Redlight King - Lift The Curse Lyrics

Been through the hurt
Now I'm losing my shirt
And you say I got an attitude
Now I've broken the law
Made a real bad call
But you don't care what I'm going through

I need love (love) love, love's gonna make it work
I need love (love) love, love come and lift the curse

Not a walk in the park
It's a shot in the dark
Just try to bury me alive
Covered in dirt
I've been dying of thirst
Now I'll see you on the other side

I need love (love) love, love's gonna make it work
I need love (love) love, love come and lift the curse
Talkin' 'bout love (love) love, love's gonna make it work
I need love (love) love, love come and lift the curse

Live in the fire
Lovin' the chase
Even though I ain't got a dime
Not playin' it safe
Don't stand in the way
Cause I'll cross the line every time

Oh, love (love) love, love's gonna make it work
I need love (love) love, love come and lift the curse
Come and lift it now...

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Redlight King Lift The Curse Comments
  1. Dylan Pilon

    Fire 🧨 Favorite Band HANDS DOWN 👍🏼🤙🏼

  2. AutumnWolf 81

    BEST FUCKIN SONG what's next, cuz you were truly "BORN TO RISE"!! 🎆🎉🎁
    AutmWlf81 ✝🇺🇸🍀

  3. Andre Tokayuk

    Keep rockin' Mr. Kazzer ..)/* You have friends in Porkland Whoregone. Can we bring downhill domination back too? Like in a sick better way? Missed ya man. Stop by. And bring the band.. i have neighbors to piss off..)

  4. Patrick Wilson

    Fuckin awsome guys i've been into you guys for years and am so happy that you're back together. Honestly you guys are to good to just fade away keep fighting puttin out great music and it will pay off down the road! If any band "has it" you guys certainly do!

  5. Clyde Anderson

    Like it man. Long time fan here.

  6. Rose Marie Theriault

    big band

  7. Justin Turner

    I immediately looked went to find their song i used to jam (bullet in my hand)

    Redlight King

    We love Bullet but this new record is our strongest yet. And independent

  8. Espectro Lobo

    Great discovery!!

  9. multisphere1

    Definitely inspired by pj Harvey “ it is love “

  10. Wolfie_Exclips

    i clicked this by accident and now its my fav song

  11. Diego Loyo Maldonado

    Excelente canción!!!

  12. Elizabeth Holloway

    Yessss!!!! So glad to see you guys back!!!! Come to indiana!!!!

  13. ponme nombre :v

    Long live rock and make it famous again

  14. Brian M

    You want love? OK. I love this president. And Melania too

    Redlight King

    No politics or religion. Believe what you believe, all the best my friend

  15. MarvolooKipis

    sounds like the offspring at first

    Redlight King

    Noooooo. Lmao. Way cooler than that bro

  16. Denver Engel

    Which I was not happy about that

  17. Denver Engel

    I thought that he would never do more songs

  18. DJ_Dell

    사운드 신난당♥️

  19. kcs jnc

    Okay so I'm a little over a month late I've been waiting forever for new music from Redlight King's there's so many other songs that I love and I'm really liking this one

  20. ICD

    This is so hard

  21. Manu Solorio

    I would totally listen to this in the church, on a sunday morning, chilling, after a long afternight of partying.

  22. Yamil El Gatrif


  23. Slippery When wet

    Searching through their old music thinking
    Whatever happened to these guys
    And here I am
    Nice to be back gentlemen

  24. Brian M

    Mr President arrest Robert Muller now. Lock him up

  25. Velvet inc. studios

    You make amazing music ad I'm happy you're back

  26. David

    Red light king just keeps getting better and better, now if spellchecker would just get his name right

  27. Eric Beltran

    Hell of a comeback!!! I've been needing this. Please, Please, PLEASE!!!! TOUR THROUGH LITTLE ROCK, AR.

    Redlight King

    we love Little Rock, can't wait to see you

  28. Brian M


  29. Brian Stears

    Yes yes yes love me some red lightking

  30. Craig Naert

    😎😎😎 no doubt

  31. Patrick Baron

    Man I hear a lot of Jack White in that guitar!👊

    Redlight King

    well we love Jack and we love ACDC and Led Zepellin

  32. Brad Davidson

    Sweet! Still play your "previous incarnations - the Broke albums" all the time! had no idea of Redlight King. So much 'new music' for me to catch up on until this drops!

  33. ben bailey

    My man Kazzer!

  34. It's Crowley, The Music-Obsessed Gamer

    The instrumental makes me think of Dorothy

    Redlight King

    She's our girl. We love her and are working on something

  35. Николай Апокалипсис

    Ребята умеют жечь!!! Огромный респект из Украины!!!

