Redman - Full Nelson Lyrics

[Intro: Saukrates]
(Click) All I-yi-yi (ohh, ohh)
I-yi (ohh) I-yiii (click)

[Chorus: Saukrates]
All I-yi-yi, all I-yi-yi
(I got that thang) Right by my side
(And when it go BANG) How I survive
Whoaaaa yeah - how I survive
Whoaaaa yeah - it's right by my side
Whoaaaa yeah (yes sir) ohhhhh yeah

[Red] Let's go!

[Runt Dawg]
The moon full, the goon's ready to set it
Hoodrats drinkin 'til 11 while they pregnant!
My hood look like the video for "Thriller"
The fiends feedin they kids cereal for dinner
You ask "Who dat?" And they scream GILLA!
Tour bus roll up like an 18-wheeler
And who am I? Good question
This the blackout, make you niggaz tap out, full nelson!

[Chorus w/ ad libs]

Yo! I take over, yo, the game over
Hop off the sofa to hit it like Sosa
Big (Whale), tip the scale, call me Jonah
Closet got kicks like Pete Rock folder
Hold up, girl, how do that feel?
I'm nice with the mic like I'm from Catskills
A veteran, take a step back, get real
That's like Shaquille, lookin for a rap deal!
Pop a Advil boy, this a headbanger
BIG TRUCK gotta park in airplane hangars
Yeah they wanna hate ya, when you're gettin paper
I know, that's why I (Set it Off) like Jada
Generator, I'll shut your lights off
And sucker for love? Doc ain't the type y'all
HUH, it might turn to a fight club
And believe me, I'll survive like a lifer!

[Chorus w/ ad libs]

[Ready Roc]
Okay, yo (Gotti Click nigga)
Huh, like 2Pac (All Eyez on Me)
That's the reason my career on the rise slowly
I'm headed to the top, that's what God told me
So anybody think they better than this guy show me
So I can chew him up and spit him out
What else you figure from a nigga that's from Gilla House?
I come through coupe with the ceilin out
I'm on the road to success, steady peelin ouuuut
And nobody in my lane
Just a year ago man nobody knew my name
Now they get the picture like I put it in the frame
Cause my flow's so dope you can put it in your veins
Put this in your brain, I'll leave this bitch cookin
Blind to the fact but I still see you lookin
I do it (Big) like March 9th in Brooklyn
Beast on the beat, call me Wolfman!
And that's why

[Chorus w/ ad libs]

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