

  9. chris swift

    Best part of the movie was this song. I think White Lightning is a better movie

  10. Kurt McKelvey

    🐊🐛 🐸🐍🐢 😕 👍

  11. adam short

    Rock GUT Whiskey 😂🇺🇸

  12. James Martin Russell

    I miss our Midnight talks Jerry. You A Killa Too. GOD BLESS YOU OLD FRIEND.

  13. J J

    296 dullards with no soul, how could anyone hit thumbs down on a JR song?
    Possibly the coolest man since Jesus

  14. Dale Griffim

    White boy rap

  15. Ralph Brady

    12 Gage Pump Dont Have @ HAMMER [email protected]#$%^&*(

  16. Phillip Selke

    My first day on the job at the FBI I was on the way down to headquarters when my personal cell phone rings. It was 1995 and cell phones were still a luxury. I managed to afford one by using it as a professional driver (taxis, sedans). I was ordered to an active scene by my new superior (or whomever it was). When I tired to protest I was snapped at and told that I had a cell phone so that if I knew WHAT WAS GOOD FOR ME I would get my ass down there and report. I am not at liberty to discuss further the events that followed at this time but I will say this; I handled my ass because I could and was decorated for it. I had no official training time, no service weapon, no vest... all I had was the 22 cal target shooting rifle for sport that I had promised my parents I would never fire at another human being. They fucked me by putting me right at the scene of an active investigation for buying a fancy gadget. Now I'm being harassed by police following all kinds of crazy "leads" about me. I need a fucking lawyer.🦊🖕

  17. Louis Edwards

    Hammer,on a12ga PUMP ? Boy I'd like to see that gun 😂 THANKS

    Charles Buckingham

    Louis Edward's check out 1940s shotguns with hammers, it's real, my dad had one yrs ago

    Charles Buckingham

    Model 1897 12 gauge pump shotgun

    Louis Edwards

    @Charles Buckingham C B right after my comment I did a Google search and was surprised to see one , Thanks for the heads up 🇺🇸

  18. Donny Harris

    Bad ass song by bad ass dude!

  19. Jovis

    a lot of his songs include some variation of "swamp", "gator", religious messages... and I love that accent of his. all very interesting for me as a non-American. I first heard his song in GTA and got really interested in this kind of music (is it country?), then I found out he was in a movie and watched "Smokey and the bandit". Brilliant guitarist, and I enjoy his vocals a lot.

  20. Don Hanson

    Jerry and Burt Were good Actors togeather RIP

  21. Tina Patton

    Cow Bell - Wah Wah Pedal - BIG Wang Bar - Wild Pickin' - Whisky Bar Grinnin' - Backwoods Rappin' - Reed's Back In!

    Go ahead ohn son...make it count.

  22. Ryan Neidlinger

    RIP Jerry and Burt...the snowman and the bandit...together again


    Like Fred & Ginger, Lester'n Earl...


    They were together in the movie Gator the name this song is from and made for

  23. Travis Toor

    When country was real

  24. Chris Booker

    276 thumbs down?!!? GD revenuers!!!

  25. Michael VIENS

    The original guitar man

  26. Jack Rowe

    Jerry Reed and Bill Dance fishing! Cracks me up.

  27. Luke Becker

    YEE HAW!!!!!!

  28. Mike Witcombe

    MAKE IT COUNT SON!!!!! 🇱🇷🤠🇱🇷👊🇱🇷🤘🇱🇷👍🇱🇷👌🇱🇷🤠🇱🇷

  29. Blake Scott

    Sounds like a South Georgia song to me...:-)

  30. Joe Bigs

    Jerry your a real legend we miss u

  31. jesseus jam

    fuck the laws

  32. Candid X

    He made it look so easy and natural. Sign of a master.

  33. chris swift

    Gator and white lightning are both great movies

  34. SGTJDerek

    I would absolutely love to build a tribute to Gator's LTD😆. Who even remembers that badass Ford?

    B Carpenter

    A buddy of mine just got his done.

  35. Sandra Bell

    Ya'll need to know that those assholes disappear in Wyoming and Montana!

  36. Kim Mousette

    Those where the days, My daddy least our Ga property to film a lot of Smokey and The Bandit. Best movie ever! They are both missed but I am sure they where missing the old days and didn't want to see what their beloved south is becoming!!! From a true 3rd and 4th gen Florida girl!!

  37. chris swift

    Gator and White Lightning are great movies

  38. Donald Gough

    Music son!!! Alabama crazy man

  39. Kevin Cunningham

    I need an airboat.

  40. Paul Orlando

    Another great burt movie!

  41. Roger Dale McKinney

    snowman and the Bandit are just two of the reasons why I've been Trucking for the last two decades

  42. Brent miller

    hammer pulled back on a 12 gauge pump hmmmm??


    Winchester 1897....

  43. ClassicSam71

    I got the Both Barrels album from my grandpa not long after it came out. The Ballad of Gator McKlusky was my favorite song.

  44. Tim Sweeney

    I’d love to see Gator Mcklusky Vs Amos Moses
    Would be one for the history books

    Lucas Torrez

    Tim Sweeney yes it would be a battle for the ages

  45. ChristianFreeman

    Everything's Okie Dokie in the Okefenokee!

  46. Harley's G GAR

    Jerry Reed one of the greatest country entertainer's that ever lived! RIP snowman!

  47. Sam Lambros

    Real men play guitar. SON!

  48. terripen


  49. Freddie Armstrong

    The Great SNOWMAN!!!!! I think THIS is the first RAP song....Think about it. Lol

  50. Jeffrey Simpkins

    When he catches a break,he's going to see Sugar Puddin for scrambled eggs and bacon and "biscuits".

