Rednex - Wish You Were Here Lyrics

Wish you were here, me oh my countryman
Wish you were here
Wish you were here, don't you know the snow is getting colder
And I miss you like hell
And I'm feeling blue

Wish you were here, me oh my countryman
Wish you were here
Wish you were here, don't you know the snow is getting colder
And I miss you like hell
And I'm feeling blue

I've got feelings for you, baby
Do you still feel the same
From the first time I laid my eyes on you
I felt joy of living
I saw heaven in your eyes, in your eyes

Wish you were here, me oh my countryman
Wish you were here
Wish you were here, don't you know the snow is getting colder
And I miss you like hell
And I'm feeling blue

I miss your laugh, I miss your smile
I miss everything about you
Every seconds like a minute
Every minute's like a day
When you're far away

Wish you were here
The storm is getting colder, baby
I wish you were here
Wish you were here
A battlefield of love and fear
And I wish you were here

I've got feelings for you, baby
From the first time I laid my eyes on you

Wish you were here, me oh my countryman
Wish you were here
Wish you were here, don't you know the snow is getting colder
And I miss you like hell
And I'm feeling blue

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Rednex Wish You Were Here Comments
  1. Talwar3k

    Last slow dance at the school disco

  2. Kalle Nemet

    The Swedish groupe REDNEX and  the marvellous ANNIKA LJUNGBER with her soul-moving voice are absolut fantastic!

  3. T K

    Блиа мне было лет 10 когда ее слушал...сейчас 36😞

  4. Magdaléna Mertová

    I love it.

  5. Dmitriy Kuznetsov

    Kauntry müsik..

  6. Andrew Christianson

    Now this definitely ISN'T an upbeat dance song, but nice to see they have musical fluctuation.

  7. Gábor Ürmös

    Áll a kukim 😁💘😂🤨💕👍💖

  8. Мунар аға

    ((((((((((((((((((.............. so beautiful song.....

  9. Bianca 02


  10. Patrick Häuser

    Beautiful song. The second best "Wish you were here" song...

  11. Samy Kiani

    Best part @ 02:41

  12. Michael Sjökvist

    På minner lite om 1916...

  13. batuy22slava

    Под эту песню танцевал с девочкой 20 лет назад на новый год, где это все, куда делось!

  14. dima odv

    я слушвю

  15. Юрий


  16. Dimitar Vladimirov

    Rednex make also " hold me for a while " HD clip

  17. Archi Dembol

    Every one WHO become a from post comunistic country thumb up

  18. Reijo P.

    For years I have wondered who made this song and a couple of weeks ago one of my friends chose this as "Song of the Day". Many times on radio but I never thought it could have been a band who was famous for "Cotton Eye Joe" which is also a superb song. It is a beautiful sad song and one of the best ones of its decade.

  19. Regianne Olivera

    Alguém em novembro 2019


    30 novembro 2019. Oh yes. Estou aqui. Minha juventudee

  20. Lord Assi

    Scheiße, das lied lief damals auf einer Röhre und meine Mutti lebte noch......lange ist es her.....

    Samy Kiani

    Was ist eine Röhre?

    Lord Assi

    @Samy Kiani
    Ein Röhren TV

    Samy Kiani

    @Lord Assi Achso ok.

  21. Aaroni Pepperoni

    Wtf? Why do I know this song??? Lol wtf I'm confused

  22. Julie 187


  23. Fuad Alizade
    I hope you got it rights

  24. Футбол с Евгением Дьяковым

    Поёте вы мотивно, но слушать вас противно, шучу, шедевр!!

  25. cristopher wong

    Shouldn't they be wearing Grey?

  26. Life

    супер хит

  27. Spielkind

    i was todays years old when i found out this amazing song stuck in my head since its release is by rednex lul

  28. Adrian Adi

    Ador melodia asta ! Best wishes from Romania !

  29. Iren

    Просто- слёзы на глазах... Спасибо, вспоминаю молодость...))

  30. Thunder

    Who likes banana in 2020?

  31. prijesvegaslavonac

    This Song is...something...

