Redlight King - Comeback Lyrics

Many times I've walked the line
I've rolled the dice and questioned my life
Many times I sacrificed and dealt with the pain
I've been down this road before
Where the dead ends are
It rains and it pours
I've been down below and
It's the price that I paid

Well I know how it feels when you have to start again
Now there's no one to save me
I know how it feels when the world is gonna end
But they'll see

I'm gonna make a comeback
I'm gonna dig six feet up tonight
I'm gonna get it all back
I'm gonna make a comeback this time

Look into my eyes you'll see
A graveyard filled with dirt and defeat
Look into my eyes you'll see
The weight on my soul
Where the fallen angels sleep
The crooked hearts and the crossroads meet
Where the haters say my name
And carve it in stone

I know how it feels when I haven't got a friend
Even when they're standin' beside me
I know how it feels when the world is gonna end
But they'll see

I'm gonna make a comeback
I'm gonna dig six feet up tonight
I'm gonna get it all back
I'm gonna make a comeback this time

Risk it all, I'm gonna risk it all
I'm gonna break my back and risk it all
I'm gonna pick my spot, take my shot,
Swallow my pride and risk it all
I'm gonna risk it all
And I won't look back
I'm gonna pick my spot,
Take my shot, swallow my pride
And risk it all

The light's on, the last round
The dark horse keeps on fightin'

I'm gonna make a comeback
I'm gonna dig six feet up tonight
I'm gonna get it all back
I'm gonna make a comeback this time
I'm gonna make a comeback
I'm gonna dig six feet up tonight
I'm gonna get it all back
I'm gonna make a comeback this time

I'm gonna make a comeback this time
Yeah, a comeback, a comeback
I'm gonna make a comeback this time
I'm gonna comeback, I'm gonna comeback
I'm gonna comeback
I'm diggin' up six feet tonight

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Redlight King Comeback Comments
  1. Tom Behrens

    So sad this song had so many views what a joke all the songs with a billion views have more than this

  2. 한승준

    my life is divided, before and after i hear this song.


    how in the WORLD did this album not ... not one comment in 5 years, but let me tell you guys, and I know this is kind of a trope, but, this album in particular is why I'm still alive ...

    Let me gather some money and we will do take 2 (take 23 for my life) and we'll do some great things together.

  4. Greg Gory

    September 2019!

  5. Sean Willis

    This is my song right here rock on

  6. Silvia GAray


    Silvia GAray


  7. starmoon raesomeBS

    A few years ago, your lyrics and sound helped to keep me going. You help to literally keep me alive. Now listening to this... it's exactly where I am. My second chance. There was no place for me to "comeback" to. But, I'm not staying there in hell either! <3

  8. Tom Ebbs

    Go raibh an mahaìth

  9. Tom Ebbs

    This Band must be wiping the floor in terms of covering the merch submarket...I can imagine a car franchise branded under redlught king

  10. Gray Lin


  11. DDrummer

    They kind of have the look of *Daughtry* and even sound like them.

  12. RedTornado279

    that front seat passenger is 110% a bottom

  13. David harrell

    You should dedicate this to Chester Bennington!😰 I wish it could be true!😞 RIP! ❤️

  14. Amina B

    2019 ? Haha

  15. SilverStar Majestic Guardian

    Must be nice stealing from the force eh

  16. SilverStar Majestic Guardian

    Low life

  17. Spartan 07613

    i have been looking for this song for years....

    the nostalgia

  18. Phoenix Kaiser

    its a gay song

  19. Ryshlova Noodo

    Lol this song reminds me of someone being mistreated then getting killed but they actually won in the end because you know. Heaven and hell.

  20. Kutcyx

    Hmm... The intro sounds like "X-ray dog - Final Hour"

  21. Kirmukarmu

    sucks bald

  22. bruce lansing

    I'm 67 yrs old I LOVE RED LIGHT KING !!!!!!!!!!

    kcs jnc

    56 and it's been 6 years since I first heard them. Love their music. Fav is Times are Hard every New Year's I play it and post it on FB. if you listen to the lyrics that's why it just reminds me of something you start out new with


    This is me when I can actually get a new truck build started especially since the last one burned up in my driveway

  24. 하이

    하..나이스뮤직 ㅠ

  25. Joshua Evans

    I love this group! they should be as popular as Linkin Park or the Foo Fighters!!!

  26. Amber Carter

    Love these guys

  27. Elif Tezer

    That ain't too bad, I came drom Songpop's Movie Songs 2010-2014 competition. I liked. He looks like Emre Yücelen who is Turkish singer and voice teacher.

