Reed, Jerry - Bird Lyrics

Well my throat was dry and I was getting' late
And I was at this bat on the interstate
When this guy with a bird on his shoulder walked in the door
And he proceeded to tell me the strangest thing
He said, "Sir this bird of mine can sing like no other bird
You've never heard before!"
Well I just looked at the guy and said "Oh really?"
And he turned to the bird and said"Do ole Willie"
When that bird started singing I almost hit the floor.
Whiskey River take my mind
Don't let her memory torture me
Whiskey River don't run dry
You're all I got to take care of me
Well if that ain't the durndest thing
I thought, son, what a heck of a thing
A man could get rich making that bird sing
And I could feel this wild idear comin' on strong
I said, "I'm just sittin' here with two weeks pay
And I'd probably blow it all anyway
I'll buy that bird If he'll do one more song."
Maybe I didn't hold you quite as often as I should have
You were always on my mind
You were always on my mind
I said, "well that does it sir, yep
I'd like to buy that bird
Would $500.00 take him off your hands?"
Well, he thought for a while and he said, "alright"
He handed me the bird and he said "goodnight"
Counted the money and out the door he ran
I was thinkin' I'd found the rainbow's end
My ship would soon be rolling in
When that bird sailed out the door
And he was gone
And as I watched him leave I got boilin' mad
'Cause I knew right then that I'd been had
And as he faded in the night he was singing this song
On the road again
I just can't wait to get on the road again (Somebody stop that bird!)
The life I love is making money with my friend
And I can't wait to get on the road again

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Reed, Jerry Bird Comments
  1. Vwlss Nvwls

    I always loved Jerry Reed's story telling to music. Such a great great man and musician.

  2. demonking429

    Get me that bird

  3. msw51995

    Like no other biird you have ever heaard BuFORE!

  4. Norma T

    Love it this back in my day 50 Year. Thank you YouTube

  5. kevin foster

    r.i.p jerry a great singer

  6. Clorox Bleach

    Rap horrified pushy old women, so it's not all bad, but it doesn't belong in country.

  7. Mohammad Mogaledi

    Funny Actor, Good Man, Kind,... Thanks, the Persian Kid of MN

  8. South Texas Brush Country Boy

    Great Singer 📻 Songwriter 👌 An American legend and Hero 🇺🇸💪 Awesome Actor/Comedian 😀too So funny and humorous 🤣Great Humanitarian and Person 🙂 RIP 🇨🇱🇺🇸💪 Jerry Gone but not forgotten 👏

  9. Cody Young

    Jerry Reed was definitely a unique singer

  10. Qmobss

    he is so hot

  11. Qmobss

    funny text

  12. Tony Elberg

    i love jerry hes a fukin legend.

  13. msw51995

    Who was doing the willie and Jones impressions? The song itself is better than both of those songs its singing about 10 fold

    Brett Sowards

    Jerry Reed himself did those impressions. He got his start in part due to his ability to sound like others.


    @Brett Sowards thank you for that, he sounds pretty darn good at both willie and george, I'm just recently getting into jerry Reed's music besides one song I've known for a long time. I'm starting to think he maybe become my favorite only maybe 2nd to Jonny cash only due to the ammount songs cash released.

  14. O_o

    especially a ginger bird! so i did this little bit ....

  15. O_o

    lol you can't stop that bird !! it's gonna do what it wants to ................

  16. O_o

    lol call me a fool but I still love that bird! LOL

  17. Patrick J. Murphy

    Mr Reed was one in ten million

  18. Dixie CB Club

    pure entertainment, fuck taylor swift and all them boy toy nashvile idiots

  19. Kristal Price

    My. 35. I'm a little country town in Kentucky. Everyone. Play these songs in there truck

  20. Mike Wilson

    That's a damn good George Jones impression.


    It was so good the first time we played this song for my uncle he really thought it was George Jones!

  21. Jake Payne

    Somebody get me a bb gun

  22. Jake Payne

    I love this song

  23. gijs doornbos

    good muziek

  24. Outdoors Pursuit

    East bound and down

  25. honey hush

    That team up with Willie. Amazing

  26. G Lay

    Willy n

  27. CrzyCam

    I swear this guy prob my great grand father

  28. Dino Bambino

    Jerry Reed is the most underrated guitarist on the planet!

  29. MidnightModder

    I'm still in the womb and love classic country and classic rock. Give me undeserved praise.

  30. Lady Belle



  31. Tuff

    R.I.P Jerry Reed

  32. Emerald Miner

    We will see you in the good ole skies Snowman... When we're all heavenbound and truckin (BTW I am 14 and the time I posted this was in 2019 so would that prove anything?)

  33. Ignacio Araneda

    Its a fantastic piece of art, listening to this wonder from chile.

  34. Westside Smitty

    Reed had more talent than any of us, but had this knack for saying exactly what most of us would say in the same situation. ''That's mah $500''! ''Buy me a drink, somebody! Yes suh!

  35. john thomas

    i stopped listening to this when george jones can on. I like that song by gerge but i am trying to listen to jerry reed. This song HAD potential. :(

  36. Kelly Samons

    For some off reason, I woke up thinking about this song this morning.

  37. Kevin Miller

    Ol' Jerry sure does a pretty g ood imitation of George & W illie.