  32. Tanja Koistinen

    I love this.. ❤️

  33. Lili Irwani

    Through my veins, into my brains: wish you're here!

  34. Джек Воробей

    1996 год, школа, 11 класс. Любовь, друзья, экзамены, прощания и конечно же Вальс

    А Сигал

    Блиииин, что же со мной стало

  35. Jay Müze2

    I wish he were here... 💔 ❤️❤️❤️

  36. Jay Müze2

    Nice song! I love it ❤️❤️❤️

  37. Giantiago

    Really great piece of music, even if it is from Rednex 😂🙈

  38. Andrea S

    I miss you mein Schatz Jürgen .Deine Andrea .Unsere beiden Kinder vermissen dich so unendlich so wie ich .In unserem Herzen wirst du immer weiter leben .Deine Andrea .


    So sorry for you Andrea, hope you could overcome this and get strenght to continue to live what´s still beautiful in this life

  39. Andrea S

    Dieses Lied hat mein verstorbener Mann Jürgen gerne gehört .Ich werde ihn nie vergessen .I miss you Jürgen .Deine Andrea .

    Jay Müze2

    Andrea S oh sorry

    Homer S.

    Tut mir sehr leid für dich.
    Sehr schönes Lied.
    Alles Gute!

  40. Tony Pascale

    O Fridd´ ncuol

  41. Johanna Tolvanen

    ☆Isä Tapio♡IsoSisko Theresia☆
    1956-2012 1979-1992

  42. SusanneZouhair Touhami


  43. Tanja Groß

    Das ist immer noch schön nach 25 Jahren

    Bozena Ladajeva

    Fuchk all 😀😀😀

  44. Róbert Èvi


  45. Fritz WennGren

    hej annika.)

  46. binamaus

    Einfach schön das lied

  47. Dimon MineTV6.0

    я дим и мне нравится эта песня ))))

  48. Karakatica tv

    Под эту мелодию я потерял девственность, вернее расстался с ней))

  49. Valentin Koscheyev

    2 glaring errors? The SOUTH wore grey uniforms killing the Northern troops in blue. Rednex is the living embodiment of the reckless, fast-living & hard working wouth. The costuming in this was reversed, you should have had the males as grey wearing southern Confederate soldiers. Next? From the lyrics, the term "countryman" was used - NO. It is supposed to be "Country Man". The former = one who lives in your nation, be they stranger, family, friend or enemy - they live in the same country. The second means 'man of mine who lives outside the city, in a rural setting.'
    Otherwise? I saw Rednex in Moscow, Russia a few years back in a giant enclosed stadium - & they were epic as few among the gods of Olympus could be. They inspired a cowboy look & a "Yeeee Haw!" thing that lasted almost 1/2 a year. Rednex needs to look at its formula of success & reproduce it. The name is known, the brand of music proven to attract people - but the music / song element is primary, good merchandising & advertising + a decent manager to arrange booking in a venue where they can shine. They did it before & can again.
    2 things even these Swedes can learn from the real south of the 1860's as the Confederacy:
    "Deo vindice, meaning "(With) God (as) our defender/protector", was the national motto of the Confederate States + the immortal phrase "The South Shall Rise Again!"
    Hit the road, pull in some gigs - be seen & get known. Yea, verily ye shall rock.
    Ya-Hooooo! Rawhide!

  50. my melody

    No other song can better describe the pain of longing....

  51. Антон Стоцкий

    Песня супер, и голос очень приятный. Кадры клипа это не какой то фильм? С удовольствием посмотрел бы. Все рекомендую фильм тех лет "легенда осени" 1994 года. В главной роли Брэд Пит и Энтони Хопкинс.

  52. Rock Meth

    I wish she were here💔

  53. Владимир Якимов

    2019 Украина

  54. C K

    Still amazing 2019

  55. Wolfgang Maurer

    me is watching =)

  56. World Scale Photography Guy Rotenberg

    THE STOVE???? I always thought it was the STORM that's getting colder!! pay your bills lady!! :P

  57. m d

    I had heard this song in 1994

  58. Айдарбек Булашев

    Шикарная песня, браво

  59. Maskatu Maskatu

    Kiss 2019

  60. Bärbel Fischer


    Samy Kiani

    Möge sie in Frieden ruhen.

