Redlight King - Something For The Pain Lyrics

Some days you get the feelin'
Of hittin' the concrete
Get the strain out of your life,
What about your life
You're gettin' nervous cause the purpose
Is hidden you can't see
And the world's gonna pass you by and
Watch you die
Hell I know it's all too easy
Getting caught in the dark
When you're looking for the fix to fill
The hole in your heart
All alone this kind of life
It ain't no walk in the park
And I know it's gonna take some time
So I say

When the sun goes down
Call my name
When all the world around you's
Just too hard to take
If it helps you live
I got something for the pain
Yeah I got something,
Something for the pain

It's funny how the devil's always playin' his part
But you can't keep looking back
I'm in so deep I'm thinking why did I start
And when you fall it happens all too fast
If they make you try to give up some names
You don't wanna mess around
Freedom lives don't let them beat you while
They're breakin' your back
There ain't nobody gonna help you now
So I say

When the sun goes down
Call my name
Yeah when all the world around you's
Just too hard to take
If it helps you live
I got something for the pain
Yeah I got something

When you're filled with doubt
You'll find the weight is fallin'
You can feel me now you're high
Is all that's callin'

Can we all escape
Help me find a way
Can we all escape
Help me find a way
Find a way

When the sun goes down
Call my name
Yeah when all the world around you's
Just too hard to take
If it helps you live
I got something for the pain
Yeah I got something,
Something for the pain
I got something
Something for the pain

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Redlight King Something For The Pain Comments
  1. J.C Nova

    Been playing this in a loop for days. It just REALLY resonates

  2. LJ Lancaster

    Cannot believe this came out so long ago. Cant wait for the new redlight king works

  3. Brian M

    Trump and Melania are innocent deep state pigs. MAGA will kill for America if you want to rock

  4. gary barr

    Say my name

  5. Sunshine An Whiskey

    Bad ass song, you guys F**Ken ROCK...great come back...

  6. Jana Krickova

    I love it

  7. Muffin Clyde

    The Devil convinces you that all that is important is what makes you less Godly! Til darkness consumes you!

  8. Charlie Kissinger

    This song is about the devil... not jesus... aint no body gonna help you now...when the son goes down call my name... when the world around you get to hard to take... if It helps you live I got something for the pain...

    Rich MacLeod

    About drug addiction and self medicate, finding a way

    Muffin Clyde

    That’s what they said about rock n roll in the fifties it’s the Devil, No it’s life will beat u down to hell where u can see GOD clearly !

  9. Iron Monkey

    Freaking love this

  10. Jojo Perkins

    I just started listening to Red light King! I like it! New and very smart words and music is awesome.

  11. Tim Hannah

    luvin it luv thiz

  12. Sandy KS

    My favorite song out of all of them. I play over and over. Especially when I need a pick me up or inspiration.

  13. Roger Frye

    After falling 55-60 ft from a tree 11 yrs ago I'm feeling the pain. I've heard many people complain and crying about pain but they don't have a clue ! 2 rods 12 pins in my back, 1 rod 6 pins in fixed right elbow, 7 brk ribs, 2 collapsed lungs, crushed sternum, neck broke 4 places, crushed pelves, ruptured spleen, chest tubes, T 11-12 spinal cord injury leaving me paralyzed from the waist down with chronic nerve damage /pain. Yeah after 11 yrs last week and it's gotten worse. Now they've removed my colon so I have a poop sac with lots of intestinal cramping problems, piss through a Cathedar about 4-5x everyday. Yeaaahhh baby. ...I need "Something For The Pain" I've honestly hung onto Jesus many days n long nights with a loaded gun in the bed.
    I love you Jesus. ..your more than enough and I believe that you have my breakthrough. ....

    Mr. Lumberjakn

    Roger Frye dude my mom is a low level quad from a motorcycle accident, complete injury to her T5&6 and incomplete injury to her C 4&5, lots and lots of nerve damage, crushed pelvis from the bike landing on her etc etc...she got off pain meds and lives as normal a life as she can and has minimal pain now due to medical marijuana. She uses it all, balms, edibles, oils, smokes....check that stuff out, it drastically increased her quality of life.

