Redman - Soopaman Luva 6 (Part I) Lyrics

[Soopaman Luva Chorus]

Yo, yo, what up yo, I be the Soopaman luva
I'm about five minutes right out ya baby mother
I'm still broke, still gutter
Hit four chicks, then avenge like folk brothers
Then rob a bank teller
I'm sorta like old yella, call me for trouble
I got chop for bullets that spread out the umbrella
I'm advanced boy, da doc bigalow, the man whore
Got Ms. Incredible and cat women on amcord
When neighborhood or city in a drought
Fuck a boat I could fly there, 300 an ounce
Reup my account, wear and durag and I ain't got waves
I only got haze pumpin out the bat cave
So when I'm flyin through ya hood it's a hit nigga
Isabella I need that sour diesel quick nigga
-Call for soopman luva on line 3-
Well who the fuck is it?
-Her name is Hurricane G-
What up G?

[Hurricane G]
They tryin to lock me up G
I can't do time cause my time is money
I just came from court for some bullshit charge
They tryin to do me like kim, throw me behind bars
What am I gonna do?

Fuck that I'm comin
With a gun like willis so you could feel drummin
I creep in when the lights out, sneak in to get you out
Lo jacks on my ears to tell me where your where abouts
Cause I air 'em out, sneak in though the West wing
Laundromat, duffle bag thinking of the next thing

[G] But I'm in the East wing
[R] Damn my shit broke
[G] Hurry up nigga, this water look piss cold

Hold tight for me, I'm already in
I'm in the kitchen corridor, climbin up the vent
I'm hot so hurricane so it might take me awhile
So when I get ya we gonna roll like mickey and loud


Here we go, Yo, Yo the Soopaman Luv
Crawlin through the vent like that dude in breakfast club
I made a pit stop, seen a freak in the shower
So I gotta quick pop, pimp slapped her with powder
And told her if somebody asks you, you seen nada
And every week I come fuck you with marijuana

[G] Okay if you looking for Hurricane over there
[R] Oh shit, Hurricane
[G] Hey yo get me outta here

Hey yo C.O.'s watchin
Gotta move like grown men
Cause a distraction
Like the food gave you stomach pain
When the doctors come in, start the examining
I rush in with rubber gloves off the ambulance
Gun in one hand, the other palm around the nurse mouth
On the count of three this is how its gonna work out
1, 2...

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Redman Soopaman Luva 6 (Part I) Comments
  1. hawd fangaz

    the flow is BUTTA, onna ganksta ass beat!

  2. Wave God

    This beat cold af 2019 idc



  3. Simon Forrest

    'YO WHO THE FUCK IZ THIS DUDE?' loooool.. Reggie dat nigga yo.. FACTS!!!.. and Hurricane Gloria BEEN a beast

  4. kelvin beatty

    That beat raw asf


    "YEAH LET'S DO IT!" sooooo fucking hard!

  6. Tito Rios

    my shit,thanks for the upload