  61. Joe Panama

    I dont like this song.

    Help Our World

    Joe Panama Wtf you doing here then?

  62. pc_rl

    The man with the girl is actually my teacher this was made 1998 and they had like being with their kids so this was like a comeback song btw they are from sweden

  63. Fritz WennGren

    i love you to .)

  64. Full HD

    Great, great

  65. Дарья Кудакаева

    Остановите мою молодость!!! Где они, мои 16 лет!!??

  66. Чудо- Света!

    Люблю эту песню много лет,с первого прослушивания! Как красиво поют о любви,тот самый редкий случай,когда нет слов!

  67. Alexej Svirid

    Devil rules the world. He is liar and marderer. His style is deception and violence. It can be recognized everywhere from family to international relationships...
    That's why we have the Gospel: the True god, Jehovah, will maintain His own Heavenly Kingdom. Anointed king, Jesus Christ, will put everything in order and solve all humankind's problems. :)
    Acts 24:15: "And have hope toward God, which they themselves also allow, that there shall be a resurrection of the dead, both of the just and unjust."
    So, we will meet our beloved ones again! :)

  68. Lutz Dunkel

    wird immer schoen sein

  69. Антон Власов

    Молодцы.Шедевр на года.

  70. Tanja Schnell

    der beste song ever. !!

  71. Jiri Muhlbauer

    jee coool.

  72. Jiri Muhlbauer

    skvelej clip

  73. Vitali Bader

    Total untypisch für rednex

  74. Joseph Thibodeau

    Is it just me, or would this song sound really good sung in Goofy's voice?

  75. andrei stoica

    This is the only song in American Civil War

  76. Раид Ибрагим

    Под эту песню, мы в школе, танцевали медляки.....В 90-тых..........

  77. Kevin Loving

    Though I am a un-reconstructed Confedate, the horror felt by both fronts in losing loved ones.

  78. Tuama LA

    ....took me back to the high school's story! ...........wish I still there.

  79. Higgarn

    My little sis got murdered and this is the only song i can put on since it discribes my feelings the best !

  80. Sargschreiner

    Who is still watching in 2077?

  81. Knives Severen

    песня идеальна, заебала эта пизда свои зубы показывать..

  82. Alina Alina

    From Romania. Love 💖💖💖

  83. Alina Diana


  84. plesaty mates

    Jeden z nejlepsich plouzaku..... ❤️❤️❤️

  85. Patricia Vidiecanova


  86. itsTroygirl

    Denniz Pop & Max Martin ❤️

  87. Monika Klejer

    Super przebój

  88. Andrey Bofus

    Слышал эту песню то тут то там...но черт побери, не знал, что это реднекс. И клип вижу впервые. Песня классная.

    1111 1111

    знал что реднеки и видел клип, но млин не знал что это шведская группа и они более популярны у нас и в Европе чем в США.

  89. Andrey Bofus

    Oh, today is a day of discovering. I've known this is Rednex's song.

  90. meggie vp

    Beautiful clip

  91. TimoDerPro

    This song has been performed by a German band, Santiano. It's name should be "Weit übers Meer".

  92. Viktória Pók

    20 years later . Ah the memories of listening to this at the age 13 when I thought I was heartbroken 💖☺️

  93. Pirjo Helena Ahlroos

    tykkään tästä

  94. Tardona Plane

    She's a vampire for sure ,
    Look at her teeth!
    Don't deny iit Annika ❤

  95. Youssef Mohammed

    For someone who's born in late 90s I'm glad that I'm into that kind of music
    I think I found the type music that I love

    Berică ツ

    Youssef Mohammed You’re not alone. I’m born in the early 2000s

  96. Cass Yves

    i repent! I thought Jan Wayne's version was the original version, hahahha, oh my nineties.... so cringe acting...

  97. Monika Krumplewska


  98. Rednex Videos

    Like us on Facebook or die!


    also mit or die bin ich eher für sterben... auch wenn ich die musik sehr mag <3.....

    birdie spatula

    @Mircea Mihalache AOLO