  14. Danny Rodriguez

    that's Okumura Rin to you! Hahaha

  15. JD Howe

    seeing the album cover almost made me cry...hearing this song for the first time in my life at 36yrs old @ 4:28am central time..made me cry. FUCKING ENCORE

  16. John Smith

    the love of my life shared this song with me it has a strong memorie attached to it i love you gayla😛

    Annissa Mcguire

    John Smith~ I feel ya buddy same here

  17. Syed Hammad Hussain

    man im falling in love with this guy's songs <3

    Thomas Shead

    Syed Hammad Hussain BAD ASS...

  18. TT Moody

    something for the pain

  19. K Koz

    It`s All Natural ......... :) <3

    JD Howe

    K Koz not all of it my friend

  20. wolve dancer

    some of us got it and some of don't

  21. Wolf Cry Beard Company

    jesus will remove the pain I know from personal experience,healing for the broken hearted is what he does.

    Tannim Aguilar

    +Wolf Cry Beard Company And yet he's reaching out through a YouTube commentor.

    clint kees

    what if it is more than just the heart that is broken? they wont have me lol.. neither side will i am cursed to walk between the light and the dark never to know the joys of either. even oblivion wont take me. ask your savior why there must be so much pain. some say it is to test the metal of a person. others say it is to right the wrongs of our past lives. i must have been very bad if the latter is true.

    Wolf Cry Beard Company

    +clint kees
    I was there brother. until I asked Jesus Christ come and make my heart new, and I changed when I asked holy spirit come into my heart and soul and I felt so much peace and love and have been changed permently. went from drug addiction to a light in the world. God uses nothing and builds something it's his saving grace and son will become a drug that you can overdose on and it only does release light everywhere.God bless you brother.


    Wolf Cry Beard Company.

  22. cyril23

    everybody has pain and needs a little help to deal with the problems in their lives and this song helps

  23. Defforest Robinson

    Heard this at a strip club. Great song.

    Qualified Cornstarch

    +Defforest Robinson Now that's an ironic song to play at the strip club 0.o harsh lol

    Rich MacLeod


  24. Monica Mason

    One of my favourites from this band. I put it on repeat and just get inspired to write.

    Qualified Cornstarch

    +Monica Mason Me too!

    Karma Brooklynn

    Monica Mason Monica I was His promoter I prepped the show he was to perform for stvcanada

    Karma Brooklynn

    I'm the real promoter u guys messed with I'm not happy with the crap

  25. Michael Edwards

    Seen them at Carolina Rebellion, and they were AWESOME!!

  26. inquiring mind

    a-plus all-around

  27. MrOneair

    Canadian frontman

  28. 117derekTV

    You're right. I usually don't like country, but there are songs that I like better than some rock songs. It is impossible to not like an entire genre.

  29. Zygossvurun

    yep this is totally hip hop

  30. deari900

    No apparently I am not welcome, disliking a genre is possible, its called having a opinion, there are foods you like and foods you dislike. Its all part of the brain and it determines who you are. But then again disliking a genre actually means: Disliking the songs you have heard of that genre but there is no way you could have heard every song. So basically disliking a genre means disliking a group of songs you don't like but that doesn't have to be all the songs that exist in the genre.

  31. Jessica Lehmann

    The Fallen Generation:
    My friends and I created this FB page to help people. No matter who you are, what you've done, or what you've said, we're here for you. Our page not only focuses on self harm and suicide, but also the major problems happening in our world. Hopefully we can open people's eyes to what really is wrong with this world. Please, at least check it out. Maybe like it and share with your friends. If you have a page, message this page and we will promote you, too. Stay lovely. <3

    JD Howe

    Jessica Lehmann :'( thank you..truely inspiring to me.