  51. Jeffrey Simpkins

    Everythangs okely dokely in the okeefanokee if you know whose genuine and who is so full of dookey,their eyes oughta be brown.😁💩

  52. aokspage

    He grew up eatin rattlesnake meat....oh shit

  53. doughesson

    How many other singers showed up in an episode of Scooby Doo?

  54. Lego train dude

    Gator mcklusky sittin on a stump

  55. Tina Patton

    BOTH barrels - JERRY! - REED!

    BLAM BLAM!! Go ahead ohn son, make it count....

  56. Marilee Woods

    One of my favorite songs and movies lol Marilee shared worldwide

  57. Spencer Watson

    It makes happy and warms my heart that there’s 1.3 million hits on this

  58. R Todd Reid

    Def Def Leppard l


    Jerry i love you. Please look my Dad up up there and hang out cause he loved ya too.

  60. Soverign Cold-Steel

    Don't let that gator bite you on your gonads

  61. tunefultony johnson

    Jerry Reed was a marvel of nature, a pure professional singer/songwriter, absolutely in the same top league as other so-called "swamp singers" such as Tony Joe White, Charlie Daniels, and Ronnie Van Zant.....

  62. Lee love you ric your the man always Teer

    I love this song.

  63. valkor73

    rip burt reyonlds

  64. WIN RAR

    Like this for no reason

  65. William Hastings

    Telecaster + Univibe + Wahwah + Jerry Reed's gutteral voice = DONE.

  66. Sean Ingram

    Never heard this one before, until now. I have heard Amos Moses :)

  67. Marcus Blackwell

    James, you get the award for most informative music comment of the year. Kanye West buddy, I know you support Trump but this guy should be believed one hundred percent.

  68. ernestine maloy

    Cannot believe he used the word gonads in the song...takes a lot of balls to do that

    Ryan Lamfers

    Well it is jerry reed you know.

    ernestine maloy

    @Ryan Lamfers true and I guess he's giving the devil a hard time for how long now ?? Top jerry reed

    thomas Prior


  69. Jerry Steinfield

    Ya G O n a d s

  70. Joshua Pitz

    White Lightning

  71. Alberto Junior Chavez

    Dom DeLuise

  72. Evan Lips

    "I'mma gonna sing you a song, SON!"

    (Sit back, relax, put your mind in the swamp...)

  73. Brett Koeshall

    Jerry Reed will always be missed.

  74. Cheril

    Loved this movie, love the song and so admired his acting in this movie. I would have given him an award for supporting actor, he was that good.

  75. Trisha Doherty

    RIP Snowman and the Bandit...together again


    That's a Big 10-4

  76. Jeffrey Simpkins

    On a scale from 1 to 10 on this quiz, does authority intimidate you?never.if I'm in a friend's car, a little. But if I'm in a parking lot, I'll lock it up and walk back.

  77. Jeffrey Simpkins

    Everthangs okielee okielee to the fanokalee.

  78. Marvin Martian

    Burt Reynolds character R.I.P

  79. 42lookc

    "meanest man ever hit the swamp..."

    That line just doesn't seem right to me.

    The word, 'mean' in the regard of demeanor or personality infers a rotten spirited person; nasty, hateful, greedy, ruthless, and self-centered, with no joy or satisfaction in anything they attain or achieve. That's not Gator. Gator was most definitely a live and let live fella. Just don't cross him, or anyone he cares about.


    Too true. Very hard to believe, especially when Gator spent most his time laughing at everything haha.

  80. 33Luger

    I wonder if Burt Reynolds liked being known as Bandit or Gator better?

  81. Mike4metal

    You gotta love the snowman!!!! One of my heroes!!!

  82. Wesley White

    Rip to the great Burt “Gator” Reynolds

  83. Eugene Johnson

    R.I.P. To the great Burt "Gator Mcklusky" Reynolds.

  84. Steve The Sorcerer

    RIP, Burt...!!!

  85. George Crain

    R.I.P. Burt. I named my 3 yr old GSP birddawg , Ocheesee Pond Pookie's  " Gator " McKlusky in your honor. FSU pup from Grand Ridge , Florida , pop. 853.

  86. Screaming Raptor

    And now we lost Burt...damn it man...RIP together brothers....RIP....


    we get plenty of rapers throw sad state of affairs

    Paul Orlando

    Their doing that last beer run in the sky!

    Mike Everitts

    Burt was a jack ass


    @Mike Everitts Not another Attention Seeker ffs

    collins mowers 28

    @BOXING LEGENDS agreed

  87. Justin Rothrock

    Rip Bert Reynolds

  88. centerfield100

    R.I.P. burt reynolds

  89. am2boni

    RIP GATOR!!!!

    William. Patrick Mahonev

    Oh Yes.

  90. tunnis7us

    this is better quality version than the one on the re-mastered cd version :O WTF!!!

  91. Lynda Davis

    Folks swear he come straight outta hell.

  92. Julie Caudill

    Great classic 2018 👍

    Nick Hill

    August 30 , 2018 @ 5:24 pm 🎻🎸🎷

  93. harrydean bentzel

    Are they Buddy Hollys crickets in the back ground

  94. Darron Mecak

    bring back the 429 4 speed

  95. Chris T

    jerry was a badass.

  96. Ramble Rouser

    Grew up with Jerry. He's one of the real people in my life. Miss you brother.

  97. djteddy bear

    I Miss My Friend.......

  98. Tina Patton

    WAY Down Deep South o' DiXie.

    Sweet Georgia Boy, Jerry Reed Hubbard.

    ; Go ahead ohn son, make it count...