  36. Cody Weston

    When is the album coming out for sale man. I need a new one for my next ride! You're the reason for so many of my speeding tickets. It's easy to get wrapped up and just twist brotha!

    Redlight King


  37. Derek Houser

    I've waited so long for this!!!!!!

    Craig Naert

    Derek Houser me too

  38. Seth Hughes

    NEVER COUNTED YOU OUT MY FRIEND.... been waiting on your " COMEBACK"... a nod to you my brother. Excellent job, love the cut ! KUDO'S !!! Kicking Ass once again. Here's to you Mark, CHEERS!

    Redlight King

    thanks Seth, thanks for supporting me all these years

  39. Ângela Cunha

    BR aqui curtindo Redlight King 🤘🎸❤️🇧🇷😜

    Lucas Hoshimoto

    mó boa essa musica

  40. Andrew Strawhacker

    Bad ass song. Wish they played a gig in kc would come see them

  41. Ghost Rider

    I haven't seen Redlight King in forever! Glad to see them make a come back!


    Were they away at all? :)

  42. No signs of Intelligent life

    Redlight king will always be my over all favorite

  43. Michelle N Bud Schultz


    Redlight King

    thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  44. Droker

    Really nice good job man

    Redlight King

    thanks so much

  45. It's Crowley, The Music-Obsessed Gamer

    Hell yeah, new Redlight King songs!

  46. john Finter

    Great track.....come back to Philly man!

  47. Stranghalde

    I'm (so) late to the party but so glad you guys are back!!!! Wish I had seen the update for it coming out Apr 26.

  48. samuel alexis

    Y LA MOTOS??

  49. Sean Fitzgerald

    Bad ass song I was hiped too these guys but my boy a hell's Angel's member told me too listen too born too ride and ever since then I was hooked glad yo all got a new ham caont wait for the album

    Redlight King


  50. # TheAmericanApe

    Breaking new: Redlight King no longer redlighted

  51. misswonderfulwoman

    I found this by accident, the best ACCIDENT ever!!!

    Sandra H

    So frkn close


    Shit happens for a reason :)



  52. Mamma Shona

    Wake to y'all every morning. Ty

  53. Giulsify

    Missed you!!! Glad you’re back

  54. dtoxx hip hop

    Love it man.. good vibe 💥💥

  55. Aaron Machado

    I love this song badass guys and keep it up

    Redlight King

    thanks Aaron

  56. ritwik inamdar

    Lovely song. Great video. Super talent. You guys rock and need more to lift the curse 🤘🏻

  57. Jay Casteel

    Dudes rock 🤘🏻

  58. Natasa

    I just love this band so much. I discovered them by accident 5 years ago when I heard "Born to rise". I misheard it and thought he was saying "born to RIDE". :D Still my favorite song. :)))))))))))))))))

    429 woodapple

    samee haha

  59. Arthur Goetz

    HE'S BACK!!!

  60. heathenbreathinfire

    You guys are back! Why can I only like this once!!?

    Redlight King

    we're back!

  61. Jack Cravford

    Mark, i like your image. Simple, rock n roll guy. But, the most important, real music with passion. Im so happy for new album. And no autotune in your voice. Amazing. Love that raw vocals. No fucking computers.

  62. D K

    Love it .. truly music to my ears!!! more more more

  63. Paz Sincethe80's

    Dude gets down on that guitar...koo... LUV GOIN LIFT THE CURSE... not bad ...

  64. charles of the Father YaHuWaH Y

    Yep, sure will.

  65. A R H

    Very nice. Blues type southern rock. I love it. Can’t wait for the east coast tour🤘

  66. Sunshine An Whiskey

    I love it!!! These guys rock... Welcome back guys....

    Redlight King

    one love

    Sunshine An Whiskey

    @Redlight King right you guys ..

    Sunshine An Whiskey

    @Redlight King I love the lead singer, Mark, you are one sexy, talented man..keep the hits coming...

  67. Cihad Uludag

    good one

    Redlight King

    thanks so much

  68. lostsoul820

    I need something more for the pain but you are lifting the curse now thou..Lol😂

  69. Angelus Mortis

    Hell yeah about time. Been waiting on new music.

  70. Blaze Maiden

    Just make a new album already!

    Stoned Umaruto

    Did you even read the description?

    Blaze Maiden

    @Stoned Umaruto shit u right

  71. voiceinthen0ise

    now this is a "comeback" mate....!!

    Redlight King

    thank you!!!

  72. Thomas Duvall

    Glad to see a new music video from them

  73. dudleydriller

    Hell yeah bout time

    Redlight King

    i know, we're bad

  74. Duane Martin

    Great track Hamilton rep 👍