Redman - Reggie (Intro) Lyrics

Reggie... Reggie! (Aowwww)
Reggie... ladies and gentlemen
We gon' do it like this

Yo, ay, the brother with a haircut
Rhymes, got your mind in a bearhug
Ladies, this one to pin your hair up
This year, I have the tighter Airs up
They say I'm lil' cocky when I'm battin
Pardon me Duke, it's my anxiety attackin
That just happened, next cover, it's me
with bullshit hoes like them Stepbrothers
Yeah, a nigga tight when he let loose
It's Reggie, that man, he's signin Shaq too
New Jersey believe me I'm on the rescue
My track record on track like {?} tune
Hip-Hop, I need her back on the beat
That's why I'm blood, even my underwear brief
That's, me, I'm, street
H.N.I.C. rip shop and I, breeeathe nigga
on the purp' and the backwood
The young crowd like, "How he still that good?"
I'm a East coast rider mayne, WHASSUP?!
So capture the master of the rapture
Huh, Japan think I'm so fly
the ladies want the cream of Sum Dum Guy
Sip my mai-tai, connect my wi-fi
to my watch and tell her you want Reggie then I'm, OUT

I fly like a rock star
Cause I'm far from a gentleman
And when it come to my MU-SIC
You can see what I'm gettin at, shorty shorty, ay
Shorty, shorty, ay
Shorty, shorty...

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