  38. Zoe Higgins

    So I'm only 25 but I remember my dad listening to this song laughing his head of I miss them day's oh sorry big Jerry Reed fan rip sweetie

  39. J D


  40. Anthony Hawk

    Somebody stop that bird !!!!!! lol

  41. aokspage

    Love that funky bassy riff it keeps going back to

  42. Willie Neckbone

    Love it

  43. Tehl Blackburn

    its funny because on my playlist it is this song then Willie Nelson- Whiskey River!

  44. bill powers

    What "146" clicked on a thumbs down on this? Must been one of these kids who Don't know or have a Clue of what Really Good music is?

  45. Colin Goldie

    2019 Gerry yer Hot

  46. Aaron Strickland

    i miss this era in COUNTRY MUSIC, its sad what country has gone to in the last 12 years or so

  47. Ryan Rake

    I Love country, I'm only 14. but country is heaven, don't give a crap with that rap garbage. Thank you Jerry Reed

    hobojim 1000

    Rap is crap Jerry reed is one of the best

  48. Joshua Brooks

    This would've been funnier if George and Willie did this song with Jerry.


    Then it wouldnt sound like a bird singing. Also difficult to have them tour with Jerry Reed just to do a few bars of one song each show.

  49. Justin Magoon

    Somebody get me a B.B. gun 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂R.I.P. Jerry Reed

  50. Chris Winkleblack

    The WOMEN are all flat chested.

  51. Chris Winkleblack

    Got milk and BALLS

  52. Chris Winkleblack

    Or IMPEACH them all.

  53. Chris Winkleblack


  54. Parktrizzle

    Holy shit, never heard this before. Daddy said Jerry Reed was forbidden. Omg XD

  55. DharmaMerchant

    Smodcast brought me here

  56. nice lady

    always a good song!!!

  57. B T

    " think I'd rather eat the barrel of a double-barrel loaded shotgun than to hear that shit they call pop-country music on ninety-eight-point-one."
    - Hank 3


    B T 🤣


    Fuck you

    john cooley

    At least go outside !

  58. paid life

    I didn't know that the truck driver from Smokey and the bandit was a badass country singer for the longest time!

  59. MacAttack

    I Freakin love the guitar riff in the Hook!

  60. danthedewman1

    When your hot your hot..LOL

  61. Zombie Hunter

    Jerry rules

  62. Andrew Kief

    and i cant wait to get on the road again"

  63. Frostbyte380

    "Well if that ain't the darndest thing!"

  64. Nick Hayes

    This is for the birds!!!! :)

  65. Golden Alien Silver Medal

    I'm 121 and I still love this song

  66. wayback playback

    Jerry Reed was country music's Robin Williams. Brilliant man.

  67. John Fortmann


  68. John Fortmann


  69. Al Bundy

    I'm so lonely I need a girlfriend

  70. Earl Lewis

    R.I.P. Snowman

  71. KameSennin4209

    Jerry Reed is the grandfather of metal confirmed.

  72. Brian McGurk

    The bird would have been worth $1,000,000,000 if it could do
    A Hank Williams tune.
    Ripped off for sure Big Fella,RIP.

  73. Frank

    I didn't know BlackBerry made guns 40 years ago

  74. Lenny johnson

    Thank you JERRY REED For all the" good " you gave.... in music and movies ! " one of a kind " ...

  75. Vincent Adriaanse

    Is the last "on the road again" part an impersonation? It sounds só much like him

  76. Benny Danielz


  77. john fortmann

    and who cught that bird i candt wait to get on the road again

  78. john fortmann

    im here for gas well he said no your here for feul yes sir

  79. john fortmann

    dotnt get fuel there we call in gas traerlers

  80. Jenna Jinkinson

    omg... Best song ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. nascarfanatic2425

    MY BIRD!!!!

  82. Brad Smith

    i am a bird lover and that poor bird

  83. Roger Willbanks

    AND OUT THE DOOR HE RAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. William Kin

    Jerry Reed is good

  85. George Margo

    This guy was too great for words.....the best of all entertainers

  86. Willie Feelz

    real country is a dying genre

    Felipe M.

    Unfortunately it kind of died already and was replaced with pop music. Modern country music is just pop music.

    Shane Fonda

    Alan Jackson was about the last of what has now passed, I thought Josh Turner was going to keep it alive but they really won't give him the air play. It's all driven by the yuppies, you can't make request anymore, and they won't let artists make their own records anymore. There's no way that an artist that made good country music could not sell a ton of records. Unfortunately they record companies are not going to let it happen and the small independent record companies don't have the money or resources to get it out there to the masses.

  87. I don't have subscribers He don't either

    B.B. Guns

  88. Waylon.001 Waltoshin

    somebody get me my BB gun !!!!

  89. Dirk N

    im tree years old, me wove jerry reed.

  90. Joseph Albrecht

    100% Authentic Creativity

  91. Kevin Degen

    love that song

  92. The Ginga Ninja 15

    I know there's a lot of kids saying "I'm only (#) years old and I love old country" and most of them don't have a reason. the last time I heard this was four years ago the last time I talked to my granddad... and I still love all this music... I'm now 16 and I miss him every day. see ya on the other side pop

  93. cole varela

    I heard this in the McDonald's drive through 😂😂😂 I started singing along when it said on the road again. It reminds me of my beagle. He ran like hell on the road again

  94. msalis1

    Snowman has the best songs, comedy, and I miss the fun. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  95. John Lawson

    96.9 is a. Station were you can listen to this

  96. nathan williams

    14 raised on this kind of music one of the worlds greatest guitar player R.I.P jerry reed dont stop playin in heaven.