Redman - That's Where I B Lyrics

[Redman (DJ Kool)]
(YEAH BOY!) Gilla House in the buildin nigga
(DJ Kool, eh-HEH) You already!
(Rrrah, rrrah) AOWWWW
(Ten seconds) They said I don't belong up in here and shit
(AIYYYO! Five seconds)
(EH-HEH, EH-HEH, EH) We gon' do it like this nigga

This that syrup niggaz got lean on
You wan' be like Reggie? Dream on
You pissed off baby? Don't get peed on
Cause mayne, I run thangs like creamed corn
I'm like Kee-nan, Wayan, 170
Heavy on the black like ebony
Money in the bank? Yeah boy, it better be
70's baby, check out my melody
Places I be at? Y'all don't be there
Too busy up in the club drinkin Pierre
Hoods love me, and the people in Italy yeah
Only way you get through the hood is through e-mail
Number one, boy on the tranks, I rank on it
I'ma keep it hood and Tyra can Bank on it
And where I be, you niggaz got bank on it
Spit hot shit like the mic got a make on it

That's where I be [4X]
That's where I be all day [3X]
That's where I be

[DJ Kool]
EH-HEH, EH HEH!! Aiyyo
Check this out ch'eah
I'm just here to let 'em know
We the kind of guys who get rowdy y'anmean?
Listen, wherever you be, we be aight?
Whatever you ready to do, we ready to do
Wherever you party at? We party at
Wherever you be, I be, let's go!!

Yo, when I'm in N.Y., I'm Uptown
On 1-4-5 fresh pair of Uptowns
I just scored me a mami, touchdown
Original, Gunn Clappah, Bucktown
Ohhh! I love to kick it in Cali
My Compton girl tattooed me on her fatty
She said, "I know you've got hoes in the Valley
Kris Kross me you gon' see the Mack Daddy"
I said yo, I gotta go to Miami
But my boys sold pounds so I'd feel a little milli'
I bagged me a XXL, (Eye Candy)
A little bling bling got me (Fresh) like (Mannie)
I ride through the A with a chick, dirty
Southside Philly know I get it on early
Any hood I'm in, I'm never in a hurry
I stand there chest out, and I rep Jersey


[DJ Kool]
LADIES!! If you in the club right now
Posted up at the bar
Gettin yo' FULL drink on
Aiyyo, that's where I be, UH-HUH!
Aiyyo fellas, now you in the club
Poppin big bottles
Makin it rain ALL OVER THE PLACE
Ay nigga let me tell you somethin right now
That's where I be!!
(Gilla House)

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    DJ KOOL - let me clear my throat

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