Redlight King - Drivin To Kalifornia Lyrics

I had a 49 Merc that I chopped myself
A chip on my shoulder and a story to tell
I was three years clean and I just woke up
So I sold all my shit and packed up the truck
Had a hand full of luck a fist full of dimes
A slouch in my stance so I made up my mind
I'm changin' my gears I'm changin' the time
Still chased by the devil that I'm leavin' behind
And so I'm

Drivin' to Kalifornia
I'm drivin' to Kalifornia

Got a full tank of gas and I lightened the load
Shined the white walls up then I hit the road
T-Roy shotgun I'm behind the wheel
All my boys got my back from the city of steel
And when I pull fifth gear man she's like a weapon
Doin' 95 on a stairway to heaven
Got my ears on bright so we can avoid the lights
Mic check one two everything's alright and so I'm

Drivin' to Kalifornia
I'm drivin' to Kalifornia

I want to know what it feels like
It feels like livin' free
Somewhere to roll where the sun shines
It shines right down on me

Drivin' to Kalifornia
Where the sun shines down and it's always around, sing
Hot Rod Betties up and down the west coast
Drivin' to Kalifornia
Where the sun shines down and it's always around, sing
Drivin' to Kalifornia
Where you feel it the most, big waves up and down the west coast

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Redlight King Drivin To Kalifornia Comments
  1. william smith

    just heard of this group,I cant stop listening to it

  2. Kush Crusader

    This song has gotten me through some horrible days, the message behind the song is there's always time for change

  3. Karee Hancock

    this shit is amazing my 3 year old son and 2 year old just heard this one and they lay by the system and listen. they can't get enough. wow.

  4. nasty r6

    When I pull fifth gear my she like a weapon doing 145...when I hear this song come on while I'm riding I top my bike out lol

  5. HellJumpxr -Nick

    Enough with the politics, sheesh

  6. Heroinhell

    Haha why was that flagged XDD

  7. Jesse Murray

    Just breaking away to enjoy some sunshine

  8. Jesse Murray

    Just breaking away to enjoy some sunshine!!

  9. Ludleth Levi


  10. HardcorePunkChannel

    This is nothing like eminem.


    who said it was supposed to be?

  11. MrPitcher4

    Also, Obama no wants the debt to go up without a single spending cut. Economic growth always has happened under Conservative influence. Aka Republican controlled Congress under Clinton, Reagan, and the first six years of Bush 7.5% growth until Democrats took control of Congress. You liberals forget that just because Bush was in office doesn't mean it was his policies that caused a recession.

  12. MrPitcher4

    Its called the news and every debt calculator I have seen.

  13. MrPitcher4

    I think the same thing lol

  14. Solairius

    Where the hell did you get that statistic?

  15. MrPitcher4

    Also I don't love Romneys healthcare just as I hate obama‘s . BTW obama‘s is hated by almost every doctor in the nation.

  16. MrPitcher4

    Since he took office we have had the same amount of debt in half the years as Bush. He has made us look completely weak and appeasing to these terrorists like Iran. And if you knew history then you would know his stimulus or higher taxes never works

  17. Solairius

    Btw, He's pulling out because that's not our war. We killed Bin Ladin. That's the whole reason we went in to begin with. Why should we stay? It's not our problem. Why the hell should we spend millions of dollars a day in a senseless war? I promise you, it doesn't matter when we pull out of Iraq completely, the Al Queda will just take over again. You say he's weak in ecomonic issues. How so?

  18. Solairius

    Hahaha Nah, I just feel bad for you incredibly stupid Republicans who know nothing about politics. I'm gonna guess you're also an avid church goer, you think Obama is taking away everyones guns, and believe gays are wrong and its just a fucking disease. Another thing, no matter what he does, you pricks say it's wrong. Pulls out of Iraq? Woah too soon bro! Proposes a socialized healthcare bill for the greater good of the people? Fucking socialist. Romney had the same plan in MA and you guysloveit

  19. MrPitcher4

    Thanks. Hope your liberal mind has changed.

  20. Solairius

    Congrats on reviving a 9 month old argument.

  21. MrPitcher4

    I guess you didn't here that scientists think were going into a mini ice age huh? There is absolutely no proof of Global Warming. In fact there is proof that the Earth was warmer during the Medieval Times which no cars or trucks were around to warm the world then.

  22. MrPitcher4

    You can't be serious. First off, Obama is so uneducated about war and tactics. He was so against the surge in Iraq, but yet the surge worked and was exactly what we needed. Who's idea was that? Bush. Second, every military leader and commander has said Obama is wrong in pulling so many out so fast and TELLING our enemies when were pulling out. He is a weak military leader and an even weaker on economic issues.

  23. joey m

    why does youtube even include a dislike button?

  24. Jesse Murray

    Just stfu and listen to the song!!!

  25. TeeJay

    Wikipedia is actually a pretty good source now-a-days. They pay people to make sure that things are right on there now. It's just not the best source

  26. Solairius

    Congrats on reviving a 4 month old argument.

