Reed, Jerry - East Bound And Down Lyrics

East bound and down load it up and truck it
We gonna do what they say can't be done
We've got a long way to go and a short time to get there
I'm east bound just watch ol' Bandit run

Keep your foot hard on the pedal son never mind them brakes
Let it all hang out cause we got a run to make
The boys are thirsty in Atlanta and there's beer in Texarkana
And we'll bring it back no matter what it takes

East bound and down load it up and truck it...

East bound and down load it up and truck it...

Ol' Smokey's got them ears on he's hot on your trail
He ain't gonna rest till you're in jail
So you got to dodge 'im and you got to duck 'im
You got to keep that diesel truckin'
Just put that hammer down and give it hell

East bound and down load it up and truck it...

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Reed, Jerry East Bound And Down Comments
  1. Alvin Rotinsulu


  2. D T

    They don't make them like Jerry Reed anymore. Rest in peace Snowman!!!

  3. Steve Espinola

    How can anyone not like this song it's so catchy.👍👌

  4. Steve Espinola

    R.I.P Snowman and Bandit 😔🕊

  5. K M

    1.50 beat!! A little faster than I'm used to.

  6. madmaxxxxxxxxxx

    the glorious days of manspreading

  7. jhgjhgj hgjhgdj

    Its so weird that old grandpas from 2019 left their comments here.
    Oh btw, here in 2076 crazy Leftism was defeated when everyone realized how stupid it was. Now everyone lives a happy, fullfilled, conservative Life in Peace and Prosperity 👍

  8. salim pedro teixeira pedro

    Maravilhoso Jerry Reed!!!

  9. Drayton Thomas Jaymes

    Jerry Reed was a guitar playing legend.

  10. david martinez

    do your self;s a favor stay with the old music and your old movies order all your old movies comedy shows like i did hollywood is no more fooor geeet it its gone thats all i watch and listne to no garbage in my house only 70s 80s and some 90s thats it all rock and old school disco they call me 80s dave my car is a 88 supersport monte thank you all by by snow flacks and butter cups

  11. Молодой и перспективный

    Rest in Peace Jerry. Hello from Russia. You doing our childhood more happy.

  12. Denise Morton


  13. BustaHymen

    One of the best songs ever.

  14. Crypto Colax

    How the world has changed.

  15. Luke Becker

    I miss Jerry Reed

  16. Steve Prentice

    That harmony solo is a difficult thing to pull off. Those are some really great musicians. And props to Jerry for wearing blue socks & no boots!

  17. BigShiggy

    Coors was a big thing in the late 1970's for south easterners.
    They didn't ship it East of the Mississippi. RIP Jerry Reed.

  18. Erik Witten

    Jerry was shredding!! Dang he could play that guitar!

  19. Austin Cales

    I want that hat

  20. Paul Mayer

    Geez, who is that pedal steel player?!

  21. Jeff Gilliland

    Way to go Snowman ..

  22. HSTDriver

    Love Jerry Reed, what a guitar player. A proper player back from the day when you either had it or you didn't. No fucking You Tube or online tutorial to tell you how play back then!

  23. Carl L. Negley III

    What a Picker.

  24. rdesarle

    Who is the Pedal Steel player? This guy is Great..

  25. Andre Gerlach

    Jerry Reed aka Snowman R.I.P. Very sad, these times never come again....

  26. Gobi Ness

    I'm here cause the 8 track quit.

  27. Kenna_23

    You are the Best Jerry reed

  28. Kelsey Hopkins

    My first car is a 94 Firebird (just got it a few months ago😁). The day I brought it home the radio wouldn’t pick up. Finally, got on the interstate and of ALL songs this was the song that came on!! Blew my mind.

  29. Gary Chandler

    Give that man a Dr Pepper and a diablo sandwich

  30. Fultonfalcons86

    Great music from era of great musicians.........

  31. Steve Jones

    One word, BAD ASS, ok, 2 Gog Bless America!!!!!!!!! Trump.

  32. Sir Vic

    One of the best guitar licks/solos of any style guitar. The song just makes me smile like an idiot.

  33. sirmikeypikey

    back to childhood... thanks for the upload...

  34. WildBillHabiki

    RIP Jerry RIP

  35. Hellwyck

    The piano and two guitarists at the back are surplus to requirement. Noone can hear them.

  36. Lobo Hkr

    Tiene dislikes el video?
    A quien pendejas no le gusta esta joya???

    Viva Por Siempre Smokey and the bandit carajo!!

  37. Joseph Jolly

    Love the song. Thank you Jerry.👍

  38. mark hampson

    Which low down, bush whackin som-bitch disliked this!!!??

  39. ruderocker

    A masterpiece. The whole shebang baby!! Synergy like they said in 1999.
    This guy had it all. The movie, the guitar chops, the voice, the looks.

  40. Sascha Duckstein

    i listen it at 2019

  41. Regular Guy reviews

    What a hell of song!!! Make you want to hit the open road! What kind of a dick gives thumbs down to Jerry Reed??

  42. Mike Hunt

    Jerry rocks the Adidas.

  43. RogerRabbit

    339 muslims must have watched this video. Destroying western culture one dislike at a time 🤭

  44. Jerry Schroeder

    Jerry Reed had a style that was mind blowing.i lend from it as much as I'm able. Don't let the fisherman's hat fool you. Check Jerry's break down

  45. Greg Siska

    Who else noticed thet Jerry is just wearin' his socks. No boots!