  32. Jakob Frazier

    Love this song

  33. cory brearley

    That is impossible to not like a genre. Genres evolved from different genres, and them stemming from an idea from which a particular sequence of notes and rhythm were introduced. To say that you actually don't like a genre, is saying that you dislike music; and we all know that's a load of shit. You're welcome.

  34. TerraNautica

    If you want the hip hop side - search for Kazzer.

  35. ruhle1980

    Eu entendo

  36. Assiralc Olem

    Ninguém vai entender mesmo o que estou falando... HAHAHHAAH

  37. Frank Moser


  38. psj50

    true--the ones that understand do---and if you don't then you don't

  39. megayugiohx10

    this is one of those songs that make you feel that rush of adrenaline

  40. Tony Caira

    Its usually the people who don't like the genre of the music

  41. Chris R

    Great Song!!

  42. richard williamson


  43. Janzig Skylarker

    the rail spike caught my attention-now that im here- i dig the lyrix & sound..good shit-wood..

  44. inquiring mind

    Great song all around....I can relate .

  45. TheStarwarsgeek101

    The first song i heard by them was bullet in my hand and that was a couple minutes ago but this is my favorite song by this band.

    patricia clayton

    Luv'n it ! 2 WILD1. Taken my soul.... Awesome group auhhh keep it up

  46. Dave Fruin

    This bands awesome!!!

  47. Robert Jervis

    That's a bit harsh don't you think?

  48. ThatGuyYouDontKnow

    There r 13 people that suck

  49. Lesa Connell

    Awesome song!!!!!!!

  50. Jacob Lew

    what sucks is that most people have no idea who Redlight King is

  51. MegaFreaknumberone

    What a song ! Awesome !

  52. sponge920

    Yeah man, for a long time I felt the same way. Then I found a girl whom I thought was "the one", We were engaged for 8 months. She decided to cheat on me and move out last month. So now my "Something for the pain" is my Porsche 928. You just need to find something to pour your heart and soul into, and sooner or later you will start thinking more about that thing, and less about the pain. I hope that helps.

  53. Connor Rudish

    KICK ASS! Because many reasons you just hear complete shit anymore on the radio such as, wiz khalifa, lights, nicki manji, all those stupid fucks then you got this. Makes you think about REAL music. Thank you Redlight King for producing real music and not random shit.

  54. cjimmyhere

    you are a divine spiritual being. I love you, god loves you and there are many more im sure. no matter what your going thru it will get better.. give it time. you will make it through. i wish i could give you a hug

  55. Alex Frenza

    wooooo!!! support from montreal!!!!!

  56. Heather Lee

    why would anyone post bad things on youtube.. keep your comments to yourself if you don't have anything nice to say?? they are artists and them making this music doesn't affect your life.. so BACK OFF...

  57. sinker tracks

    the beat is awesome

  58. RandomPlaceHolderName

    Because you're delusional and these guys aren't really amazing? Just putting that out there. And don't cuss, it makes your stupidity shine through like clubwedd's when he happily married a woman he now enjoys hurting ...

  59. rammsblackfan

    these guys are so amazing, why the fuck dont they have atleast 200 million views.

  60. M0derat0r41

    Lifes hard i get it and i get your side of it to but i have a question for you have you ever woken up everyday of your life and the minute you woke up started wishing that it would all end until you fell asleep at night and did it for years sometimes we just have things that eat at us and sometimes its just hard life is so hard and some of us it beats on harder than others i havent found my way through it and i dont know if i will but if u let it win then whats the reason in being here

  61. James Janish

    May they rest in peace. My best friend and I have been best friends for 5 years and when I moved, he started doing Acid and drinking over his limit. He does a whole bunch of weed and sits in his room just smoking and doing everything else with drugs. My other best friend is on the verge of doing the same. Him and I aren't as close as my other best friend though. It hurts but you just have to stay strong threw these harsh times. <3

  62. Tyler

    Seeing him on Friday and can't wait! Tickets were only $8..can you say steal????

  63. A.J. Berry

    i know some friends of mine had "something for the pain", ""pills that they loved""... they died

  64. tricksta666wa

    @HannyBeth2016 it was panadol, because i punched them for disliking!