  28. Дмитрий Судаков

    Beginning stolen from Cradle of Filth - Nymphetamine?

  29. Sid Wilson

    Judging by the views and comments ratio nobody will ever see this. Vagina boob

  30. Joshua Gunselman

    gonns make a humpback, gonna swim six leauges out to sea. gonna make a come back. im gonna fap six times consecutively

  31. Syed Hammad Hussain

    Man This band is fucking awesome

  32. Blake& DomTV

    your music kept me from killing myself please never stop making music it literally saved me

  33. JuaN75y

    this song will make a good clip for a good comeback in dota

  34. Damian Carpio

    I remember seeing him in Tucson like 5years ago shit was dope he's sooo handsome ☺😊😉

  35. king redlight77

    redlight king not made a new song for a bit now :'(

  36. KuriNation

    Never heard of this band or this song, but I found it tonight when I felt like the darkness was winning. It's so moving, the lyrics are amazing. I'm in tears. I must buy their album immediately

    Blake& DomTV

    I was in the same position as you and this music saved my life

    Kevin B

    check out kazzer!... earlier solo stuff

  37. meyah972_ amethyzt

    running man kjk ddakji king

  38. Isaac Schoenberger

    I sang this song for a talentshow in 5th grade lmao...

    Crow Nevermore

    You at least win?

  39. Paul04

    Ddakji King

  40. Nub B

    to 7 up add... is not allowing a deaf person to put head next to speaker and mush their brains out not the same as letting a person that can't feel pain go up against a pro fighter and saying good luck?

  41. Willie Boyd

    Relight King always inspires me when I need inspiration!

  42. Weston Curlett

    Hell yeah!!!!

  43. Ryan Ellis

    Why the heck aren't they more popular!!!!

    Kim Wayde

    I know what you mean

    Sam Campbell

    Because Redlight King does not fit as famous band's name however their music is awesome

    James Cole

    man i feel ya on that, there incredible. i herd old man years ago, but I've just recently discovered more of there music. Definitely heartfelt and relatable music. these guys have sparked back some of the motivation I've been unable to find after pretty much losing everything I cared about because I wouldn't get my ass clean. . got through that battle but still felt as hopeless as ever.. awesome band

    Firestorm Danger Dash

    People are waiting for another Kazzer Album. :T

  44. Joey Cush

    God this beginning sounds so much like something else I cannot figure out what song..

    Gareth McWilliams

    +Joey Perrotta Cradle of Filth - Nymphetamine?


    +Joey Perrotta Linkin Park - What I've Done? That's what I hear

    Joshua Raven

    X-Ray Dog - Final Hour

    Joey Cush

    Linkin park new divide. Took me long enough.

  45. ioan chernev

    great song

  46. Parvos

    *Roundhouse kicks random passer by cos of the sheer awesomeness of the music*

    Five Yen Yato

    Passes by, kick misses* Whew, good thing I'm a seasoned ninja then lol


    Ya, it's a good thing XD

    L as in L

    +Rentaro LoliSlayer Lawery's Seasoning Salt Ninja!

  47. Paul M.

    Sounds like they sing all about the. War and how bad. Memories can happen. To make or break yourself, .🇺🇸

    Dimitri Sadykov

    +Paul M. Why. Are you. Typing. Like this.

  48. Rodrigo García

    Avengers :'v ♥

  49. Mike French

    I love this song!

  50. supersnke1

    a few years ago, when i was a junior in high school, i got cut from the varsity volleyball team. during my senior year, while working on improving myself in order to make the team, this song became my anthem. i even had it placed onto the pregame mix that would play through the gym speakers when i made the team. honestly, if i didnt have this song driving me to make my comeback, i dont think i would have made that team.

  51. Josh Johnson

    There a real good band but i hope thry release more than two albums unlike they did when they were Kazzer

    Chris Queisser

    @Josh Johnson Kazzer is only the lead singer....but I agree he dose good work

  52. Sean Barnhill

    I can relate to this song in every way right now.... I can honestly say that I know what it's like to not have a friend, even when they're beside me. But I can also say that I am making a come comeback now, nothing can stop me!!

  53. Jackie Zanolin

    U got to love it, Stu this ones for u never give up

  54. Hecmarie Martínez

    Best Song I ever heard. It describes exactly my position.

    But to all my haters

    I will Comeback

  55. Martyna Anklewicz

    The light's on, the last round
    The dark horse keeps on fighting
    <3 <3 <3

  56. Roger McNeil

    still have old man that make me look for more like it....this is so so for me...