  46. Steve Jones

    YEAAAA! 2019 checking in! Love this song!

  47. You're So Witty

    Anybody who gave this thumbs down is a straight HATER.

  48. Nathan Teltow

    Musicians nowadays are so worried about looks and wearing fancy clothes etc. Jerry Reed could go on stage without boots on and still kill it!Shows you how much times have changed!!!

  49. Mike Bartlett

    When im.on i95 going to ga to see my sister in Waycross ga I blast this

  50. Connie Coppola

    R I P bandit and Jerry reed

  51. Teddington Bear

    His open legs will trigger feminazi's today! HA!

  52. Jonathan Cotton

    That’s how a real man sits

  53. Wyatt gaming and car reviews

    At 0:28 LOL

  54. Karlie Kray

    This tranny is dreaming of Jerry Reed tonight. 2019 rep.

  55. Jacob Christner

    Jerry is not the best guitar player ever...that distinction goes to Roy Clark...but he is the coolest by miles

    John Mierzwa

    Seeing Roy Clark on the odd couple when I was a kid blew me away... incredible player. But until this video I really didn't know Jerry could play... I'll be checking out more Jerry Reed

  56. Richard H. Sears

    Jerry was always his own person, playing in sock feet!

  57. taummm

    Hope he's getting royalties from Chevy or whoever is using this now...

  58. T J

    You may be cool but your not Jerry Reed cool.

  59. B E

    Better rock star than 99.99% of actual rock stars.

  60. IKARUSConnie

    Snowman ❤️❤️❤️

  61. TheMemphisflash1

    It seems to me that you all forgot the horror and the trauma of a multi state manhunt ,forget the nasally baritone of a washed up minor member of the “Memphis mafia “ I’m here to announce the cross party investigation into Jerry Reed and Fred Reed ,the grave doesn’t offer immunity ,and if we could fry the dead we surely would

  62. rdesarle

    What a pedal steel player. Wow. This Kicks Ass

  63. Gerard David

    Brian and stewies road trip in the camper

  64. Ozark Giant

    Haha Jerry don’t have any shoes on.

  65. Carl Martin Klingberg

    Cool socks, man!

  66. chris goodayle

    Jerry Reed was a bad ass guitarist.He could play lead and sing his heart out all day and night long.He was a truly great talent.

  67. Lui

    Brasil 2019

  68. Nick Aprill

    anyone else listening to this in 2019?

    bill arthur

    Nick Aprill you got your ears on son, come back


    Nick Aprill love jerry

    K M

    Give me 2 weeks 2020!

    C# Shawn

    hell ya! greetings from germany!

    Rebecca Hampton

    Merry Christmas!

  69. rj zander

    It wouldn't have been the seventies without Jerry Reed

  70. Viola Fingerstyle

    2019 i is you?

  71. Predrag Lazar

    I still do. What a Great Guitar duet. Love it. After all these years.

  72. Rhonda Boncutter

    Loved this song and movie!

  73. nepokatneca II

    Yeah.. Good mood .. Childhood.. Yea..

  74. Jeff P

    Jerry Reed and Jerry Garcia my two favorite Jerrys

  75. NikoLetsGoBowling

    If country would have stuck sounding like THIS then I would not be hating it like I do with a passion nowadays.

  76. Peter Fusco

    Love this song...what a guitar player!

  77. George Gallegos

    Listening to in 2019. 😎🚛

  78. ROCKNINJA777

    god I love this song, always puts me in a good mood. Gotta love American country music! Love from Israel

  79. Beimar Flores

    Jerry Reed

  80. Bill L

    This reminds me of CB radios, Schlitz beer, and old muscle cars.

  81. N. ROOD

    even if you dont like country music. everyone likes this song

  82. Dave Boyer

    Man the fun they had making that movie. Jealous

  83. JC Boom

    I was lucky enough to see Jerry Reed ln person in Tulsa a long time ago. Loved him.


    Snow man sang east bound and down

  85. Thomas Trout

    Ford made a smart move licensing that song... every time the commercials comes on everyone's eyes shift to the screen, if only for a second. I know what's comin' and I always look up!

  86. Carlos Chavez

    Always love that song.R.I.P. Jerry .
    That song will always be the memory and receive fame for Jerry. God bless

  87. Derek Manley

    RIP Snowman

  88. J.R. Duren

    Came here from the truck commercial on Hulu. GREAT song.

  89. Jason Panozzo

    Wow so i was a kid when I saw Smokey n the Bandit....never knew he was actually a badass

  90. jbond5150

    Hick shit.

  91. Bokkie Sokkie

    That double guitar solo is epic!

  92. Mike P

    Jerry Reed was a rare breed of entertainer. Need more like him around.

  93. Mel Moon

    Jerry 🥰 what a legend!

  94. Cokie907

    Just saw him on Mama's Family from 1983 in "The Return of Leonard Oates". A very funny episode and he made it all the more memorable. Gone but never forgotten, the one and only "Snow Man".

  95. T.M . Hackley

    Thanks for uploading this great video and sharing with all of us. Loved Jerry Reed.

  96. Wes Bromberg

    Can’t help thinking about that trans am and big rig flying down the interstate, love it. ... can’t help but smile with jerrys songs like when your hot your hot and Amos Moses!!