Redman - Mic, Lights, Camera, Action Lyrics

Uhh! You know
It's times like this
When we need change nigga
Yeah, and if you really look at it
Your life is like a movie
And we all in the script playin a role
Let's go!

Mic bright, lights, camera, action [4X]
"You are, now, playing, a rapper" - ACTION

Yo, I speak clearly, for y'all to hear me
Rotate while I show the world like Mary
Sleepin rarely, too much beast for the Aries
Gilla! Get cream like, Ben & Jerry's
Too fly to mail me, C.O.D.
Opened up my mind and let my ego free
Now the world know my government, and I'm lovin it
All levels, from White House to the covenant
Big boy, when the mics and the lights on
You get a three minute glimpse of the icon
Your best rapper two-steppin to my song
When he don't know, he ask I write for him
Jersey lights, that's where I live
where I get lost like one of Kennedy kids
Then I reappear when it's "Time 4 Aksion"
Then disappear again like LaToya Jackson, it's

Mic bright, lights, camera, action [4X]
"You must, now, protect, the President" - ACTION

Yo, by any means I protect my President
It's P.O.P., protect our president
A thoroughbred on the track like the meadowlands
The Secret Service should bring the ghetto in
For example, I start up a dot com
for terrorism, a P.O.P. hotline
Join the club if you're ready to rub
elbows with folks who feel oh-nine is our time
That's the motto, yeah I know Bush
made bein President one tough act to follow
Watch the Lewinskis that just wanna swallow
Remember Kobe Bryant up in Colorado
Lock me in asylum, your boy too ill with it
Your life is campaign and that's real bid'ness
Set up shop and group your team
cause they ain't doin what they did to Martin Luther King

Mic bright, lights, camera, action [4X]
"You will, now, save, hip-hop" - ACTION

Yo, they said hip-hop been gone for a minute
I gotta find hip-hop and tour more with it
That's my cash cow, wow, go hard
like the ninth inning, tryin to score for the pennant
Sky's not the limit, I'm on a quest
to bring back originality, style and concept
Show you how to write 16's with context
Mix it with a little Lil Wayne and KRS
That's fresh! Dummy, study the art
Study how it all began and see the part
Study how Kool Herc became King of Bronx
Learn, how to rock Wallabees and Clarks
I think I found hip-hop dawg, she right here
Listen up homey it might help your career
I'm goin to the top cause I'm ready for action
Then disappear again like LaToya jackson, it's

Mic bright, lights, camera, action [4X]

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