  57. mfuji02


  58. V. Grimn

    This song could be captain america the winter soldier theme 

    Siska Purnamasari

    well its in the avengers oct :)

  59. snow24flake

    Daebak somg!! :D running man brought me here!!


    Me too! XD Running Man is amazing!
    This is a great song too *w*


    3 meals a day brought me here!But when did running man used this song?

    Greg Gory

    yeah me too, i discovered it through running man!

    Greg Gory

    @jainalicious avengers episodes

    Greg Gory

    @jainalicious avengers episodes

  60. Oh HaNi

    Nice song heard it on running man!!!!

  61. Ernesto Emt

    IM GONA MAKE YOU COME BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. ZeppelinLover549

    This is literally what I keep singing every time I have a panic attack. 
    This song is my inspiration and I love 
    Thank you so much <3 

  63. Random Vlogging

    This is a perfect theme song for Supernatural other than Carry On My Wayward son

  64. TheVosack

    This is such an awesome song.


    Everything these guys put out is amazing.

  65. Antonio Sarosi

    Erm.....Why does this video have so little hits? I guess that people just don't understand good music anymore.


    Just know that rock music will always be alive!🤘🏻

    L. L.

    More Like YouTube Always Shows You The Same Suggested Songs You Already Listed Too.. I Found This By Clicking On a Band I Do NOT Even Like Because I Wanted To Get Different Options For Different Music.. By The Way I Love Almost ALL Types Of Music..

  66. Kristie Gourley

    Love it! XX

    Angie Medina


  67. Joel Bluemel

    this song opened my eyes redlight u guys know how ir really is

  68. 4everkeepitreal1

    I love that these guys make music about real life shit

  69. Illuminati Confirmed

    Only if I could like this song a million times3 keep up the great work!!

  70. Lola Santana

    my favorite song of the Avenger's album of soundtrack :3 i love it

  71. Bryn

    I relate to this awesome great message

  72. RockerGuy0001

    This is such an inspiring song! Good job

    Angie Medina

     /Hello! I’m Angie and I know is a lot to ask but could please check out my cover on my channel? My dream is to become a singer please help me to come true my dream, I’ll be Grateful/ 

  73. patti cox

    my son loved you guys lots of memories flow while i listen to your music love it tooooo! R.I.P. my son

    daus wahab

    sorry for your loss

  74. Walter Hale

    God I love this song

  75. DAVID ratti

    I am a die hard fan

  76. Helana Roberts

    Hell Yeah....thats whats the redlight kings....comeback is my anthem..:-):-) :-):-):-):-):-)

  77. Helana Roberts

    Hell Yeah....thats whats the redlight kings....comeback is my anthem..:-):-) :-):-):-):-):-)

  78. Jorge Riveros

    They played a few songs during the New York Knicks game last night. I'm hooked. New favorite band!

  79. Brian Cross

    Amzing song can really relate to this! Awesome!

  80. Cinemaniac388

    My favorite song off of The Avengers soundtrack!!!

  81. Xomsabre

    Didn't notice before, but the drummer's left-handed =D
    I'd really like to train myself to be ambidextrous in my playing, personally...just for the fun of being able to play either configuration.

  82. Harbinger_CR

    This needs more views

    James Everett

    Harbinger_CR yeah I know right I love this song

  83. MrOneair

    Canada's finest Redlight King, keep it up guys.

  84. gagestep

    Why so quiet :( I have some good speakers to! its not just me i know that

  85. Mariela Marinova

    one of my favorite songs

  86. Deer Capital Gaming

    i have ben spreading theese guys music

  87. Brittany Montgomery

    Hell yeah!

  88. xXSlyFoxHoundXx

    Official song of Tony Romo cuz he keeps sayin he'll do better~

  89. xXSlyFoxHoundXx

    Dont stop writing you guys are the new big thing! Im spreading your music throughout Denton Texas and its a college town so lots of music and everyone loves your shit!!!

  90. Vivienne Warner

    i think redemption was on their soundtrack...

  91. Ghastmask Zombie

    I... what? What did you just say?

  92. BillyChimerson Pancakezzz

    whats wrong with the people disliking your music????thats mesdup

  93. kelvinvgl10

    Running man bring me here and gave me know a best song

  94. Karlie Der

    One of the most meaningful songs I've ever heard, and indeed, I am going to make a comeback and dig six feet up. Thank you Redlight King for giving my strength, hope, and motivation.

  95. Christian Perry

    this should be the official song of Tim Tebow lol