  27. Michael Owens

    Wikipedia dosent count dumb fuck

  28. Pareod

    *looks at comments* wtf? guys I don't think you understand... this is REDLIGHT KING!

  29. Solairius

    He's pulled out a huge section of the troops in Afghanistan. Its a little hard to pull out every troop when we're still trying to patch up the government there and Eliminate Al Queda leaders. Also trying to weaken the Taliban so they won't take over the government when we do pull out next year. Just cleaning up the mess Bush and Bush senior started.

  30. Scottmitchell93

    Or believe in scientific data that says over all our world is experiencing a warming trend. And of the scientific community, the majority believes that global warming/global climate change is a real and occurring event.....

  31. Solairius

    Sorry no, I just use reliable resources.

  32. AeternalDesigns

    Believe political speeches much?

  33. Solairius

    Global Warming Fraud? Tea Party much?

  34. Solairius

    Noo no no. Gimme actual facts. He hasn't done anything? Really? He's overhauled the food safety system, Advanced women's rights in work places, Ended DADT in the military, EXPANDED ASSCESS TO MEDICAL CARE AND PROVIDED SUBSIDIES FOR PEOPLE WHO CAN'T AFFORD IT, expanded the Children's Health Insurance Program, has made large investments in clean energy, killed bin laden, ended the war in Iraq, eliminated several other Al-Qaeda leaders, begun the drawdown of forces in Afghanistan.The list goes on..

  35. AeternalDesigns

    Failure to do anything. Increased deficit. Increased debt. Health care bullshit. Global Warming fraud.

  36. 911SHIZBO

    @davecrosswhite LOL. Well that sucks then.

  37. nschroeder21

    @davecrosswhite eminem got clean

  38. Tarol Greig

    Incredible song...I hope you become very big and well known soon:)) I am promoting you guys as much as possible.*_*

  39. J.A.Ratt85

    "shine the whitewalls up and I lighten the load" lighten the load, love that saying lol could be easily misinterpreted tho

  40. Jared Smith

    I wanna know what it feels like,
    it feels like livin free,
    somewhere to roll where the sun shines,
    it shines right down on me :)

  41. hjbiub

    @dethlord67 I LOVE THIS BAND

  42. hjbiub

    WOOOOOHOOOOOOO thumbs up if ur viewer number 30,000

  43. Dave Crosswhite

    @SuperEliteSwag I totally agree but what stands out about him and Eminem is that they both sing about true life.

  44. Obi-wan Kenobi

    @davecrosswhite uhm wrong style of music xD he is slightly rap but deffinantly a whole diff style of rap :/ he is more rock

  45. Certifi09

    @davecrosswhite No one can match eminem's skills! But I must admit he does have the same type of lyrics... ones that hit close to home... the ones that make you think...

  46. J.A.Ratt85

    @Thegoatbreacher I was saying that everything truly fun is illegal in califorrnia STONE HENGE and that not all of california is stoners and waves. theres a shitload of places here that are small towns with nothing to do "places that your friends would rather kill themselves than use their imaginations" as Corey Taylor would say. It aint all its cracked up to be. Plenty of drugs and druggies for sure, but theres alot more too it and everyone thinks all of cali is like they see on tv.

  47. sealer24

    he is everlast v 2.0

  48. Martin Kurtz

    @davecrosswhite Damn right. Little more rock, but great music.

  49. Quentin B

    Very good Soul.. Love it :D

  50. Dave Crosswhite

    He is the clean version of eminem

  51. DDA193

    Why the hell is everyone talking about other bands when their listening to this band

  52. greenview91

    @IzzyStorm1996 hollywood undead is the shit they mix meaningful songs party songs and catchy songs so well my black dahlia is one of the most passionately delivered songs i have ever heard

  53. IzzyStorm1996

    @JadMayhem yes but hollywood undead sucks and completely ruined some motley crue songs

  54. Adrian Amory

    amazing band <3

  55. deathtorome

    I definitly wanna support this band

  56. darly63

    @19reaper94 that one person is sooo jealous that can't perform as good as this band.

  57. Luis Lin

    @darly63 well limp bizkitwas first

  58. darly63

    RockXrap who thought it could be done but OMG they have done it well.

  59. Deszmond Garza

    makes me want to drive fast down an empty road!

  60. Dillion Cottrill

    1 person broke down in ohio

  61. nesrais

    they came out new you say? cool , the first band i'm fan from the beginning !

  62. Lightning LJ

    note to self.. charge up the ol itunes next payday

  63. justin clarke

    dope tune, why not more viewsss dammit

  64. ajanatorfly

    1 person is mentally disabled

  65. SkimShades117

    Great sound, these guys are unique

  66. Jordan Pav

    @nccamokid unfortunately they are from CA but we all know there's only one steel city

  67. Bruce Airdrie

    @nccamokid Hamilton , Canada

  68. nccamokid

    are they from pittsburgh

    william smith

    nccamokid canada