Reed, Jerry - A Friend Lyrics

Now this old life ain't somethin' that you live all by yourself
There always comes a time you need a friend
Sometimes this world can get so heavy and the road can get so long
That you need someone to lend a helpin' hand

Well I learned life the hard way I took all my knocks and lumps
But when I look back down the road at where I've been
I can see that all the things that I've done in this ol' life have been more fun
Cause I shared them with someone who was a friend

You've got to care about one another be a friend and be a brother
Cause you're always gonna need someone that you can lean on
You've got to help each other out that's what this life is all about
Cause there ain’t no way that you can make this journey alone

Well I guess that I'm just lucky cause I've been there and back
Yes I've seen life about every which way you can
But as far as I'm concerned the greatest thing that a man can learn
Is when you're down it's great to turn to a friend

Well I guess that I'm just lucky cause I've been there and back...
Turn to a friend

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Reed, Jerry A Friend Comments
  1. grey man

    Burt Reynolds said nobody had more fun than he did. It's easy to see why.
    I love this movie, Burt/Jerry and 1975!!

    RIP to all.

  2. Timothy Fenner

    So good!

  3. Clint Whatley

    Big Don Williams and Mel Tellis.

  4. Howard Rubin

    Really a very good movie. Only Burt/Jerry movie that was better was Smokey and the Bandit. But the music in this one was fantastic!!

  5. Michael Rubin

    One of Burt/Jerry's best movie. Music is fantastic!!

  6. Mary Ann Campbell

    YOU are doggone right Jerry Reed could pkay the hell out of. a guitar

  7. 24 Lancelot

    Pre-Smokey & the Bandit!

  8. Capster Pick

    Awesome movie and great song I wish Jerry was still living that man could play the hell out of a guitar

  9. Capster Pick

    Awesome movie and great song I wish Jerry was still living that man could play the hell out of a guitar

  10. TNKimbo0215

    I watched this movie filmed and was in it, per Burt Reynolds even attended the premier in Nashville. Brings back a lot of good memories. I love this song ! 

  11. dale ferguson


  12. dale ferguson

    MISS YA  ALOT  PEGGY !!!!!!!

  13. Sandtown Ranch

    Wish they would release this movie on DVD

    Sandtown Ranch

    I want them to remaster it and put it out on Blu-Ray. The old copies are all very grainy but it was such a great movie it needs to be restored while they can. And release the soundtrack. I love this particular song but they never released it anywhere else that I can find.


    @Sandtown Ranch I had a greatest hits cassette that was the first place I remember hearing this song.Being 9 when the movie came out, I wasn't allowed to watch it.

  14. Raffarama

    Does anyone know the chords?

  15. Howie Rubin


  16. tophernates

    you don't have the last song on this album every other album you have up is complete but where is chicken fat

  17. James Burdett

    Great song- whatever happened to this movie- it seems to have fell off the face of the earth? I best recall Art Carney's hell-fire sermon on sins of the flesh when asked if he was interested in bar-b-cue, and the reply "you don't want no bar-b-cue, do you?"

    Brian win

    ur not related to those enis boys ru?

  18. KillbillySpeedshop

    I've been recording this when I was a kid on cassette tape when the movie was on television. Have lost the cassette of course. Been searchin' for that version ever since. Thanks for loading it up! Made my day!

  19. session52

    one of the best movie songs ever....