Redman - Soopaman Lova IV Lyrics

yo yo Yo Yo YO!
YO! Call me Soopaman Luva the rude bwoy
That nigga SWV loose they cool for
Ha ha ha, ha ha, ha hah!
Ah-hah AH-HAH ah-hah AH-HAH

Yo yo, I'm usually flyin through the motherfuckin air
but the utility belt on my underwear need repairs
So I be in back of the bus unwrappin a Dutch
Left court for child support, bitch attackin my bucks (WHY?)
They wanna fuck with certified private eye
Every week, check stubs to show the judge I got a job
Damn this; Soopaman used to stack them chips
Now I'm broke cause little kids riding Batman dick
I'm not a hater but the Caped Crusader blockin my dough
And I'll let off before I push broom on HBO for Mr. Show
I'm critically acclaimed; but the press'll fuck my name up
Police is lookin for me, call the mayor he'a hang up
Nowhere to run to and Brownstone even know it
So I pack the fo'-fifth, and the ice on your wrist, forfeit
No game; slappin all hoes who got the fame
Then I rob em with chickens who got phone bills in they mama name
(You've been framed!) Yeah yeah I know I gotta go out
So I'm shuttin the game down like 30 nuthin blowout
I rip the flow out, from the ceiling, if I spot cash peel it
Soopaman Luva gon' switch to Soopaman Villain

[Dave Hollister]
Soopaman! Roll up a L for me
Know I got to pack the heat (sing that shit Dave)
Cause niggaz tryin to fuck with me
(Who am I?)
Soopaman! Flyin through the air high
Smokin on that bom-baa
I don't give a fuck if I die
(Who am I?)

Yo yo, I'm back on deck, I never lost the pep in my step
Ride in the cab, drunk as hell, weed and Beck's on my breath
I'm undercover so I'm dressed in turtleneck and the vest
Tec by the waist, yo cabbie make a left on the next
corner, get out and let the 30-30 cock the loogie
Tryin to set me up like Jim Kelly, MUY, MUY
Before I hit somebody they say, "We ain't do it!"
I believe them these the same niggaz I grew up in the hood wit

Yo yo yo, what's today's date?
Shh, December 8th?
Man today my god damn day off
Yo I'm outta here
Yeah, yeah yeah yeah right papi
I'll slap the shit out you

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Redman Soopaman Lova IV Comments
  1. Mukebox


  2. DSC GrumpiSmurf

    Redman so nice. He never sounds like he's even trying, just flowing. I miss this era of rap

    Dark Sharxx

    Me Too.

    Tee Oh

    Probably helps, that he was a DJ originally. He knows where the pocket/sweet spot is in the music.

  3. darnizy

    Funny how one of my most favorite songs had a dislike on pocket don't have a love for this song like I do. Fuck my pocket stupid ass. Soopaman yeah yeah yeah

  4. TerrariumFusilage1

    Supa man lover the Rude Boy!

  5. MMC StinkyMacBallSacks

    Listening to on Dec 8th, 2018 and still bumpin since 98🔥🎧
    Favorite Red album no doubt.


    Ben Hubbard Dare iz a Darkside is my favorite but this was a classic

  6. Cmd Delete

    Newsflash: Brickcity rap artist predicts the Western World's cultural values and respondent musical atheistic and produces masterpiece relevant for exactly 10 years.

    Emanating Faucet

    @Cmd 100000000 years

  7. Dave Thomas

    I'll slap the shit out cha!

  8. Dub-B-Tre

    Reggie's just coasting to the beat! Yeah, Yeah, Yeahhhh

  9. shizzyc cee

    the best!!..

  10. methodman03681

    Yea Yea Yeeeaa

  11. spyder187able

    so i b on tha back of the bus unrapping a dutch....left court 4 child support bitches taxing my bucks....redman goes hard 1 of the best out there...!!!!

  12. Vaughn Morris

    great upload