  65. SuperTeresa666

    love the tat guys

  66. Naname

    This played this song while I was on hold with the Disney Store for 40 minutes. I needed something for the pain.

  67. Deadpoolicious

    I just heard about this band and everytime i listen to one of theirs songs i say not bad, till i realized that i actually love'em

  68. TheAlexbaril

    colisse que ses don ben bon sah (OMG this is fucking good)

  69. Missy May

    man all their son are sooooooooooooooo cool

  70. cory brearley

    You know what's funny? everyone who likes the song, usually explains why. The people who dislike the song RARELY if ever say why they dislike it. I honestly think they do like it and don't want to usurp emotions. If that's the case, then is it not worth liking ?

  71. Coles Adrian

    @clubwedd im ur ex-wife and u dont have the ``package`` yet...u never had

  72. pranman8492

    @koontz57 this song is many things... hip hop is not one of them

  73. Shadowbane57

    Sound a bit more hip hop then what i like

  74. SirParkerI

    @InjectedxSniping did someone say weed ?

  75. strappingYungLad

    NAH NAH NAH. 10 people are bitter at the fucking world!

  76. jackhole5104

    dudes a lyrical mastermind

  77. BoiSpooky

    10 people dont have anything for the pain

  78. No.


    I respect your opinion...

  79. Brandon Savage

    love this band quite well

  80. Thomas Shick

    Can anyone tell me what TV Show or Movie this from. It sounds so familiar.

  81. Amber Wyatt

    @TheWormlingKing Madam, Lol (:

  82. TheDufensmirtz

    take a look at the dislike bar... done? okay! now look at your dick... not much of a diffrence, right?

  83. Patriotic White

    @rustybear98 Don't be hating. Everyone has a right to have likes and dislikes. I like Redlight-king But i didn't like this song i still give it a thumbs up for effort.

  84. Lets Try This

    Why does this have such few views? do people not see AMAZING music when they see it? WOW shame on you who dont watch this. this band is A+++

  85. Amber Wyatt

    @ReyMK3 I understand. I mean it's going to crap, like I don't understand why some of these people are considered talented.. Lol. But I just think that this deserves more views..

  86. J.A.Ratt85

    this could easily be the next single, you can definately hear the Nas influence in the opening.. early stuff that is

  87. Samuel Littlefield

    @blazethaday420 true dat

  88. Jonah Sage

    cool band like bullet in my hand XD

  89. Cody Graham

    Pretty sure the name of the Album is Something for the Pain

  90. Orze

    good good XD say btw whats the name of teh album?

  91. AnglofDoom

    Holy shit i just started listening to these guys, and they EFFING ROCK!! they're songs sound soo different but yet they are soo good, which is hard for any band to do these days!

  92. Bull Crapp

    How is "Simple Plan" famous and not these guys? well lets hope not for long.

  93. ReyMK3

    @ambersuzanne1, who the hell is Rebecca Black? no, I don't pay much attention to the mainstream media stuff. I usually find them way too insulting to people's intelligence to waste time with watching, listening or reading about them. ;)

  94. Nick Trano

    @sorushandmihr 'I don't want them to become well known because then people with what I believe to be bad taste may enjoy the same music as I do.'


  95. Shifty

    Rock that rap fans like? Wow...this music must be really good! *clicks play button*

  96. O ne Loko

    I like rap, I have a wu tang clan tattoo, but these guys are pretty good, good vocals good lyrics

  97. smalbaby3

    almost nobody now them but if they now him they think yes here for want nobody die
    and they make a account for it like i have done he is like a rapper but whit good voice for pop music whose whit must put his tumps up (if you like good music)

  98. Nick Trano

    @sorushandmihr Hipster... You're an idiot if you don't want Redlight King to be successful. It lets them afford to keep making music.

  99. Dave Crosswhite

    hey 5 people that dislike has a dick that small.

  100. H83N

    i like this band they kind of remind me of seether